The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're getting into. --They don't know each other. The bigwigs fancy giving their good girl kryptonite every day, trying to make her enjoy the highest quality of life in the post-apocalyptic world. * Bianbian was born in the post-apocalyptic world and picked up by an old man. When she was five years old, her grandfather was infected with a virus and turned into a zombie, she became an orphan and lived a miserable life. One day, the alien finds a little girl in a beautiful princess dress on the rooftop of a building, happily eating a red oil hot pot! Behind her, two zombies were holding up ice cubes to cool her down. The alien: "......?" Later, the sidekick's real parents come to the door. Kryptonian bigwigs: "?" Want to steal the baby girl? No way! Soon after, a vision descended from the sky, black clouds enveloped the real dragon swimming in the sky. The surviving humans were shivering, but only the side was excited: "Dads are here to pick me up." Crowd: "What??" Dad with a "we" after? (2020.1.16 has been screenshot) Next column and pre-collections for collection, you one I one will be able to raise the big pill fat! The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing. Then - the war god of the interstellar empire picked up a strange flower bud from the land of nothingness. Half a month later, the bud bloomed, revealing the tiny flower sprite inside. God of War: "......" Flower Shin Shin: "????" * Flower Shin Shin was planning his escape every day, and one day, God of War went on a mission. God of War: "You can go now." Glancing at the vastness of the universe, Hua Xinxin hugged the War God's finger and said firmly, "I was born as the General's man and died as the General's ghost!" God of War: "That's what you said." Later, learned that the God of War wants to marry himself. Hua Xinxin: "Big brother, we do not fit!" Size does not fit hello! The next second, the God of War becomes the same size as her in front of Hua Xinxin. God of War: "Now it fits." The next second, the God of War in front of her became the same size as her." Hua Xinxin: "......" "Green tea girl really does not want to be red" Su Shen Yu easily sat in the empress's seat, looking to boil the emperor to death to become the empress dowager, once the eyes open, wearing a showbiz article female match. The day of the engagement between the female and the male lead, the male lead left the female to find the white moonlight female lead. "......" This can be tolerated? The next day, #SinkerFishFallTears hit the hot search, she smiled and choked up in the video: "I don't blame them, I'm not good enough, they're the pair made in heaven, I bless them. Fans who like me, please also join me in blessing them." The male lead and the white moonlight female lead were dazzled. * In her previous life, Su Shen Yu, who had a career, wanted to be a vase in the entertainment industry and earn money easily in this life. The company's main goal is to provide a good solution to the problem. What else can you do, just clean up a little. But I don't want to be in the hot seat so often, more and more red every day. "......" The palace really does not want to red ah.

Crossing to the Future, it’s Not Easy to Be a Man

In order to inherit her father's military success, began its sad growth history. It was hard to get through to the age of sixteen, she was free to choose her future to marry a man and was thrown into the first men's military school of the federation by her father who was resurrected from the dead. By mistake, Ling Lan is moving towards the cold, wild and domineering road of no return ...... built several groups, Lan Shao VIP group: 392111243 (only genuine subscription readers), Lan Shao 3 group (newly opened): 542465674.

This Lord is Too Cruel

South Feather Noble School, the number one high school in the world, those who appear here are students whose families are extremely rich, they are arrogant and spend money like dirt, but! As soon as they meet the members of the Phoenix Pavilion, they have to bow down to them, because they are the most beautiful and handsome people in South Feather High School, and moreover, they are the absolute masters. So what kind of man can match them? The first time she met him, the guy didn't give her a good look, and directly punished her to sweep the playground! Just sweep! Damn guy, bully now, you'll be dead later! As the new magical messenger, I won't let you get away with it! --- Hoshino Yuki-san (Ito Diele) Bad, bad, bad! We agreed to keep in touch after we left the orphanage, but what happened? You didn't even hear a word about it after you ran away, and now you're a famous composer and that's it? My father is still the boss of the entertainment industry! A decade of broken promises, I will make you pay a very heavy price! -- Faye Szeto ooooooooooooo! This tutor is so scary, not only does she control everything at home, but she's also deprived of her freedom at school! Don't do this, don't do that! What the hell do you want? What do you want? I'm at least a young lady, at least a school girl, how dare you do this to me, I'll take my revenge! A salted fish turn over? I'll show you what happens when you bully this princess! --The first of the five school girls on campus, the people lined up behind me are counted in the tens of thousands, and the curse of not being able to love someone is simply false. Well, I admit, I have not fallen in love once, although there are secretly like the man, but that guy is really abominable, rejected me in public. Fortunately, I have strong determination, now want to turn back to chase me? Doors are useless! Wait and see, I'll make you regret your mistake back then - Lindisa's mom and dad ran me into this noble school in order to let me catch a golden son-in-law, but it doesn't matter, I met so many good friends life is also happy, although I'm not rich, but I also have self-respect, and also a member of the Phoenix Court, the new transfer student, you dare to do so! Bully me, you're dead! I will let you know what happens when you discriminate against the poor! -- Tsukino Ryuusu ------- -I'm a well-behaved divider -------- ---------- ------ this story is from the magical girl Hoshino Snow Trace to get the magic to start looking for the magic weapon, oh, the magic weapon is hidden somewhere in the world, waiting for our Snow Trace's appearance The story will be presented together with the love of the five beautiful school girls of our Phoenix Court, please pro more support oh!

Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss

(The text is finished) She is the fifth young lady of the general's house, but the first waste of the East Star Kingdom, nymphomaniac, because of the pursuit of a man, was killed by a follower accidentally; she is the delicate daughter of heaven, but was killed, tragic family extermination, from then on, carrying a deep blood feud. When the genius crossed into the body of the waste, open your eyes again, the fate is different from then on!!! Refining pills and weapons is difficult? She can do it with her hands. The beast tamer is very rare? She accidentally became the emperor beast tamer! Forced marriage? You are a beautiful man and you are very dragging? She pulled over the demon man next to her: the demon king brother, he wants to steal your position. A demon's cold eyes glance, a body movement, the next second scum has disappeared. Turn around, a demon smile compelling: You You, continue the conversation just now, let's have a child!

Legend of Fei

Please marry me! Xiang Yi, when I first saw you, my heart was touched, you know? At that time, I felt that you were a Ting Ting white lotus, in this era of the peach demon, you were so different, I felt from the heart that you were a good girl, and such a girl is exactly the type of girl I love. ...... So, today, now, please let me take you home, love you, take care of you, we join hands, experience all the scenery of life, grow old together; and I will always remember what you look like today, you are my bride, the most beautiful bride! Please marry me!

Love Code at the End of the World

Crossed into the future, thought I could eat and drink, play with all kinds of high-tech, see all kinds of evolution of the beautiful man, the result ...... is the end of the world ah! It is the last days! It is the last days! Or parallel world of the end times! The unlucky thing to say three times. Orz, this is to mutate the rhythm of death ...... nani nani, this is the radiation physique, not afraid of radiation? What what? Radiation physique will also have superpowers? The world of radiation in the face of crisis everywhere, only in the ecological gap of human survival and how? The world's most important thing is to save the world and its beautiful boys.

Zombie Sister Strategy

Lin Qiao, who lost her memory five years after the end of the world, woke up as a newborn zombie! And this corpse was also a vicious and notorious woman before she died! Before she died, not only did she force someone ...... to have sex with her! And even kidnapped someone's daughter! After the end, the daughter has not returned to others, they were killed! If you want to die, at least return her daughter first! I go! And! That who ...... little girl's father! Can we have a good fight? As a human, but to bite her zombie what is the meaning? She's the zombie, okay? PS: This article is updated regularly at 12 noon. Another old pit "a new body to play reverse" has been completed, welcome to jump into the pit. Bookmates group: 499-069-113.

Xuan Wang Above, Di Daughter Runs Away

Lin Yixue stood at a high level: that, I helped you save people, can I make a small request? Ouyang Zhixuan eyelids raised, very face: say! Lin Yixue corner of the eyes narrowed up, good mood to open the introduction: my family has a sister, the name Yishuang, beautiful, gentle character, dignified and virtuous ...... Ouyang Zhi Xuan fingers unhurriedly tapping the desktop, intimidating force with the knocking pressure on Lin Yixue: focus! Lin Yixue did not even notice: uh ......, I do not want to do the crown prince consort, let to Yisheng okay? Ouyang Zhi Xuan fingers a meal, a pull over Lin Yixue, locked into the arms, a strong kiss fell on her lips, domineering nibble, angry sucking ...... wait to notice Lin Yixue can not breathe, he let her go, low dumb voice said: again nonsense, the Palace does not mind immediately cave! Exchange group.

