Yu Wu

A word of synopsis: The wildest captive, soak the most righteous commander. The most important thing is that the best friend of his is the cold and lustful Mo Gongzi. The rumor is that Mr. Mo has prepared 365 types of torture methods to be tried on Gu Mang, with enough variety and content to play around for a year without repeating. But the rumors were soon banned by the Mozi, because he was described as a madman and seriously inconsistent with the facts. So what is the truth? The truth can not be told - Mo Qu, identity: the most clean imperial commander. The relationship with the rebel minister Gu Mang: slept with. Demining as well as a lot of words, what is not thunder can look directly at the body of the bird: Ps. 1. bib is the meat of the big devil, scratching his head 2. keen memories of killing and inner drama, slow heat, not upgrade flow, not cool text, may not be pleasing, also please congratulate blea ~ 3. low magic cultivation / world, the division is not unified dynasty, please do not be serious pinch ~ ~ 4. do not talk about the three views, each character has his own human ecology, otherwise how to rectify The story of Lei Feng, there are thieves who stole the cover of the yin well it (and not!). . 5. My attitude is no cavity ...... not right, my attitude is to welcome all brothers and sisters to play molestation, but different personal tastes pinch, such as this article has any friends are not satisfied with the place I first say sorry, but also please leave on their own, thanks to the work than the list, thanks to pick up the list, thanks to the ginseng attack tin wormwood attack, crab crab la ~ Otherwise I will have to be when you are crying to say love me = = 6. attack subject are not perfect, clean or unclean involving drama and the author himself does not mind so refused to say, but please brothers judge for themselves whether to enter the pit baa, congratulations! 7.1v1, under the year (I do not care! Even if three days, three hours, three seconds! The attack must also be smaller than the subject! This is the bottom line of my year under control! (whack chest!!!) The first thing you need to do is to get your hands on the right one. 8. what the hell? I also do not let me put together an auspicious number?

The Grandmaster Strategist

The gold on his waist has been retired, but the news is not unusual. The world would like to know the cold garden guest, only Jiang Jiang study boy. Jiang Zhe, with the word Suiyun, comes from a poor background, but after 10 years of study, he finally gets the title of "Golden Rank" and enters the Hanlin Academy. But unintentionally, Jiang Zhe is caught up in the battle for the crown prince of Great Yong. In the face of intrigue and trickery, many strengths fight against each other. He wanted to escape from the whirlpool that swept the whole court, but the situation forced him to escape. There is nothing he can do but go with the flow and join the court battle, using his own wisdom ......

Nirvana In Fire

A volume of Luang Pao Pung, which contains all the strange talents in the world. It tells the story of Mei Changsu, a talented and frail man, who is able to clear the fog and wise up the treacherous people in order to clear the wrongdoings for many years and support the new ruler. The story of the masculine side reflects the righteousness and righteousness among men, and recites a song of transformation of a hot-blooded man. The TV series Langya is co-directed by Kong Sheng and Li Xue, starring Hu Ge, Wang Kai and Liu Tao, and was aired on September 19, 2015.

This Lord is Too Cruel

South Feather Noble School, the number one high school in the world, those who appear here are students whose families are extremely rich, they are arrogant and spend money like dirt, but! As soon as they meet the members of the Phoenix Pavilion, they have to bow down to them, because they are the most beautiful and handsome people in South Feather High School, and moreover, they are the absolute masters. So what kind of man can match them? The first time she met him, the guy didn't give her a good look, and directly punished her to sweep the playground! Just sweep! Damn guy, bully now, you'll be dead later! As the new magical messenger, I won't let you get away with it! --- Hoshino Yuki-san (Ito Diele) Bad, bad, bad! We agreed to keep in touch after we left the orphanage, but what happened? You didn't even hear a word about it after you ran away, and now you're a famous composer and that's it? My father is still the boss of the entertainment industry! A decade of broken promises, I will make you pay a very heavy price! -- Faye Szeto ooooooooooooo! This tutor is so scary, not only does she control everything at home, but she's also deprived of her freedom at school! Don't do this, don't do that! What the hell do you want? What do you want? I'm at least a young lady, at least a school girl, how dare you do this to me, I'll take my revenge! A salted fish turn over? I'll show you what happens when you bully this princess! --The first of the five school girls on campus, the people lined up behind me are counted in the tens of thousands, and the curse of not being able to love someone is simply false. Well, I admit, I have not fallen in love once, although there are secretly like the man, but that guy is really abominable, rejected me in public. Fortunately, I have strong determination, now want to turn back to chase me? Doors are useless! Wait and see, I'll make you regret your mistake back then - Lindisa's mom and dad ran me into this noble school in order to let me catch a golden son-in-law, but it doesn't matter, I met so many good friends life is also happy, although I'm not rich, but I also have self-respect, and also a member of the Phoenix Court, the new transfer student, you dare to do so! Bully me, you're dead! I will let you know what happens when you discriminate against the poor! -- Tsukino Ryuusu ------- -I'm a well-behaved divider -------- ---------- ------ this story is from the magical girl Hoshino Snow Trace to get the magic to start looking for the magic weapon, oh, the magic weapon is hidden somewhere in the world, waiting for our Snow Trace's appearance The story will be presented together with the love of the five beautiful school girls of our Phoenix Court, please pro more support oh!

