The Grandmaster Strategist

The gold on his waist has been retired, but the news is not unusual. The world would like to know the cold garden guest, only Jiang Jiang study boy. Jiang Zhe, with the word Suiyun, comes from a poor background, but after 10 years of study, he finally gets the title of "Golden Rank" and enters the Hanlin Academy. But unintentionally, Jiang Zhe is caught up in the battle for the crown prince of Great Yong. In the face of intrigue and trickery, many strengths fight against each other. He wanted to escape from the whirlpool that swept the whole court, but the situation forced him to escape. There is nothing he can do but go with the flow and join the court battle, using his own wisdom ......

Rebirth of Brotherly Love

Originally named "Rebirth of Brotherly Love" bitter An Luo was reborn in an accident to a business young master's body, as the eldest son of the first grandson favored by his grandfather, in the struggle of the brothers to seize power seems to be only a cannon fodder ...... protagonist no blood relations! Special thanks to the fox shoes gift cover, gray like! The first part of the family series, Shao Rong's story - [Completed] The second part of the family series, An Luo's story - [Completed] The third part of the family series, An Yan's story - [Completed - [Completed] Author Related Links -

Sha Qing

The text in one sentence: This is the story of a (dual-identity) serial killer who hunts (other unlucky) serial killers (while falling in love with each other) with (good friends) the FBI. Literary version: He uses lust as a trap, blood as bait, and appearance as a disguise to hunt the wolves that prey in the dark. He is on the FBI's most wanted list of serial killers, he is a tooth for a tooth, I do what I want, arbitrary. He has a code name for himself: Killing. Audience pleasing version: American drama, strong, HE

Strategy to Capture Men

Mine clearance:CN control, clean party please stop System: Han Yan Yan, you have been chosen by the world of fast penetration. What golden fingers you want, you can raise here. Han Yan Yan: If it is a peaceful and prosperous world, I want to be extremely beautiful and have a lot of money. If it's life-threatening, I want battle power to explode. System: Sorry, your conditions cannot be met. Then why are you asking me! (╯‵□′)╯︵┻┻━┻ Updated every morning at 7am. --------------------------------- My finished articles: urban "you in the sea of people": two mother and child SOLO urban "if you are doddering flowers": one life missed, one life spoiled. The city "the queen's fresh meat": serious strong imperial sister VS no one wants the little poor Cultivation "since the joy": only the strong, to self-joy. Science fiction "Shaotang's realm": technology realm, cold weapons civilization swollen how to break? Author's column please poke → microblogging Jinjiang sleeve side →

The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich

This is the story of a crazy witch demon with a game system that wreaks havoc on the entire world. "Look at this day's daily ...... again this pitiful two choices, destroy any town of 30,000 people or more, award points of evil. Grab three children's lollipops, award 1 point. If both are not completed, then, deduct 2 points." "Yuck! When I am stupid, really destroy a town, to ensure the brush out of a full epic medieval paladin group to crusade against me, then there are some earn, no spend. I also ......

Tales of the Blood Night

Text: Suspense mystery text, involving blood and family entanglement, science fiction background, fantasy content.

The Return of Cambrian Period

More than 500 million years ago is the Paleozoic period known as the Cambrian in the history of geology. As the first epoch of the Paleozoic, this period is not only of great significance to the study of geology, but also the most crazy, splendid and mysterious era in the history of paleontology. Before the Cambrian period, Earth's species were relatively monotonous. During the Cambrian period, in a relatively short period of millions of years in geology, global species suddenly evolved wildly, and countless invertebrates, arthropods, mollusks, brachiopods and annelids, etc. appeared on the planet without warning, greatly enriching the diversity of Earth's species, and this radiant millions of years is called "Cambrian explosion of life", and after hundreds of millions of years of evolution, to have today's life colorful and colorful Earth. The cause of the Cambrian explosion of life is a great mystery and the greatest paradox of Darwin's theory of evolution. If, today, when human civilization has conquered the entire planet

Grasping Evil

Master said, on the hand of the woman, we must be protected for life. Master said that it is very difficult to cultivate the devil, once you enter the devil's path never look back. Master said that the sky is round, that round is complete, that square is the angles of the heart, is disobedient to fate, is disobedient to the sky. My master is called Ning Fan, he is not a human being, is a butterfly that has entered the devil. He is looking for someone, no one knows who he is looking for, no one knows how long he will be looking...

Space Speed Xing Hen

The new book "Yin Yang Coronet" has been registered] will be uploaded this Sunday, the end of the Douluo Continent at the same time began to update, please collect, recommend, thank you. The book number of Yin Yang Coronet: The following drive-through can also be directly clicked over. The new setting is a thank you to the book lovers.

