He’s a Dragon

Long Xiao is the most unmotivated dragon of the dragon clan, preferring beauty, coveting gold and silver, unmotivated to cultivate, loving the prosperous Three Thousand Worlds the most, and loving to toy with the weak humans. Three thousand worlds, is his playground. ①: become a scandal-ridden fresh meat Long Xiao directly open live spreading money: praise me a hundred dollars! Fans or black fans: I can praise until you go bankrupt! ②: participate in the reality show was scolded for eating soft rice man Long Xiao directly call his wife: quickly buy me a 10-carat diamond to send! Wife: buy! One is enough? I can not buy a diamond mine? ③: by the rich female president of the heart and liver pain of the stand-in Long Xiao bright and honest to please the good place: I want to put XX relatives to your company, okay? N years later female president: my company is even the driver is your village! ④: patriarchal family did not have the throne inheritance of gnawing men Long Xiao look to parents: my sister if not to college later how to earn big money to support me? Long Xiao's parents: Yes! On! All daughters have to go to college to raise their children! ⑤: His Majesty the emperor who was poisoned by the empress after she got out of the wall Long Xiao summoned all the concubines: eh? Still, your concubine is very beautiful, so let your concubine be the empress! Your Concubine: blame me for being overly beautiful? ******** [new article "Sea King [fast wear]" for pre-acceptance! Click on the author's column to enter the collection Oh! In a sense, Pei Si Nian is what people call the Sea King, he controls everything in the water, which is stronger than the water gods, and his combat power is even more explosive, indifference and ferocity, cunning is his synonym. One day he captured a broken space-time star, the star said to get the human faith, it can improve cultivation. So, this highness, the sea king, heard the prayer from the human. The first thing I want is to find a boyfriend who is stronger than my sister's fiancé! The stronger the better! Pei Si Nian: I am very capable, do you want to try? [Abusive Love] Poor gold-digging girl × false luxury nobleman ② Wisher: I want money, lots and lots of money, the kind that can't be spent. PeiShiNian: I pick up garbage to feed you ah ~ [heart exchange] sick lady x turtle doctor ③ wisher: I want a healthy body, do not want to die young. Pei Si Nian: Just give me a kiss every day! [Substitute] White moonlight who is being doubled × White boy who has nothing ④ Wisher: You can raise a double, I can raise one too, who is afraid? Pei Si Nian: On the professionalism of gold medal PR. All the way around the star said: you are the emperor of the sea ah ah! Not that sea king ah! How to do something like coaxing a little girl so justified? ******* the next book **** pre-accepted new article male perspective "tyrant [fast wear]" for collection! Qin Yuan is a "for the emperor" novel in the male lead! Unfortunately, he is not the genuine book male protagonist, but the homo sapiens male protagonist! Qin Yuan, who came out of the homo sapiens, was an iron-blooded killing tyrant, and anyone had to submit to his overbearing (sand) king (eagle) qi. Later, he failed to ascend with the royal path and fell into the three thousand worlds. ①Meet the petty wife who runs with the ball? Qin Yuan: go to the mother and leave the son, how can my prince be raised in the hands of a woman? ② Meet parents who prefer sons to daughters Qin Yuan: Is there a throne to inherit in our family? Where is the Prince's palace? ③ encounter daughter to fall for phoenix man Qin Yuan: my kingdom must have an heir! How can we give it away? ④ encounter son was robbed by the princess Qin Yuan: I did not want to usurp the throne, but you forced me! ****** This is a sand carving tyrant fast wear road, hope you like ~ **** has finished the male perspective novel "excellent male god [fast wear]" "super male god [fast wear]" "slag wash white guide [fast wear]" "grumpy male god [fast wear]" can now go to see oh! ********* Idea:Take the dragon's perspective to see the world, life and death.

Dinghai Fusheng Records

Immortal arts, magic treasures, magical powers, and the vast aura of heaven and earth disappeared overnight, and many exorcists became mortals. Three hundred years later, the Five Hu entered the border, opening the curtain of a great turmoil in the land of China, and with it came the end of a thousand drought demons and the destruction of the divine state. Fortunately, in this long night when all laws are silent, there is still a star that shines on the horizon. A young man who is 16 years old and will end his life on the day he turns 20, sets out on the road to retrieve the sealed spiritual energy of heaven and earth - with only four years left The road ahead is full of thorns, and it doesn't look like it will work. Chen Xing: "The key is that now I am the only exorcist in the whole world, the only spell I can use is glow, what can I do?" Wait patiently, when the pearl of the fixed sea reappears on earth, the trajectory of the destiny of all beings will be completely disrupted and reunited. Chen Xing: "Give me a more normal guardian martial arts god okay?" Your protector is not very capable of fighting? Chen Xing: "can fight is able to fight, but he is crazy even I fight ......" This can not be helped, blame it on your own sex makes you dizzy. The koi carp suffer X emotionally unstable attack. The love is separated by mountains and seas, mountains and seas can be leveled.

The Female Supporting Role Shows Out

Lin Tan bound an auxiliary system, in countless small worlds to do the auxiliary task of maintaining the plot, to put it bluntly is to be a female match or cannon fodder, using their own humble to fulfill the greatness of others. Confused, obsessed, crazy, want to love can not love, want to get can not get, Lin Tan experienced too much failure and pain. When she came to her senses and decided to unbind and return to the original world, she was hacked into the three thousand worlds on her way to teleportation to continue her struggle. Although the loss of memory, Lin Tan is no longer confused, she decided to go her own way, and finally found - only when you seriously love yourself, you can get the love of others; as long as you live yourself, and then insignificant can one day become the protagonist, if you bloom, butterflies come. Mine sweeping: 1, there are small stories without cp, there are small stories male lead male match all infatuation with the female lead, talk about not in love to see the female lead mood. 2, in each small story, the heroine only focus