The Tale of the Ghost Eyes

An old lady who died three days ago, but her head inexplicably appeared in front of my house, is it a ghost, or artificial ......

The Righteous Player(s)

Annan crossed into the otherworldly Misty Continent and became a rare elite NPC with a player system. But he still has a heart that belongs to a player. Although I love to mess up and be reckless, I am a good player, a partner of justice favored by this world. -- Now I am carrying the main quest, as a righteous player ordered by heaven to destroy you, an evil NPC! That player, don't you run away either. The mission has been completed, now I am a righteous NPC to destroy you, the evil player ...... ----- - There have been several completed works of more than a million words, reputation guarantee. Player 1 group frozen water port: 641732671

Pivot of the Sky

If God created the earth, then who created God? Amon stood in front of the remains of an ancient idol, listening to an old man telling the long-ago legend of the god Amon to the passers-by. No one knew that this silent young man was Amon, and that the ruined remains lying in the sand dunes before him were once the statue of God dedicated to him. This magnificent statue of the god, devastated during the long generations of wars, was claimed by the people who fought and killed for the sake of belief in him, who had many names on earth - Amon, Aloha, ......

Criminal Investigation Files

New book period every morning daily shift. Every murder case has its own reason behind. With the help of criminal investigation methods, recover the killer's appearance, predict the killer's psychology, and restore the truth by peeling back the silk. The police captain Song Wen with a hand of mock portrait technology repeatedly solve strange cases, the flower season came, the South City Bureau ushered in a new trainee police officer Lu Siyi, silent he is always able to break the truth, and behind him also hides the unknown secrets ...... The settings in the text are empty.

Driver of The Beautiful CEO

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. Liu Yanbo intended to live in such an uneventful way, who knew that the beautiful president wanted to marry him, or fake marriage, this sudden marriage completely shattered the peace of his life. So, a marriage full of joy and sorrow began, all kinds of trouble came one after another, Liu Yanbo that unknown past also slowly surfaced ......

Yang God

The world is a big sea of suffering. Man is in the sea. The physical body is the boat. The soul is the person in the boat. The boat carries the person and keeps traveling to the other shore. Is it better to cultivate the physical body and strengthen the ship until the other side of the sea of suffering? Or should we cultivate the soul so that the person in the boat will be familiar with the water? Cultivate the martial path to become an immortal. Cultivate the immortal path to become a divine immortal. Which one to choose? Martial arts training life level: "training flesh" martial student, "training tendons" martial apprentice, "training skin" warrior, "training bones" Martial master, "training internal organs" innate martial master, "training bone marrow" grand master, "blood exchange" martial saint, "training the body" Human Immortal. Spiritual cultivation levels: fixing, out of the shell, night travel, day travel, repelling things {Yin God}, manifestation, possession, seizure {Ghost Immortal}, thunderbolt, Yang God {God Immortal}. The physical books of the Yang God series, published by Huawen World Book Co., Ltd. in August 2013, are available for purchase at Xinhua bookstores and major e-commerce stores nationwide.

Sword of Coming

The world is full of wonders. I, Chen Pingan, have only one sword, which can move mountains, overturn the sea, subdue demons, subdue devils, make gods, pick stars, break rivers, destroy cities, and open the sky!

Legend of Fei

Please marry me! Xiang Yi, when I first saw you, my heart was touched, you know? At that time, I felt that you were a Ting Ting white lotus, in this era of the peach demon, you were so different, I felt from the heart that you were a good girl, and such a girl is exactly the type of girl I love. ...... So, today, now, please let me take you home, love you, take care of you, we join hands, experience all the scenery of life, grow old together; and I will always remember what you look like today, you are my bride, the most beautiful bride! Please marry me!