Pink Conspiracy

The first time she saw him, she knew that for the rest of her life, this young man would not be able to leave her heart. She was a young lady of the general's house. When an enemy country invaded, her father was ordered to go to the battlefield, and she secretly went to war with him. After the enemy army retreated and the kingdom was saved, the emperor was pleased and rewarded the general. On her way back to the capital, she heard that the Emperor and the Empress Dowager were going to choose a man from among the sons of the capital and give a marriage to the General's wife. She has three older brothers, but she is the only sister. It is rumored that there are two first sons in the capital, the highest name on the candidates for her marriage. One is a clan nobleman idle only know how to eat, drink, play, snow, moon, wind and flowers ridiculous and no one to discipline the crooked dude; one is the State House talent crowned the capital, the reputation of the world, is all women tend to be the second choice of the young uncle. The capital is in an uproar over her marriage. The emperor and the empress argued, the court and the civil servants have their own words. Who will be chosen? The royal power of the sky, the dynasty and the noble relatives, her old son also counted, no matter who, said it does not count. Although she was born in the gold and jade, grew up in the rich and noble, but not lying in the boudoir, good at military strategy, chest hidden embroidery, her life naturally have to be their own say. Who will be her husband depends on her beating heart. The game of chess, rivers and mountains for gambling, the beauty of the heart, powder makeup to capture the strategy. ---------- ---------- ---------- - The jungle for many years, the original heart does not change. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on the subject. I've always been the one who is dedicated to writing, no matter what time it is. I came with a new article as promised, and I thank my dear ones for returning as promised. My hot tea, your enthusiasm, let us together, sip a new tea, together with the landscape like a picture. -- To the dearest readers ----by Like the pro [collection] + [message], your enthusiasm, is my greatest motivation, mua da! ☆☆☆☆☆ recommend the finished article of the son love ☆☆☆☆☆

The Story of a Stroppy Princess

Unlucky to become a young grandmother: "Stealing a baby" [another]: the female lead abdominal indifference, clear eyes cold view of the world, the male lead flirtatious and affectionate, laughing at all life. Baby ah: (self-referential, smiling said): the baby is of course the most intelligent, the most beautiful, the most lovely, the most pleasing ah, do not you see? ---Opened the beautiful black eyes, lovely blink, blink, smile like a little angel. (In fact, the character like the devil ...... top pot lid crawl away.) The end: baby more tongue, stinky narcissism! ...... [Introduction]: She is a cold secretary, he is a flirtatious boss. She is greedy for money, but not for his money, he is affectionate, but not with her stay, get along for three years, in addition to the boss and subordinate this layer of relationship, they were not related. The first time I saw her, I thought she would blackmail him, but she unexpectedly left a sentence: last night's incident as if it did not happen, it was an accident. Then, she fled. This in turn aroused his interest in her ...... her, him - them -! Each inserted a hand, such as a parallel line of bosses and secretaries, fate is so hard to be held out by the crowd ...... marriage, is his prank. Divorce, is the answer she gave. When the baby comes, will they meet again? ...... [little baby chapter]: home. "Mommy, who is this man?" Curious baby. "Don't know." Dryly. "Mommy, he's been staring at you oh..." curious baby. "..." Looking up. "Mommy, do you recognize him yet?" "...don't recognize it." Shake your head. "Mommy, he seems to be staring at you..." "Mommy, he seems to be coming toward you..." "Mommy, he looks like me ..."-Mommy, he's smoking from his head...*******************************************:http://read

Poison Physician Consort

The devilish demon girl Bai Luochu was reborn as a human slave thrown into the fighting arena. A demon prince smiled lightly, the pearl and jade can not blind his eyes! He poisoned, teased, teased, and tried every possible way to keep her by his side! She assassinates, calculates, compliments, racking her brains just to escape his clutches! Who is stronger or weaker? "Your Majesty, you have lost this game!" "Lose? In bed, the king has never lost!" ************************************ One daily update before the shelf, 10,000 daily updates after the shelf! The day when the shelves 20,000 ⊙? ⊙! I hope you all support more! Mua-da ~

Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

The downtrodden Miss Ling family, cowardly, poorly qualified, ugly, and much bullied. Finally, she was pushed into the cold river by her so-called love rival. However, when she opened her eyes again, her gaze was cold and soul-searching! Everything has changed forever! When the ugly face fades away, it is the most beautiful face. When she reveals her beauty, it is a million rays of light, shocking the world! I am a foodie and I am proud of it, the poisonous tongue is not worth dying for. All the beautiful men gave everything to win her a smile. What's more, he wanted to grab it overbearingly, just, in the end, he grabbed it ......

Revenge of the First Daughter

As a captain of a modern-day special force, she crosses over to become the first daughter of the Mu family, Mu Qianli, who was set up by her beloved. When she first arrived, she was caught in bed by the Empress. She is also one of the parties involved? How can she sit still and wait for death? In order to prove her innocence, she defended herself against the prince's majesty, only to find out the culprit and kill him decisively. "The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the problem. "That I have a private life with you love letters to pass love? I'm sorry, my lady can't read or write." --Fictional plot, please do not imitate

Gossip King

Rebirth, alien powers, all the way to theft, the achievement of a generation of famous journalists, all the way to reverse, and finally cast a business empire. ......