The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're getting into. --They don't know each other. The bigwigs fancy giving their good girl kryptonite every day, trying to make her enjoy the highest quality of life in the post-apocalyptic world. * Bianbian was born in the post-apocalyptic world and picked up by an old man. When she was five years old, her grandfather was infected with a virus and turned into a zombie, she became an orphan and lived a miserable life. One day, the alien finds a little girl in a beautiful princess dress on the rooftop of a building, happily eating a red oil hot pot! Behind her, two zombies were holding up ice cubes to cool her down. The alien: "......?" Later, the sidekick's real parents come to the door. Kryptonian bigwigs: "?" Want to steal the baby girl? No way! Soon after, a vision descended from the sky, black clouds enveloped the real dragon swimming in the sky. The surviving humans were shivering, but only the side was excited: "Dads are here to pick me up." Crowd: "What??" Dad with a "we" after? (2020.1.16 has been screenshot) Next column and pre-collections for collection, you one I one will be able to raise the big pill fat! The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing. Then - the war god of the interstellar empire picked up a strange flower bud from the land of nothingness. Half a month later, the bud bloomed, revealing the tiny flower sprite inside. God of War: "......" Flower Shin Shin: "????" * Flower Shin Shin was planning his escape every day, and one day, God of War went on a mission. God of War: "You can go now." Glancing at the vastness of the universe, Hua Xinxin hugged the War God's finger and said firmly, "I was born as the General's man and died as the General's ghost!" God of War: "That's what you said." Later, learned that the God of War wants to marry himself. Hua Xinxin: "Big brother, we do not fit!" Size does not fit hello! The next second, the God of War becomes the same size as her in front of Hua Xinxin. God of War: "Now it fits." The next second, the God of War in front of her became the same size as her." Hua Xinxin: "......" "Green tea girl really does not want to be red" Su Shen Yu easily sat in the empress's seat, looking to boil the emperor to death to become the empress dowager, once the eyes open, wearing a showbiz article female match. The day of the engagement between the female and the male lead, the male lead left the female to find the white moonlight female lead. "......" This can be tolerated? The next day, #SinkerFishFallTears hit the hot search, she smiled and choked up in the video: "I don't blame them, I'm not good enough, they're the pair made in heaven, I bless them. Fans who like me, please also join me in blessing them." The male lead and the white moonlight female lead were dazzled. * In her previous life, Su Shen Yu, who had a career, wanted to be a vase in the entertainment industry and earn money easily in this life. The company's main goal is to provide a good solution to the problem. What else can you do, just clean up a little. But I don't want to be in the hot seat so often, more and more red every day. "......" The palace really does not want to red ah.

The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated

"I am Gutsy, from the other world." "The goddess summoned me to this world for the purpose of defeating the demon king who is harming the world and restoring peace to the world." "I know very well that this is a heavy responsibility, and since I have been summoned and have become a Gutsy, I have to bring out my energy and defeat him/her even if my opponent is an incomparably powerful Demon King." "Do not ask me why, ask is what is written in the book." "However ...... Isn't this development a little off script!!!?" This is the beginning of a fraudulent event across the world, and the story of the brave man who is on a mission to defeat the demon king and finally discovers to his dismay that he has been set up. Group number: 1104051839 (inside the VIP group number, if you want to join the group, you can go to understand) (PS: has completed four long novels of more than 5 million words "Girl Great Summoning", "Omni-directional Fantasy", "Straight Death Infinity", "Miracle of the Summoner", the update has a temperament, all book lovers can rest assured to eat.

Crossing to the Future, it’s Not Easy to Be a Man

In order to inherit her father's military success, began its sad growth history. It was hard to get through to the age of sixteen, she was free to choose her future to marry a man and was thrown into the first men's military school of the federation by her father who was resurrected from the dead. By mistake, Ling Lan is moving towards the cold, wild and domineering road of no return ...... built several groups, Lan Shao VIP group: 392111243 (only genuine subscription readers), Lan Shao 3 group (newly opened): 542465674.

The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich

This is the story of a crazy witch demon with a game system that wreaks havoc on the entire world. "Look at this day's daily ...... again this pitiful two choices, destroy any town of 30,000 people or more, award points of evil. Grab three children's lollipops, award 1 point. If both are not completed, then, deduct 2 points." "Yuck! When I am stupid, really destroy a town, to ensure the brush out of a full epic medieval paladin group to crusade against me, then there are some earn, no spend. I also ......

Deer Crystal

The ancient book of ashes, the Tao pawn collapse, deer glaze a world rise, fight, fight, fight. Ten thousand bones withered, the son of heaven order, not to lose the emperor's grace and negative feelings, life, life, life. Lin Xin to the royal family to do a lifetime of butcher knife, ruthless, never regret, the only regret is to die without getting Shen Lou's heart. In a new life, he decided to play nice and coax Shen Lou to the hand. Shen Lou to the world to do a lifetime model, clean mind, never exceeded the rules, the only thing out of the ordinary is to fall in love with that devil Lin Xin. In a new life, he decided to leave the world behind and cheat Lin Xin into the door as soon as possible. The most important thing is that you have to be a good person, and you have to be a good person.


"A powerful minister who does not want to conspire to usurp the throne is not a qualified powerful minister ...... One day, the gold coins of the empire will have Laozi's head on them!" --Shaya Thunder 【Dancing new book, welcome old and new friends ~】

After Getting A Job in the Nether World, I Became Famous

*The living go to the netherworld as an errand boy, called "go impermanent" Lan He mixed with the entertainment industry, but because of no background, has been wandering in the thirty-eighth line. At first, he knew he had to work part-time as an impermanent, eating the netherworld, he refused, until he found ...... how to work in the netherworld and help the yang world to become popular? Lan He: It's me, the darkest rogue in the nether world, the most red flow in the yang world. Updated every night at eight o'clock, overhead, golden finger sue cool article Cover artist @Yay Sugar Maniac

Criminal Investigation Files

New book period every morning daily shift. Every murder case has its own reason behind. With the help of criminal investigation methods, recover the killer's appearance, predict the killer's psychology, and restore the truth by peeling back the silk. The police captain Song Wen with a hand of mock portrait technology repeatedly solve strange cases, the flower season came, the South City Bureau ushered in a new trainee police officer Lu Siyi, silent he is always able to break the truth, and behind him also hides the unknown secrets ...... The settings in the text are empty.

Positive Energy System

Ji Dustai always wanted to be a good person until he was physically disabled for some reason. When he was neglected by his parents, he was smiling, and when he was bullied by his brother as a child, he was also smiling, but when he was pushed down the stairs in a wheelchair, he couldn't smile anymore. But why come to this time, something suddenly appeared to tell him that he must be a good person? System: Our goal is - no! Yes! Bad! Eggs! Note: The protagonist is seriously blackened, from white buns into the heart of black sesame dumplings, the author has a hole in his head, and so far has not been filled. Friday into V hope that you continue to support.