Ti Shen

[The next series of text hanging dog man "Lost Marriage" in the column for collection] crush on a man, when his understudy, humble to the extreme. After seeing his white moonlight, Meng Ying realized that she was an inferior stand-in. Straight one day, she saw clearly understood let go. From then on, cold love and cold desire, who does not enter her eyes. - The rain is pouring down, Meng Ying is holding an umbrella, quietly looking at the door. Xu Dian biting his cigar, dressed in a black shirt kneeling on the ground, he also quietly looked at her. The pair of peach blossom eyes with a rich deep love, the momentum does not stop. After a few minutes, Meng Ying, who was holding an umbrella, turned around and went inside. Leaving a slender back. The drenched Xu Temple smiled, bowed his head and continued to kneel. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into. 2, glass scum mixed with sweet, late will be sweet, so the label will have [sweet text] two words. 3, the heroine's career will develop very well, cool points will be there, but have to be in the early have to key themselves, the late is really cool. 4, thanks for reading, mua-da. The pickup article ①: "lost marriage" Zhou Yang vs Su good, with the "double" is a series of articles. Synopsis: Su good teenage ignorance, arrogant and domineering because they like Zhou Yang, even married with others are to gas him, send him a wedding invitation. I thought he would care, who knows, he did not even have a good feeling for her, let alone like. The thirty and lost marriage, and then face him, only remaining shame. This is not possible, it will be timid and trembling, trying to live. Zhou Yang, the man hanging around, not short of women, not short of money, not short of power, cynical, also had avoided Su Hao's likes. Condescending to watch her flutter. Until one day, he wanted to crush her and chew her into his mouth, so that she returned to her heart and heart only him. Hanging dog man vs. independent beauty Pick up article ②: "dressed as only beauty cannon fodder female match" Xu Qing vs. Gu Sui, with "Substitute" is also somewhat related. Synopsis: Xu Qing can not believe that he did not die and wore back to this book, but also back to the most miserable moment. It's not even if you have no money and debts, but also portrayed the top flow hype scandal. Seeing that her career is about to be battered, she immediately stopped losing money and prepared to act well to conquer the world with her beauty, no, the entertainment industry. Later, she really conquered a host of male gods in the entertainment industry. She: "I said conquest is a joke do you believe?" Showbiz big shot Gu Sui lit a cigarette, his body leaned forward, raised her chin, lips with a smile, eyes with danger: "Do you say I believe it?" Wife chasing crematorium Showbiz big brother dog stuff VS top goddess Pick up article ③: "Rebirth of abuse scum" Zhao Yanjun VS Qin Jun, is a series of articles of "became the heart of the boss's pets" Synopsis: Zhao Yanjun was reborn, this life will not be silly not trash love this man, to make him fall to his knees under her pomegranate skirt, and then dumped fly him. You scum The story of the playboy planted. Flowery young man vs. mature model

Death Sutra

A dead man's scripture, half of a book of no way. Behead a thousand heads, eat a hundred bones.

The Strongest Violent Soldier

A generation of soldier king hate to leave the army, after a few years of anonymity, the heavenly strong returned to the city, once again set off a bloody storm! Simple and brutal is my art of action, my attitude towards life is to do what I don't want to do! See how the top crazy young man across the city, write his legend belongs to the king of heaven! Still very cool and very hot blood! (WeChat public platform: Flame Tou Tou)

Transcending Evolution

I woke up and the world changed! The zombies are rampant, the mutant monsters are rampant! What can you do to protect your family? The only way to survive is to evolve!

The Immortal Ruins

After going through nirvana, he finally becomes a god. A change, a vision of heaven and earth came to the world, the gods and demons awakened from the ancient land to seize the creation of heaven and earth. The golden hoop is used to control the devil, and the heavenly sage is created. The invincible inheritance from long ago brings the last ray of light in the human world.

Kingdom’s Bloodline

Lowly and humble beggar, holy and noble prince, the world's enemy monster - if you have three identities at the same time, which one will be happier to choose? Tyrese had no answer. He only knows that he came to a magnificent other world, facing a nightmare difficult future: the glorious empire died a thousand years, the decay of the royal family is hard to return, the legendary holy war is full of dark secrets, the divided world is in turmoil. But Tyrese has nothing. All he had left was his unshakable ego, the courage to survive the Jedi, and the creed to never compromise. "The king is not honored by the bloodline, but the bloodline is honored by the king." The darkness washes the light, the fire forges the true steel, and the story of the forbidden prince begins. PS This book has a prize competition: who is the heroine? Is it really living in ed? Bookmates Q group: 772161582 (Edda's leaky hut, the refuge after the destruction of the Secret Section) 680117692 (long-standing night Uyiwei, the vip group of monastic health).

Trafford’s Trading Club

Luo Qiu inadvertently became the owner of a 'club'. But this club was so strange. Not only does it have a maid who has been working for three hundred years, but it also sells all kinds of weird things. He gradually discovered that the society he lived in had countless guys driven by desire, and these guys would come to him, using everything they had, life, treasures, and even souls, to trade and buy what they wanted. And every successful transaction, what brought Luo Qiu is the survival time. "The sacrifice was successful, and the lifespan gained this time is ninety-nine years." ...... In this way, Luo Qiu began his own unknown end, the 'club' owner's career. PS: This is the group. Yes, this is the group: 307841437

My Father in Law is Lu Bu

Participating in cosplay, Liu Mang accidentally wore the Aries Golden Saint clothes to travel to the late Eastern Han Dynasty. Just when Cao Cao was attacking Lu Bu and Xiapi City was about to break down, he appeared on top of the city walls. "Big brother don't kill me not boss Cao's men ah!" "Hey hey, cut the wrong one, Boss Lv's men are there, I'm not ah!" Accidentally, saved by Song Xian Wei Xu tied up Lu Bu, accidentally became Lu Bu's son-in-law, accidentally changed the history of the Three Kingdoms. When a set of twelve sets of aluminum gold-plated golden holy clothes ......

Eldest Miss’s Style Isn’t Right

The first time I saw her, I was in the middle of a conversation with her. A technology bigwig: I got the signature of my idol Gu Qiyu! Crowd: Is this Gu Qingyu's debut? So many bigwigs spoiling her like their own sister. The bigwigs: We don't dare treat her like our own sister, "Madam" is our aunt! After Gu Qingyu dropped countless vests, people finally knew why the bigwigs called her "auntie". So the question arises, Gu Guangyu is "lady", "sir" who is it? A certain person: Madam, again outside to attract butterflies, sleep alone at night. Gu Qingyu: No! I'll be right back! The people: huh? The most important thing is that you have to be able to get a good idea of what you are doing. A certain person smug: What do you know? I have a unique cuisine for my lady~

Super Evolution

In 3669 A.D., an expedition ship discovered a strange liquid substance on a distant unnamed planet. After testing, scientists were amazed to find that this liquid could not only be absorbed by the human body, but also allow the human body to evolve automatically! Two hundred years later, there is another ship heading to the vast starry sky carrying an unknowing fighting fan - Lin Qi Yu, he is the only person on the ship did not inject the evolution agent, but also the focus of the ship's protection. However, it is the naughty and mischievous him, and finally evolved into an invisible tricolor heavenly pet, not only set off a super wave, but also set off a super evolutionary course that no human has ever had ......

Virtual Evolution

In the virtual search for power, in reality, the pursuit of real quite game is no longer a game, evolution from this moment on the protagonist language: I am to become the "King of Raiders" man passers-by look at the protagonist language: Damn, why is there such a monster ......

Apartment From Hell

Become an actor in a real horror movie and struggle to survive in the world of horror films! To enter this apartment is to embark on a path of no return. Only those who are chosen by it can see it and enter it. And once chosen to become a resident of the apartment, there is no more choice. If you want to leave the apartment, you can only be cursed by it and killed. In this apartment, once the blood writing appears on the walls of the room, you must follow the instructions of the blood writing, go to the designated location and stay for that full period of time within the specified date, and you will die as well if you violate it. And once you reach the designated location, you will face endless psychic horror phenomenon, countless nightmare deep ghosts and hauntings, will be everywhere, claiming your life. Even if you can survive and return to the apartment, you will have to face the next time, the moment when the walls appear in blood. And there is only one way to get out of this apartment ......