I Really Am Not The Lord of Demon

As a mediocre bookstore owner. Ling Ping An's biggest volunteer in this life is to muddle through and win on equal footing. However, there are always some late stage of the disease customers, late at night at the door. In order to do business, Ling Pingan had to learn the tone of the middle-aged, selling the books in his store. After all the hard work and effort to sell the books. These guys have said, no money. They actually want to take some kind of god frame, immortal weapon props to mortgage the book payment. Looking at these customers, Ling Ping An was helpless and could only agree to it. But he simply did not know, these customers bought from him, each book has changed its appearance. The Secrets of Role-playing" became "The Lower Abyss Expedition Report" "The Official Setting Book of the Group Star Mechanical Ascension" was actually "The Mechanical Gospel" Moreover, in the eyes of these customers, he was actually an incomparably terrifying head of the evil god, the unnameable one who ruled over all the worlds. In response, Ling Ping An said: I am not, I am not, don't talk nonsense.

The Overbearing Aura is Spilling Over

She is a cold-blooded and ruthless killer, but wants a child. For the first time, she went to the wrong room and took him, a gangster, as the man who was waiting for her, while he took her as a woman sent by a friend. The two of them were entwined by mistake and she fled in a mess. However, when the two love deep, the accident happened, it turns out, she is a killer, and he, a gangster ...... they are actually enemies?

Ghost: “Catch the Ghost”

An urban saga with a relaxed atmosphere, well ...... this synopsis is good, written equal to not written. The second book "Peddling Crime" has been completed The new book "Thriller Paradise" has opened the pit, book no.

Space Speed Xing Hen

The new book "Yin Yang Coronet" has been registered] will be uploaded this Sunday, the end of the Douluo Continent at the same time began to update, please collect, recommend, thank you. The book number of Yin Yang Coronet: The following drive-through can also be directly clicked over. The new setting is a thank you to the book lovers.

The Beast’s Blood Boils

I am the Sun Obsidian Fury Body, fighting the sky, fighting the earth, fighting the ghosts, fighting the gods! I can see that all the world is my enemy! Emperor? The Emperor? Women? I have no shortage of women! I only need one battle, to cut down heaven and earth, to shatter the Great Dao, to break the yin and yang, to eliminate the five elements, and to reshape the new world! I am the master of the ages! Do you dare to fight with me? Hahahahaha!

Apocalypse Lord

The world is completely gamified by the end of the world, and it is also a game of construction, adventure and life. Cheng Yang, who has been surviving in the doomsday for a year, is reborn two days before the doomsday. See how he uses the world as a chessboard and the city as a chess piece to perform a different battle of doomsday. ......

The Strongest Sect of All Times

Scum? Garbage? Under the tutelage of this throne, they all became the pride of heaven. Saint? Devil Emperor? I remembered that it is not easy to cultivate for 10,000 years, so I accepted them as disciples. Divine weapon? The greatest treasure? The disciples of this seat have several pieces. Cold as ice? Charming and enchanting? Gentle and moving? Prideful and spicy? A very different character of the beauty can not be less, all the seat of the female ...... well, yes, is the female disciples. "All disciples, with this seat to step flat mountains and rivers!"

Monster Refining System

Somebody! Cook this divine dragon and phoenix for me! Xia Fu Kun looked at the new species that kept appearing in front of him, and the corners of his mouth couldn't help but lift up ......

Tianbao Fuyao Lu

Xiao Tong was reborn, reborn in the female society, and sadly already married, well in the husband married to her appetite, and then Xiao Tong in the female society began a modern life as a couple. And then later found that actually quite good, one is finally not left, married do not have to worry about; two is that this can continue her career, three is found to be very happy thanks to the starting point forum cover group to provide the cover! The new book of the year "Rebirth of the military wife meng child soldier brother" has been uploaded, interested to see oh ~ and finished works "future many sons and daughters" "otherworldly translator handbook" interested also to poke a poke oh ~ ~

God Level Demon

"Shameless Xia Ping, stealing my secret manuals, taking my pills, taking my fiancée, I will not share the same fate with you." "He is the shame of the martial dao, human assholes, a scum scum." "No evil, even a three-year-old child's lollipop is robbed, the old man crossed the road without helping." "The geniuses of all the big clans have been beaten by him, the gods are outraged." The countless martial arts powerhouses of the Inferno Planet gnashed their teeth at Xia Ping, and simply hated him to be thrown to the bone. The "Super Hate System" interface was calmly pulled out by Xia Ping, looking at the various goodies on it and rubbing his chin: "I've accumulated so much hate value, I don't know whether to exchange for the Holy Pill Chaos Dan, or the supreme martial art Ru Lai Palm, or the divine weapon Qian Kun Ding, it's really Trouble." Group:361976800

Being an Author is a High Risk Occupation

In my next life, I will never be an author again. There will be the danger of being cursed to wear the book. When he broke out of his shell (?) The first thing he saw was the handsome male protagonist under his pen. When the male lead pinched the small soft flesh on his neck, it was also the first time he heard the male lead's voice. "Return the goods." The male lead said so to the stall hans. Pei Bufan: "...... meow?" Note: The pig's foot carries its own system, this article does not involve the birth of a child. A life of unrestrained love main subject. Pig feet crossed the reborn revenge cultivation article written by themselves. The main man (attack) three views are crooked, careful to enter. This article is comical and cheerful article, logic is not strong, full of dog blood. Look a joy on the good, seriously you lost ~ on the name of the attack: the author of the gentleman name waste, attacked by the name is playing the web game throw color throw out, the other names are

Super Driver

My girlfriend disliked me for driving a cab and dumped me, but did not know that my car can travel through time and space, the four beauties, five tigers, are my regular customers ......

Black Tech Internet Cafe System

The Internet cafe opened in the other world, watching dramas and playing games on the Internet A martial emperor shouted in front of the door of the Internet cafe: "I've entered the Blizzard door, I don't regret my game life! A certain fairy finished playing "Immortal Sword and Wonderful Legend" and cried in front of the Internet cafe! What you tell me that otherworldly people do not have emotions? Fang boss silently took out the divine sword imperial thunder true skill that he learned from "Immortal Punishment" ...... Not enough? I also have a "Journey to the West" do you want to read it? The world is beautiful because of you.

Godly Hunter

The world is excited by the sudden advent of the holographic virtual era, but Chen Mo, who is a hacker, receives a commission to enter the game, find the game's loopholes and stop the pace of the virtual era's advent. In order to complete the commission, Chen Mo entered the game "Genesis". Observe, analyze, and test! In order to confirm the possible loopholes, Chen Mo took great pains to make meticulous observation and analysis of the game, and not long after entering the game, he found a brand new path for the hunter profession! After everyone took ......