The White-Haired Imperial Concubine

The red-robed tent, she was forced to bear the pleasure, three thousand green silk in the body of the maniacal eyes inch into snow. Outside the red tent, her husband but with the beauty of the drink into joy, both laughing at a real-life spring palace show ...... when the red light was torn, point in the wind fell. She stepped out with difficulty, that fly with the wind full of silver hair, ultimately stinging, and whose heart? "How ...... how can it be you?" A voice of disbelief, so that the self-proclaimed cold, hard and heartless man, from then on fell into a boundless hell, regret for life ...... in this imperial power supreme, everywhere full of intrigue and trickery in the foreign world, she bide her time, calmly handle things, just to get a corner of peace, but finally not what you want, unfortunately fall into the hands of others as a pawn. After experiencing a merciless injury, a generation of red-headed woman is forced into a desperate situation, and her hair is full of snow. Should she bow down and resign herself to her fate? Or should she fight back and shine brightly?


[A must read for men! Five years ago, I went to jail for my best brother. Five years later, I got out of jail, only to find out that it was actually a trap by my best buddy and his girlfriend, the ones I love the most, actually did this to me! The blood, it's boiling! Everything you have taken from me, I will take it back without a trace!

Absolute Choice

When the Absolute Option appears, if no choice is made, time will remain stationary. If you make a choice but are unable to complete the task in the option, time will be turned back and the absolute option will start again. Option 1: Strength to kill the demon king alone】 【Option 2: Capture the heart of a thousand-year-old virgin with three words】 Shi Xiaobai choose option 1, be fancy abuse ten million times; choose option 2, be fancy hair card ten million times. Absolute option (has been chosen 3210 times): "Choose it, teenager!" Shi Xiaobai: "I choose death!" Shi Xiaobai killed himself in anger, thinking relief. Absolute option (selected 3211 times): "Choose it, Junior!" Shi Xiaobai: "......" (VIP full subscription group: 590323997 (full subscription screenshot required to enter the group), ordinary book friends group: 420179413, welcome to join!

Kill That Man

Yu Qing Yao is a pseudo white lotus, a real green tea whore. She is a demon girl, a drama queen, a bad girl. Reborn into a horrible ancient world similar to Liaozhai, she takes the path of immortality cultivation. Her ambition in life is to become the white moonlight in the eyes of all men, the softest vermilion mole deep inside her heart. Li Huaide is a monastic genius, his life ambition is to marry Yu Qingyao, although a hundred deaths without regret. Then he was really killed by Yu Qingyao hundreds of times. His long road of chasing his wife is incredibly bumpy, simply an inch of love and an inch of blood. Can he hold the beauty back?

Bodyguard of the Goddess

In an accident, Xiao Zheng was chased by the iceberg female boss in the eyes of the public and forced to marry. And successfully become a member of the so-called daughter country of the new Austrian company, from then on to start a wonderful life in a million flowers. Iceberg goddess, tyrannosaurus tyrant flower, gentle female boss, playful student girl - Hey! I am a married man! Please show some respect! Warm tip: This book is funny, hot, occasionally warm, suitable for men and women, suitable for lewd and decent, welcome to watch! ......

Eternal Martial Emperor

In her previous life, she was betrayed by the woman she loved and her best brother, and was tragically put to death; after his rebirth, he was the first genius of martial soul but was falsely accused and reduced to a waste, and in this life, with a broken dantian, he can make up for this regret. In this life, with the nuclear crystal in his hand, I will be the master of the eight wildernesses and six rivers! In this life, the nuclear crystal in hand, the nine heavens and ten lands, who will compete with!

The Strong Wife from Peasant Family

She is reborn into a penniless family with a bunch of little carrot heads underneath her, how can she support the family if she is not tougher? The plot is fictional, please do not imitate

Nuclear Dragon

When Ciron crossed over to find himself outgrowing his two-hundred-year-old silver dragon mother in his teens, he vowed to bring nuclear peace and entertainment to the entire universe! War is an ugly habit! Any nation that still uses this bad habit will meet my nuclear peace spit! All war ends will disappear! Use the new "battle" to decide the winner! Legend of Continental Heroes (card game)! You deserve it! Years later, whenever there was a conflict, people would set up a battlefield in the same place and have a Legend of the Continental Heroes showdown. People who worked hard to cultivate for fame, who no longer messed up on the continent, would instead participate in the Legendary Assembly of the Silom Empire to show their talents. Expect themselves to be seen, and thus be added to the cards of the continental heroes and legends, fame on the continent, and spread the praise for thousands of years! The whole world seems to have entered a period of nuclear peace. This is the era of a mutant plutonium dragon cast in the wrong body, bringing nuclear peace and change to the universe!

Nine Heavenly Star Art

The underground Qionglou buried deep in the heart of the earth, the deadly Underworld Lake evolving from the vicissitudes of the sea, the weird and mysterious Underworld Palace, the forbidden domain where the underworld souls are fed. The empires compete for supremacy, the families and clans, humans, demonic beasts, mysterious beasts, sea demons, heavenly devils and demons. Above the endless wilderness of the earth, the snail's heart metaphysical legend. Not too good at writing synopsis, after reading 200,000 words, I hope to let you see something different and exciting. ......

Chronicles of Ryan the Wizard

A great wizard does not only possess great power, but is also able to exquisitely control the power he possesses. When you can one day freely manipulate the power of magic, such as casting fireballs at their feet to kill the enemy without hurting themselves, that is the beginning. The purpose of the author's code is of course to make the reader feel good, but this book will not be written as "a king's aura rises to the sky, the number of minions collected, the endless harem of beautiful women, the antagonists are all idiots." The new book "The War of the Criminal Sky - The Star of the Sea" has been uploaded by

The Ultimate Student

Su Ye, a down-on-his-luck rich kid, gets the perspective function of the magic mirror and starts to change his life. He treats the school girl's mother and cures the cold agent who is seriously injured; he helps his gentle sister and gets powerful men by accident. The school girl, mature family girl, have thrown their arms to embrace. The young masters of luxurious families bow down in front of him, see how Su Ye interpret his legendary life!

Low Dimensional Game

By chance, Lu Zhiyu discovered a portal to a low-dimensional world, which opened up a different chapter! He can freely control everything in a low-dimensional world, and Lu Zhiyu feels like the GM of a game, or maybe God? A new group has been created, so if you are interested, you can add it.

Hokage: Ryo’s Path

The surgeon Guo Yuan travels through Naruto to see how he knows the plot well enough to find his own path in the chaotic world of Shinobi and eventually stand at the top of the Shinobi world. ps: the book is a bit slow, no system, no stud, single female lead, absolutely no eunuch!

A Sorcerer’s Journey

Give me endless knowledge, and I will use myself as the fulcrum to pry up endless worlds. The story is about a sorcerer named Green, who relies on his wisdom and luck to learn his unique sorcerer's knowledge, travels through exotic worlds, and participates in wars between different civilizations. I've always wanted to write a rational wizard-like work in a very different style, the so-called rational can be understood as pseudo-science, so there will be a lot of witchcraft reasoning and pseudo-scientific experiments plot. The new book "Compulsion Demon King" is officially uploaded, the story of the devil's compulsion, I hope you support more!

Yue Chen Yin

If she was not the woman called Han Yuexia, her life would have been smooth and happy. But she comes from a family of generals and is destined to have no chance of happiness in a troubled world. The Han clan of Jiao City is full of war ghosts, and in one night both her parents were killed and her family was destroyed. After ten years of sharpening her sword, she is no longer an ignorant child. In the midst of the clouds and rain, she keeps her promise: she will step over the river one day, and look northwest to shoot the wolf in the sky! In the beginning, it was just a trade of power, he saved her brother, she helped him to take over the first. But I don't know when it changed, Yunzhi, Yunzhi, the ninth highness, whether to keep her or the world in his heart? The people say that the marquis of Mianzhou is cold-faced and cold-hearted, but they do not know that he fell in love with her at first sight. The world is like chicken ribs to him, and it is his wish to return to the mountains with his sister. Two equally outstanding men, a history of swallowing mountains and rivers, fate for her is first bitter then sweet or never complete? She walked into the eyes of whom, and left a bitter longing for whom, but look at this life, is it a dream of cloud wings, or the fate of the night moon?

Badge in Azure

Wizards exist to gain insight into the reality of the world. Salim Metatrin, an ordinary magician, initially, he just wanted to change his fate a little. This book has no chance of being eclipsed, so please support it with recommendations and favorites. Introduction? I do not want to write too long, we look at the book, this is a book both hot and cold-blooded, non-travel, no studs, very loving, very ......] ......

Immortal’s Farmland

This immortal has a field, there are springs in the field, the material is self-produced. A fight with people, the cup is worn. Ask a way, washing utensils ground was abducted. Into the cultivation of the sect, because of the age of too old, cutlery ground can only play water to burn rice. Life ah ...... good in the small bracelet in a world of its own, brother's land to steal some grass, the elders yard to fish an egg. Don't mess with me, I may get angry at any time! Don't bullshit me, fists are the hard truth! New book: "Gathering Treasure Bell" Book No.: Synopsis: The body carries the Gathering Treasure Bell, gathering the world's spiritual objects. The one who bullies her, the one who oppresses her, let's see who can laugh at the end!