Gourmet of Another World

In the mysterious world where martial artists can lift their hands to crack mountains and rivers and shake their legs to break long rivers, there exists such a small restaurant. The restaurant is not big, but it is a place where countless top powerhouses flock to. There you can taste the fried rice made from Phoenix eggs and dragon blood rice. There you can drink the strong wine made from the spring of life with vermilion fruit. There you can eat the meat of the Ninth Order Supreme Beast with black pepper roast. What you want to take the chef home? Impossible, because the restaurant door lying a watchman tenth-rank beast, hellhound. Oh, that chef also has an iron lump assistant who can crush a ninth-ranked supreme with one hand and a group of crazy women whose stomachs have been conquered. This book discussion group one group: (full) Welcome to join the second group.

The Strongest Violent Soldier

A generation of soldier king hate to leave the army, after a few years of anonymity, the heavenly strong returned to the city, once again set off a bloody storm! Simple and brutal is my art of action, my attitude towards life is to do what I don't want to do! See how the top crazy young man across the city, write his legend belongs to the king of heaven! Still very cool and very hot blood! (WeChat public platform: Flame Tou Tou)

The Crazy Knight’s Age of the Universe

"Golden finger system? Do you take me for a fool? How can there be any pie falling from the sky these days? Get out of my head, a new type of fraud scam? Or is it an alien killing machine training device that comes with hypnotic abilities?" "No, I am the Chaos that murmurs in the void, the most feared nightmare of all living beings on the Southern Cross, the inheritor of the supreme Godhead, and ...... your sister." "...... I have only one sister, no sister!" "No, you do, I'm an illegitimate daughter, your father just didn't tell you."

My Good Life

Su Xiaoxin was originally an unprofitable comic book author. And after she moved into this old residential house with only eight floors, her readership and manuscript fees took a quantum leap. Readers praised her for her imagination ...... but it wasn't ...... all she drew was her life! What vampires, zombie kings, corpse catchers and elves, not imagination, but the object of shabu-shabu sitting face to face with her! This is a fantasy love story with a strong Chongqing hotpot flavor. This article update time is not sure, intend to write slowly, into the pit caution yo ~ anxious to see the text of the girl can slowly fatten up Zai ~ MUA ~

Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant

There is a strange restaurant in the city of chaos in the continent of Norland. Here, elves have to share tables with dwarves, orcs are strictly prohibited from making noise, dragons can only sit around the small square in front of the restaurant, and demons even need to bring their own special stools ...... But it is such a restaurant with strange rules, but there is a long line at the door every day. The elves jerked off without regard to decorum, the gargoyles sat around the hot pot holding leaky spoons, and the demons ate cute gnocchi ...... "The food here can't be found second on the continent! This owner is a genius!" A customer commented this, and then stole a glance in the direction of the door: "Also, don't think about catching the boss or eating bully meals, or you'll die a horrible death." "Eat, pay, or die through." A cute little loli pacing in the doorway, milk voice, said, gaze fell to a side of the dragon, five or six meters tall dragon can not help but shiver. [Book Club 1 Group: 453615125]

The Immortal Ruins

After going through nirvana, he finally becomes a god. A change, a vision of heaven and earth came to the world, the gods and demons awakened from the ancient land to seize the creation of heaven and earth. The golden hoop is used to control the devil, and the heavenly sage is created. The invincible inheritance from long ago brings the last ray of light in the human world.

The Avalon of Five Elements

The world of cultivation has collapsed after millions of years, and the barbarians have invaded. Thousands of years later, a humble young man from the old land, with the body of a hard worker, penetrates into the barbaric wilderness for three years and gets the chance to enter the Five Elements Heaven for further study. The young man, eager to master his destiny and bent on becoming stronger, takes on a beast-like fighting instinct and raises a magnificent storm. ########## new book q group number 237931286, welcome to join Any questions can also add the micro signal xiaofangfang1985, and so you come

Plundering the Heavens

Some say he is a rat turd in the cultivation world, spoiling ritual, justice and integrity and disrupting the order of the Dao! Some say he is the biggest scum in Southern Zhanzang Prefecture, colluding with the devil, cheating and deceiving, doing nothing wrong! Others say he is the most dangerous flower-picking thief, please watch out for your own female disciples, once you meet Fang Xing mistake for life! To all the slander, Fang Xing said, "That's right, I am the legendary rat turd, is there a problem?" ......

Single Player Only

When Yue Qiang allocated all 8 discretionary attribute points to "charisma", his whole life changed. Group number: 421807489

Zombie Evolution

Zombies are out! Watch out!!! Zhang Yang, a nerd, crosses over to the cultivation world by chance and becomes a lowly zombie. With the book "Taiyin Refining Form", he becomes a prosperous and overbearing person, leaving a legend of "zombies know spells, no one can stop them". The third book of Zhou Lang Envy after "The Mechanical Public Enemy of the Other World" and "The Anti-Traitor". ......

Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain

Spiritual Sword Sect was founded in 423 years of the Kyushu calendar and has always been dedicated to providing first-class immortal cultivation talents to the industry for thousands of years. Today, it ranks as one of the five superb sects of the Ten Thousand Immortal League, and the head master, Feng Yin Zhen, serves as one of the seven executive elders of the Ten Thousand Immortal League with an unparalleled cultivation. The Spiritual Sword Sect adheres to the theme of peace and development, and the core values of the sect are to seek truth, goodness and seed. In order to further expand the power of the sect and replenish fresh blood, it is proposed to hold the Immortal Ascension Conference in the near future, and all elites are cordially invited to come. Still the original festival Still the same funny

Scriptures of the Great Emperor

The end of the beginning of time, the beginning of the era, the gods and demons buried in the past, history annihilated dust, so far, there are twelve Dao scriptures left behind ... years long, in an archaeological operation, a mysterious volume of star scrolls from Egypt unearthed, as if with its mission, hastily appeared, but hastily disappeared, along with one of the disappeared, there is a young man ...----- ------- has millions of finished books "the world wild apprentice", character guarantee, rest assured collection.