Phoenix’s Requiem

In her previous life, she was blinded and mistook the scum of the family as her relatives, causing the two families of Yunlin to be decimated. In her second life, she wants to change her fate and wreak havoc on the world! She gets the divine sword, collects the divine beast, cultivates the immortal skill, and refines the world's strange poison! Destroy the scum of the man, abuse the bitch girl, harm my family, I let you live worse than death. In her new life, even if she looks like no salt, she will still be arrogant for the rest of her life! He is rumored to be the coldest and most cold-blooded Yu King, and legend has it that everyone who has seen his true face is dead. But who told her who was this stinking man who sneaked into her boudoir every night and turned into a wolf? "King Yup, aren't you afraid that I will poison your whole family?" "That's great, maiden, we can double-cultivate and be a double fury!"

Soul of Searing Steel

This is the story of a former legendary warrior carrying a system to cross the game otherworldly, hanging all kinds of wild monsters, disliking bosses with one hand and saving the world with flat A. "Cut down the enemy first, then think about why you are fighting." ==== Subscription Book Group: 606962637 ===== originated from fire, born of steel, soul as firewood, body as salary, wisdom is indestructible, order is everlasting, inherited back and forth, until now. The fire in your heart will burn out all the worlds, this is the soul of burning steel.

Slaughter God

God of Slaughter" is the second work made by the Messenger of Faithful Souls, which mainly elaborates that the main character Xiao Dingtian is the king of the new century assassin world, who died after failing in one of his last missions and was reborn as the young master of a small family in the otherworldly continent of Shenwu. As the name of the person Xiao Dingtian was reborn is called Xiao Xiaotian, and only one word difference with his own. After Xiao Dingtian inherited everything from the unlucky young master Xiao Xiaotian, he was motivated to change his life. As expected, the work does not fail, in the process of many encounters with the dangerous, are not dead. As the saying goes, there will be blessings after the disaster, which can best be described as Xiao Dingtian. In this life, Xiao Dingtian, in the process of being chased and fleeing, inadvertently broke into a mysterious cave and accidentally got a divine sword engraved with the word 'God Slaying', and also got the sword skill left behind by the owner of the cave, that is, the "Returning Element Sword Skill", thus relying on his own devilish cultivation, finally opened the path of God Slaying. In the midst of life's then evolution, it can really be called hot blood. Relying on powerful cultivation and command, along the way to meet God to kill God, meet the devil to kill the devil, become everyone worship and awe of the god of slaughter. And in the road of its life, all the way with the red, can be said to be the envy of others ......

The Legend of the Extraordinaries

Ten thousand planets, endless cultivation. The struggle for dao derivation is unending for ten thousand years. Mi Xiaojing, a young master of diffusion cultivation, suffered the extermination of his family and thus plunged into the vast river of destiny. Armed with the greatest treasure of diffusion cultivation and helped by the old Taoist monsters, he cultivates along the way, and the picture scroll of the cultivation world unfolds slowly. The mysterious magic treasures, the dangerous secret realms. The Daoist immortal, a thought moves heaven and earth, the great cultivator of the diffusion family, true words press the four directions. Vast universe, mysterious dao, ten thousand words of truth. Mi Xiaojing is equipped with the method of dual cultivation of Daoism and derivation, pointing straight up against the sky and rocking up. I intend to transcend the mortal, step on the immortal. New book uploaded! Please vote for your new book! Want to exchange friends, please add the WeChat public number xiaoqianguanfang (Xiao Qian official), QQ exchange group 156537480

Tribulation of Myriad Clans

I am the robbery of all the clans of the heavens! Has a finished work "global high martial arts" "rebirth of the fortune rolls", have not seen the book friends can go to see, the new book collection slowly raise.

The Gate Of Good Fortune

It was a fragmented world, it was a forgotten corner. That day was the day when Ning Cheng was most disillusioned, which day he was brought here hard and fast. This world, because of Ning Cheng, will leave its name in the vast starry sky, will shine in the endless universe! ------ (The Gate of Creation subscription group: five five three six one zero six, welcome to join if you subscribe! ......

Necromancer in the End of the World

The skeleton strafed with its light machine, the walker's foot on the throttle desperately hitting the steering wheel. Shadow creatures wiped with sharp blades, and the driver's blood stained the tank cockpit. Thousands of mutant creatures from the enemy side, carrying guns and man-portable missiles were running wildly this way. Helicopters circled, fighters swooped. Bullets rained down, shells whistled. Nuclear warheads are coming from thousands of miles away and will fall and explode half a second later. No radar, no satellite monitoring ...... protagonist but looking up at the sky, with a calm and relaxed smile on his face. All things in heaven and earth, as if in a moment to stop the activity, the passage of time, as if become incomparably slow. "Extreme Speed Thinking! Shadow Shuttle!!!" A huge mushroom cloud rose, the earth was flattened, and a dozen miles around was reduced to rubble. At the center of the nuclear explosion, a dense ghostly fog rose, Ye Yang was dressed in white, immaculate, with a contemptuous sneer at the corner of his mouth. ------ collision of thermal weapons and spells, a different necromancer, a different post-apocalyptic.

No Wedding Unless Enemies and Lovers

She is his most disliked silly concubine. He is the most unparalleled Chen Wang of the whole court. The two most unlikely people are tied together, is it a sinful fate or fate? She pretended to be weak, pretended to be a pig and a tiger, beat up the white lotus, and turned the whole Kyoto into a mess with her poisonous skills! He covers the wind and rain for her, and overturns the world for her against fate! A certain prince pulled off a piece of paper from his face, glanced at it and asked, "What is this?" A certain girl said carelessly: "Oh? You can't read and write, Your Highness!" A certain prince resisted the urge to roar in anger, word by word grinding teeth to say: "Of course the king can read, just ......" A certain woman raised her eyebrows and smiled, "You were repudiated by me, prince." A certain prince said angrily: "Someone, tie that woman back to this king!"

Eternal Love

The beautiful woman who crossed the border also suffers: her destiny is to fall off a cliff several times, and she has done nothing but is surrounded by suitors? What is waiting for her in the future? He, the cold-hearted prince, once abandoned but wants to claim his love; he, the cold-blooded prince, is obsessed with her; the infatuated general, silently in love; ...... calls out, who knows my heart? The love of my heart, where is it? A crossing, the interpretation of a love-hate relationship, the twists and turns, the crisis, the life of war, through how many world events and tribulations, whether the lovers can finally become a couple? PS: This article is slow, and the front of the writing scribble, mind the pro can directly skip from the back to see "This story is pure fiction, crossing the plot is necessary for the plot, do not imitate".

Master of Ninja World

Crossing Naruto, becoming the eldest son of Uchiha Fuyue, the eldest brother of Uchiha Weasel, acquiring the light and light fruit ability, reversing the Third Shinobi War, the sky and the earth will collapse with the snap of a finger, and I will be the only one who will be respected by all beings!

Revenge of the First Daughter

As a captain of a modern-day special force, she crosses over to become the first daughter of the Mu family, Mu Qianli, who was set up by her beloved. When she first arrived, she was caught in bed by the Empress. She is also one of the parties involved? How can she sit still and wait for death? In order to prove her innocence, she defended herself against the prince's majesty, only to find out the culprit and kill him decisively. "The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the problem. "That I have a private life with you love letters to pass love? I'm sorry, my lady can't read or write." --Fictional plot, please do not imitate

The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

A single thought can shatter the sun, moon and stars, and a single finger can destroy the overlords of the heavens, and in the course of a laugh, the ten worlds of the heavens will be destroyed. A poor boy from the ravine, holding the Nine Dragons divine Cauldron, controls the space and time of the ages, steps on the divine path of the ages, competes with the emperors of the heavens, collides with the mythical era, and goes against the current in the great world of light.

9 Heavenly Thunder Manual

Look at the "nine turn thunder god trick" brothers change the channel! The new book "Ardent Thunder God" is officially unveiled, please follow the footsteps of those who want to know if "Nine Transitions 2", link to the direct train:.

Gossip King

Rebirth, alien powers, all the way to theft, the achievement of a generation of famous journalists, all the way to reverse, and finally cast a business empire. ......

Undefeatable – League of Legends

When Chinese athletes ridicule playing video games can also win the championship, to e-sports for a living you have to do is to use their 42 size shoes to measure how long his noble face code! When parents, relatives, friends and even this society are looking at e-sports with an oblique eye that you are engaged in this line of work, really love e-sports you have to do is to give them a resolute turn of the back! Ever thought that in the future 4 years Olympic games will have such a project, it is seconds to ......