The King’s Return

【Full text finished, next door "male god extra set" have free party extra Saturday, March 17 began more】 【Author email have questions can mail】 Geng straight hybrid attack × high cold queen suffer, husband and wife side by side with the hot blood burning article, sweetness seven stars. The game background "Dobu Jianghu" is the author's original martial arts online game, eight schools, sixteen types of play, dozens of Jianghu secrets and characteristics of the competitive mode, welcome to the new world of competitive online games. ------ This article is the last in the series of e-sports men, the first two have been completed, the plot does not affect each other, interested in reading into the author's column ^_^ e-sports men series 1 The strongest male gods" Gaming male gods series 2 "divine summoner" Gaming male gods series 3 "king reign

Twin Jades of Jiangdong

From the blue waves of Chaohu Lake to the meeting of the army at Chibi From the appointment of the Chief Corner to the old dream of Jiangdong for forty years From a kite wandering in the sky to the sound of the piano on the hot river fire for a hundred miles ...... The eastward journey of the great river, the waves panning through a thousand ancient wind flow people Thinking back to the year of Gong Jin, when Xiao Qiao was first married, the masculine and heroic. Life is like a dream, a bottle of libation ......

Monster Factory

My name is Ye Qing and I was lucky enough to get an app called [Monster Factory]. This gang of monsters of immense strength, one can do the work of a hundred, but also with a variety of skills. Efficiency? Processing speed +300% skill on, you and I compared efficiency? Accuracy? Ahem ~ bring my legendary quality vernier calipers, let him see what is called absolute precision. Ye Qing quotes: men want to drag, wallet bulge. Monster quotes: Do not play with us peer malicious competition, machinery manufacturing is only our hobby, fist and the body of the sword is the capital of our social mix. Twenty meters tall, gnarled muscles of the savage giant spirit, holding a legendary quality cutter, shaking the sky with rage: "I'm not targeting a particular manufacturing industry, but all of them here, are trash." [Monster Factory Group: 20417916] [Monster Master Group: 18493657 (requires full subscription to send a picture for verification)]

The Omniscient

What he sees can know everything that has happened, what he hears can see through the treacherous hearts of the world, what he feels can know the secrets of others hidden deep in their memories. The more he knows, the more unhappy he is. Looking up at the starry sky, Huang Ji feels the malice from the whole universe and the desperate situation of human beings. Just a small farmer in the countryside of Earth, he had to lament, "I know too much." Whether it is technology or mythology, or the universe's hidden bugs ...... are unable to escape the perception of information. Faced with the insurmountable dilemma of human beings being kept in captivity by higher civilizations without knowing it, Huang Ji can only compete with aliens to see who knows more!

Eldest Miss’s Style Isn’t Right

The first time I saw her, I was in the middle of a conversation with her. A technology bigwig: I got the signature of my idol Gu Qiyu! Crowd: Is this Gu Qingyu's debut? So many bigwigs spoiling her like their own sister. The bigwigs: We don't dare treat her like our own sister, "Madam" is our aunt! After Gu Qingyu dropped countless vests, people finally knew why the bigwigs called her "auntie". So the question arises, Gu Guangyu is "lady", "sir" who is it? A certain person: Madam, again outside to attract butterflies, sleep alone at night. Gu Qingyu: No! I'll be right back! The people: huh? The most important thing is that you have to be able to get a good idea of what you are doing. A certain person smug: What do you know? I have a unique cuisine for my lady~

Legend of the Asura

Shura - killing, breaking righteousness, extinction This is a myth that shakes the world, a legend of Shura.

Ancient One

In the Tenglong Continent, the strongest are the most powerful! Immortal Emperor Lin Feng, framed by his beloved to die, carries the Supreme Tower and crosses the Tenglong Continent. This is a world where martial artists are the most important. Lin Feng re-cultivates, fights against the heavenly pride, seizes the creation, and controls all the ages! Lin Feng: Even if I cultivate for another life, I will be invincible in the world!

Only I Shall Be Immortal

The new book "Yin Yang Coronet" has been registered] will be uploaded this Sunday, the end of the Douluo Continent at the same time began to update, please collect, recommend, thank you. The book number of Yin Yang Coronet: The following drive-through can also be directly clicked over. The new setting is a thank you to the book lovers.

Virtual World: Close Combat Mage

A super martial artist, when playing online games, mistakenly chose the mage, used to violence to violence, power to power, he can only make a mistake, transformed into a melee violence mage, when the perfect combination of power and spells, a new path of the game, opened by him! Fireball spell? Lightning chain? Frost Ice Mirror ...... Wait, I'm here to practice kung fu, what does spells have to do with me? I'm a mage? Oh yeah, I'm a mage. But ...... are you really convinced that I'm a mage? Well, look at the sword! Look at the sword! Look at the fists! Look at the concealed weapons! What? You say I'm not a mage again? If you don't believe me, I'll prove it to you; if you believe me, I'll show you: a mage can do kung fu, and no one can stop him! ==========================


Chen Lu got a mysterious and unpredictable sign-in system! Go to [the toilet in your own house] to sign in, reward one thousand dollars! Go to [the rooftop upstairs] to sign in, reward super kung fu! More sign-ups, more rewards! Just when Chen Lu thought he was about to become a high-flyer, marry a rich white woman, and go to the top of his life, the challenge had just begun ...... Spellbound, Dead Silence, Kunchi Rock ...... Why are the sign-in locations these places!

The Boss Behind The Game

Lu Wu, who inherited the legacy of the old ancestor of the underworld, was very sad recently. This is because not only did the old ancestor leave nothing behind except the false name of the House Monarch, but even all of his original subordinates betrayed and divided up the territory that belonged to Lu Wu. In this situation, Lu Wu relied on the artifacts developed by the old ancestor to start building game servers, extraditing players from the yang world, making main quests, copies, plots, NPCs, etc., and relying on the power of players, began his own conquest.

Heavenly Lord of the Myriad Realms

What is heaven? High above, majestic and unpredictable, is the law, is the commandment, is ruthless, is cold. What is the will of Heaven? It overlooks all beings, controls the wind and clouds, deprives of reward and punishment, and does as it pleases. Therefore, the will of God is unpredictable, the sky is not close. Obedient to the, may not get its benefit; rebellious, but the blessings and disasters are difficult to determine. Heaven, confining everything like a deep well, red earth beings like mud. There is such a very simple, very determined frog at the bottom of the well, cautiously guarding the little faint light in his heart, with the meager belief that he must bite a piece of swan meat, step by step, struggling out of the red mud, step by step, out of the bottomless well of filth. He opened his mouth to the heart of the swan bite up when he accidentally swallowed this side of the sky also a bite! Chu Tian said, owed money, to pay money; owed life, to pay life. This is the most simple and firm truth that Chu Tian has identified. This truth, bigger than the sky!

Zither Emperor

Nine stacks of zither sound shake the world, who dares to hear the words without knowing the king? Seven-color magic generation rank, majestic unveiled the great curtain. The emperor of the qin, brought a radical reform to this continent. The original is just a chicken rib general occupation, because of his appearance, but has become an immortal legend and legend, and his person is like a dazzling new star so that all people can not ignore his light. The red son of the ancient times, a generation of zither magician, was quietly born in the middle of the Bihang Sea. This will be a simple teenager, gradually become ......

Absolute Choice

When the Absolute Option appears, if no choice is made, time will remain stationary. If you make a choice but are unable to complete the task in the option, time will be turned back and the absolute option will start again. Option 1: Strength to kill the demon king alone】 【Option 2: Capture the heart of a thousand-year-old virgin with three words】 Shi Xiaobai choose option 1, be fancy abuse ten million times; choose option 2, be fancy hair card ten million times. Absolute option (has been chosen 3210 times): "Choose it, teenager!" Shi Xiaobai: "I choose death!" Shi Xiaobai killed himself in anger, thinking relief. Absolute option (selected 3211 times): "Choose it, Junior!" Shi Xiaobai: "......" (VIP full subscription group: 590323997 (full subscription screenshot required to enter the group), ordinary book friends group: 420179413, welcome to join!

I’m a God in an Online Game

A next-generation virtual online game, an urn-level game player, a bug that should not have existed ...... when everything happened at the right time, creating Meng Jingtian, the only player god in the game. Since then, when ordinary players to brush goodwill and tasks run off their legs, npc to his top worship! When ordinary players in order to single out the BOSS and rage to brush equipment liver vomit blood, the god-class beast king kneeling in front of him, willing to sacrifice his life in order to serve the gods. When the ordinary player in order to trigger the strange encounter to die constantly, the world's superiors take the initiative to find him, to offer their treasures as a sacrifice.

The Sacred Ruins

Rising from the brokenness, reviving in the silence. The sea becomes dust, the lightning dries up, the wisp of ghostly mist approaches the earth once again, the shackles of the world are opened, and a whole new world is unveiled with a mysterious corner ......

Reincarnation Paradise

Su Xiao signs a contract with Reincarnation Paradise and travels through various anime worlds on missions. In the world of Bakuro, Su Xiao chased the one-eyed lord Takatsuki Izumi for a dozen blocks with a sharp blade in his hand. The top battlefield, Su Xiao stood on the pile of navy corpses, looking at the ugly face of Warlord on the execution platform, and the dumbfounded Ace. Contractors: "Are you fucking hanging, you are not a contractor at all, you are definitely a hidden character in the original!" Su Xiao of course is not an ordinary contracted person, he is a hunter and killer ...... --------------- Introduction is slightly weak, this book anime infinite flow, the author of the festival is full, please feel free to enter the pit. Reader group: 534789565

God Rank Hero

A hero is the kind of divine being whose strength is so strong that the troops he leads will also be strong with the hero's strength. Hero Genesis", a world-class online game developed by the United States, China, the European Union, Russia, India, Japan, and South Korea, combines fantasy, adventure, war, trade, territory building, sailing, competition, and leisure in one. Dafei, an ordinary amateur game enthusiast, saw the unlimited business opportunities of Hero Genesis and started a professional gaming career. The pretentious life starts from bullying, and the bullying life starts from seizing every opportunity with all efforts. The new book "brave man fights magic god", please pay attention to book lovers collection.

Otaku Engineer in Great Tang Dynasty

Woke up, prosperous dust and smoke fall out, the modern engineering geeks came to the Tang Dynasty! As an engineering geek with martial arts skills, technology, ideals, and culture, Li Zexuan only wants to stay at home, holding his daughter-in-law, playing cards, sleeping and reading novels, living a leisurely life of "one life, one pair of people, half drunk, half awake, half floating", and having nothing to do but teach a few disciples, so that they can go out instead of themselves! The first thing you need to do is to get a few disciples to go out instead of yourself. But well ......... The book friends group: 6 0 7 8 8 2 6 4 2 (seeking genuine subscription support, the author's typing hands are almost crippled ...)

Nuclear Dragon

When Ciron crossed over to find himself outgrowing his two-hundred-year-old silver dragon mother in his teens, he vowed to bring nuclear peace and entertainment to the entire universe! War is an ugly habit! Any nation that still uses this bad habit will meet my nuclear peace spit! All war ends will disappear! Use the new "battle" to decide the winner! Legend of Continental Heroes (card game)! You deserve it! Years later, whenever there was a conflict, people would set up a battlefield in the same place and have a Legend of the Continental Heroes showdown. People who worked hard to cultivate for fame, who no longer messed up on the continent, would instead participate in the Legendary Assembly of the Silom Empire to show their talents. Expect themselves to be seen, and thus be added to the cards of the continental heroes and legends, fame on the continent, and spread the praise for thousands of years! The whole world seems to have entered a period of nuclear peace. This is the era of a mutant plutonium dragon cast in the wrong body, bringing nuclear peace and change to the universe!

Nine Heavenly Star Art

The underground Qionglou buried deep in the heart of the earth, the deadly Underworld Lake evolving from the vicissitudes of the sea, the weird and mysterious Underworld Palace, the forbidden domain where the underworld souls are fed. The empires compete for supremacy, the families and clans, humans, demonic beasts, mysterious beasts, sea demons, heavenly devils and demons. Above the endless wilderness of the earth, the snail's heart metaphysical legend. Not too good at writing synopsis, after reading 200,000 words, I hope to let you see something different and exciting. ......

Demons Beside You

Chen Jiu can summon demons and can see death. "Beelzebub, use your bulimic powers to treat this client for anorexia." "Ramon, this elderly man wants to regain his male powers, you know." "Old Black, be honest with me, when and how is this man going to die ...... what? You don't know, you are the god of death." "That girl needs breast enlargement beauty and slimming package, wait ...... I don't seem to have these subordinate ability demons around me, it seems that I still need to go to hell for a trip." ............ demon book group 666764442, into the group please send full set screenshots

Heaven’s Will Balancing System

The Unknown selected White Fade and reborn him into the world of the Lightwalker. "Mission: Small lake is flooded with carnivorous fish, please hunt 666 carnivorous fish to prevent the ecological destruction of the small lake. --Reward balance points 40" "Mission: Forest fire, put out the fire. --Reward balance points 200"


The modern singer was unlucky to cross over to ancient times and possessed an ugly and mute woman, becoming a woman whose father did not care, whose mother was mysterious, whose sisters hated her, and whose subordinates also bullied her named Mute Scar. The woman was unlucky enough to meet a difficult general on her way to escape, saying that she had something he wanted, and the despicable man used a monkey to threaten himself and had to bow down and go with him. The person is under the roof, have to bow down, but bowing down does not mean conceding defeat, stingy and cheap by nature, she has a different obsession with gold disguised in the king's residence to make money up. With an ugly face and no voice in the throat, but still have a way to make the king's house to the chicken. The nonsensical money pit, no reason to rectify people, even the king has always been known for its coldness are angry red face, just about did not faint. But suddenly one day, a dumb scar suddenly and mysteriously played a miracle, with a monkey, left the king's house, disappeared without a trace, once again so angry that the king vowed to catch the woman who messed with her back, and teach her how to behave properly ......

Breaking the Day

It is better to bully the old and the aged than to bully the young and poor. If I can achieve my ambition one day, I will dare to break the sky.

Galactic Garbage Station

After graduating from university, Su Jing is discouraged and goes back home to adjust his mood. But he found that the backyard of his house has become a super space-time dumping ground. Every day, a large amount of garbage converges into it, some from the Tomb of the Gods, Dou Bro Cang Dao, Pan Long and other novel space-time; some from the King of Thieves, Naruto, Shinigami and other anime space-time; some from the X-Men, Captain America, Iron Man and other comic book space-time ...... As the owner of the dumping ground, Su Jing has the obligation to deal with The trash is the obligation of the trash. At first he thought it was a chore, but only later did he find ......

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

When I came to the other world, I became a weed in front of the big brother, and I was stepped on when I had nothing to do. The system is activated, and the plug-in is in the body. To tell this big brother, behave with quality, grass is not to be stepped on. PS: The book title introduction is mediocre and has given up treatment.

Seized by the System

The system is available, but the body is gone, the late stage of severe procrastination patient Fang Ning began the road to self-redemption (live and let live). Work discussion group number: 294035360 VIP group number: I was hosted by the system VIP group, group chat number: 726249167 Opinions contact the author please add the group

A Demon’s Path

A hundred refinements into a devil, a thousand refinements into a Buddha. For Ling Xiao, he prefers to become a devil, so, a hundred refinements is enough! How a refinement? Just see the unpleasant yin a few times, want to yin their own step on him a few feet, want to step on their own a few feet to beat him up ...... As for dare to rob women and rob money with themselves, directly exterminated! The book friends group: (full), the second group: (empty space for rent, hehehe), welcome book lovers to join. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a lot of money from the internet.

Immortal’s Farmland

This immortal has a field, there are springs in the field, the material is self-produced. A fight with people, the cup is worn. Ask a way, washing utensils ground was abducted. Into the cultivation of the sect, because of the age of too old, cutlery ground can only play water to burn rice. Life ah ...... good in the small bracelet in a world of its own, brother's land to steal some grass, the elders yard to fish an egg. Don't mess with me, I may get angry at any time! Don't bullshit me, fists are the hard truth! New book: "Gathering Treasure Bell" Book No.: Synopsis: The body carries the Gathering Treasure Bell, gathering the world's spiritual objects. The one who bullies her, the one who oppresses her, let's see who can laugh at the end!

Apocalypse Summoner

Li Jiayu, the dark summoner who summoned the bone dragon, summoned the sorcerer, summoned the god of death, was reborn, and everything went back to the moment before the outbreak of the end! Space shakes violently, the surface of the earth cracks open countless gaps to the insect world, the abyssal world, a time, insects, corpses of the ocean army swept the earth, human civilization almost destroyed! Li Jiayu, whose mind is not yet contaminated, can no longer limit his summons to darkness, he can also summon creatures of light! In this life, he vowed to stop the tragedy from repeating itself! He wants to make up for his previous life ......

Magus Tech

Probability, polymer, genetic recombination, electromagnetic induction, nuclear physics, relativity, quantum ...... stuffing the world into the framework of science, using the scientific method to master the core technology, you can master advanced productivity. Richard always thought so, until he crossed into a medieval-like world, became a prince, and then ...... was gripped by a dragon. "This is a little less aerodynamic, huh? How does this thing that doesn't satisfy the 'Kutta condition', the 'loop volume around the wing' and 'Bernoulli's theorem', fly? By built-in engine?" Richard couldn't help but speak out, looking down at the dragon riding beneath him, "Well, I need to look into it." "By the way, just now you said that the reason for kidnapping me, the prince, is to find a playmate for your dragon daughter? That reason is a bit too forced, isn't it? " "Roar! " the dragon roared and waved its wings as it shot straight up into the sky. Book lovers group: 725789329

DOTA’s Madness

Zhao Dingguo is an ordinary DOTA (multi-tower) player. The game has losses and wins, but for entertainment, it is good to have fun. However, one day when playing DOTA was linked to his life, Zhao Dingguo was not calm anymore. Because in his laptop, a crazy DOTA matchmaking platform unexpectedly appeared! If you lose a match on the platform, the lighter the reward will be deducted, the heavier it will be wiped out directly! However, when Zhao Dingguo was careful and on thin ice to get the victory, he found that all kinds of magical rewards obtained from it lived ......

History’s Best Reincarnation

A land of reincarnation on the verge of collapse; a door of reincarnation to all the worlds; the Lord God is dead, but reincarnation still exists! A wisp of a ghost, who had no intention of stepping into the land of reincarnation, resolutely pushed open the door of reincarnation for rebirth and longevity, and from then on, the heavens and the worlds are at my disposal!

Strongest Invincible Brat

The new book is hot] Qin Xiaotian has crossed over! The most powerful invincible bear child is the one who has crossed over into a fart-sized bear child, but that's okay, I have a system I'm awesome. The universe invincible devouring system devour everything, eat pills, eat magic treasures, eat demonic beasts, eat the sky eat the earth eat the air. Comprehend all kinds of gripping skills. The system is a very powerful and powerful tool that can be used to help you to get the most out of your life. Do not look at my age, I pretend to be afraid of myself! The general book friends group: 149701214. fan book friends group: 827219329 (apprentice fan value above can enter)

Quick Transmigration: Cannon Fodder Comes to Counterattack

Meng Li will not tell others that she cooled off and then joined the great realm domain. The first thing you need to do is to get to the next level. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do. The first thing you can do is to get a good idea of what you want. However, why are there so many oddballs in the mission world? Wait? And save the world? Meng Li said ... It's very tiring. (No cp in this article)

I Snatched Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet

Accidentally grabbed the infinity glove of the exterminator, seems to be able to do something

Godly Thief Incarnation

The new book "Martial World" has been released, the book page has a direct line, request collection, request recommendation votes. What is the most painful thing in life? What is the happiest thing in life? The most painful thing is to go through a lot of hardships and see that you are about to become a bully, but then go back to the liberation overnight. The happiest is back to the liberation of the front, nothing to do, but overnight bully. Zhou Jian met both the most painful and the happiest thing in his life in one day. The painful thing is that his hidden thief professional online game account, which he had worked so hard to establish in the world virtual network, was "lost" by the system. The happy thing is that the reason why the account was lost is that the virtual thief in the game account came to the real world and became a manipulable thief. In short, this is a light-hearted YA novel full of pretend pig eating tiger plot, the protagonist is a very righteous five good teenager, occasionally evil for a while is also the evil author forced ...... ps: read the book absolutely no harm, if one day you will also be invisible, refer to how to use it to make a fortune.

The Ogre’s Food Box

Cooking Guide: 1. Find a living person or eight 2. Beat him 3. Keep beating him 4. Throw him into the fire 5. Eat him.

Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

The downtrodden Miss Ling family, cowardly, poorly qualified, ugly, and much bullied. Finally, she was pushed into the cold river by her so-called love rival. However, when she opened her eyes again, her gaze was cold and soul-searching! Everything has changed forever! When the ugly face fades away, it is the most beautiful face. When she reveals her beauty, it is a million rays of light, shocking the world! I am a foodie and I am proud of it, the poisonous tongue is not worth dying for. All the beautiful men gave everything to win her a smile. What's more, he wanted to grab it overbearingly, just, in the end, he grabbed it ......

House Management

Zhang Yu's mother was so impressed that she decided to let her son go and join her. The so-called mansion is a thirty-square-meter rental house, more damaging is that the real estate agent operated by the little aunt can barely pay the rent. Feng Shui selling houses, feng shui decoration ...... Zhang Yu from the countryside coffin store Wang old man learned from the strange mysterious arts surprisingly came in handy, transformed into an ace broker ...... brothers, beauty, buy a house? The house of the yin and the house of the yang have, package repair! [Urban feng shui secret arts! Spiritual fiction in the new subject matter, non-horror, for all tastes! This book friends group: 149661050 (full), 2 groups: 597276660 (thanks to the beautiful book friend Mo Bai provide), V group: 291777277 (requires subscription certification).

Eternal Taoist King

You ...... are all dead? Then who else can tell me ...... how high this heaven is? How much longer will it take before the extreme of the sky is broken?

Transformed into the DC World

(New book has been released, Transformation in the Marvel world, quality assurance, welcome to read! Thea. Quinn an accident to obtain the memories of the travellers, know their future fate. She went forward to cloak and dagger, learning martial arts to master magic, determined to go to that highest pinnacle. Flash: What's your superpower again? Thea: Money! Superman: What did you strike me down with? Thea: Magic! Wonder Woman: Where are you going for dinner today, dear? Thea: My house. In short, this is a cute girl in the world of DC messed up, and on top of the story. Group number: 639,265,715


This is a world of totems. Here, people believe that power comes from all natural things: fire, rocks, snotty beasts, wolves, twelve-winged golden-eyed dragon kings, and even humans themselves ...... as long as they are natural phenomena, they can communicate with them and then summon them as their 'totem of faith'. Jiang Nan, an anatomy professor on Earth, an unlucky man who deserved to find his girlfriend, came to such a world. ...... New book level: Totem's path three stages, nine products and eighty-one levels. The first order, the totemist stage, is divided into lower totemist, middle totemist, upper totemist, a total of three grades, nine grades each. The second stage, the Totem Master stage, is divided into lower-grade Totem Master, middle-grade Totem Master, and upper-grade Totem Master, a total of three grades, each grade of nine levels. The third stage, Totem King stage, is divided into lower Totem King, middle Totem King, upper Totem King, a total of three grades, each grade nine levels. Ps: Take Victor, who is currently appearing, for example, he believes in the power of the wolf, the ninth level of the first stage, the lower rank of the Totemist stage, simply expressed as 'lower rank nine wolf Totemist'.

Supreme Rebirth

A generation of the strongest martial emperor Chen Lei, the strongest heavenly tribulation, inexplicably back to the teenage years, from then on to open the heavenly invincible journey. All enemies are crushed, all enemies are liquidated, all foreigners are suppressed, all treasures are in hand, surrounded by beautiful women, the power of the world, into a generation of supreme, invincible ancient emperor. ......

Amazing Doctor With Super Vision

By chance, Li Yong not only has the ability to see through the eyes, but also has the lifetime experience of 80 doctors! From now on, all the difficult and complicated diseases are covered! You have a hidden disease? No problem! Difficult to operate? No big deal! Gynecological disease? Uh, wait, there is really no thought of that, after all, can see, all see ......

Full-time Lottery System

Full-time lottery system, as the name implies, every profession is able to draw a lottery, and every profession can draw a skill that has something to do with it. The person who gets it will become the top elite of all professions. Since getting the full time lottery system, as a chef, Chen Ze drew the Food God seasoning; as a teacher, Chen Ze drew the Truth Persuasion; as a puff writer, Chen Ze drew the Golden Keyboard ------ Chen Ze: "As the saying goes, in 360 professions, the best in every line of work, but sorry, the best in every line of work is me!" But as an online taxi driver, the first thing he drew was a thirty-minute car god possession experience!

Gossip King

Rebirth, alien powers, all the way to theft, the achievement of a generation of famous journalists, all the way to reverse, and finally cast a business empire. ......

Shokugeki no Imitation Chef

Liu Pleiades, who shares the same name as Little Dangjia, has crossed over to the world of "The Spirit of Eating Trident". ...... In order to maintain the consumption of the "Super God's Tongue" on his body, he has to aim for the peak of the culinary world! The goal of the culinary world! Liu Subaru Xing, who has "bubble noodle level" cooking skills, had to use the "disposable recipes" that came with the system to tide him over, while improving his real cooking skills. From golden fried rice, dreamy mabo tofu, shredded pork with persimmon sauce ...... to undead eggs, phoenix crystal, real sea bream continental map ...... "Chinese some" recipes, one by one in the far moon reproduced!