Celestial Emperor Han

After sinking for 90,000 years, he entered the mortal world. The sword cut the vault, slaughter all the immortals ---- announce the book friends group, welcome to join: ordinary book friends group: 558148599 (no fan value); VIP fan group: 488165435

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

An unintentional encounter left Su Shen blind. However, even though he encountered the most tragic situation on earth, Su Shen was unwilling to give up the struggle. He wants to use his own efforts to create a brand new future for himself and for the human race.


In 2013, a wave of zombies broke out, the fall of the homeland, the human race began a large-scale defense war, the protagonists in the long night waiting for the dawn of the end of the day, where to go? The past is shattered in the ashes and the faith is reborn in the fire. To avoid misunderstanding, it is better to sweep the mines: delayed text, holy mother arrogant subject, brain-damaged minor subject, double CP, three views of the weird and very confusing logic, pseudo-science fiction text, science fiction part does not stand up to scrutiny, the plot of the test is distorted. The persona of Lord Aga, too good! 2013 - Dawn original song: Twilight lyrics: milk & Lok Chuan ice singing / harmony: small thousand post: Qingming fallen rain

Ti Shen

[The next series of text hanging dog man "Lost Marriage" in the column for collection] crush on a man, when his understudy, humble to the extreme. After seeing his white moonlight, Meng Ying realized that she was an inferior stand-in. Straight one day, she saw clearly understood let go. From then on, cold love and cold desire, who does not enter her eyes. - The rain is pouring down, Meng Ying is holding an umbrella, quietly looking at the door. Xu Dian biting his cigar, dressed in a black shirt kneeling on the ground, he also quietly looked at her. The pair of peach blossom eyes with a rich deep love, the momentum does not stop. After a few minutes, Meng Ying, who was holding an umbrella, turned around and went inside. Leaving a slender back. The drenched Xu Temple smiled, bowed his head and continued to kneel. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into. 2, glass scum mixed with sweet, late will be sweet, so the label will have [sweet text] two words. 3, the heroine's career will develop very well, cool points will be there, but have to be in the early have to key themselves, the late is really cool. 4, thanks for reading, mua-da. The pickup article ①: "lost marriage" Zhou Yang vs Su good, with the "double" is a series of articles. Synopsis: Su good teenage ignorance, arrogant and domineering because they like Zhou Yang, even married with others are to gas him, send him a wedding invitation. I thought he would care, who knows, he did not even have a good feeling for her, let alone like. The thirty and lost marriage, and then face him, only remaining shame. This is not possible, it will be timid and trembling, trying to live. Zhou Yang, the man hanging around, not short of women, not short of money, not short of power, cynical, also had avoided Su Hao's likes. Condescending to watch her flutter. Until one day, he wanted to crush her and chew her into his mouth, so that she returned to her heart and heart only him. Hanging dog man vs. independent beauty Pick up article ②: "dressed as only beauty cannon fodder female match" Xu Qing vs. Gu Sui, with "Substitute" is also somewhat related. Synopsis: Xu Qing can not believe that he did not die and wore back to this book, but also back to the most miserable moment. It's not even if you have no money and debts, but also portrayed the top flow hype scandal. Seeing that her career is about to be battered, she immediately stopped losing money and prepared to act well to conquer the world with her beauty, no, the entertainment industry. Later, she really conquered a host of male gods in the entertainment industry. She: "I said conquest is a joke do you believe?" Showbiz big shot Gu Sui lit a cigarette, his body leaned forward, raised her chin, lips with a smile, eyes with danger: "Do you say I believe it?" Wife chasing crematorium Showbiz big brother dog stuff VS top goddess Pick up article ③: "Rebirth of abuse scum" Zhao Yanjun VS Qin Jun, is a series of articles of "became the heart of the boss's pets" Synopsis: Zhao Yanjun was reborn, this life will not be silly not trash love this man, to make him fall to his knees under her pomegranate skirt, and then dumped fly him. You scum The story of the playboy planted. Flowery young man vs. mature model

The Ultimate Blue Seal

A small flat-chested who can only eat, drink and be dumped, how to grow into a pit, abduct and deceive nothing but the pure man's story Soft science fiction, growth department ...... Well, in fact, there is fantasy miko, pure bullshit, minors please do not imitate = = 1V1 HE not pit Column This article opened on February 17 VIP. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

Super Driver

My girlfriend disliked me for driving a cab and dumped me, but did not know that my car can travel through time and space, the four beauties, five tigers, are my regular customers ......

The World Online

The first ever inter-generational online game that combines personal adventure + territory construction + dimensional warfare in one, "Earth Online", global players online, the group of masters to compete. See how the reborn protagonist builds his territory, recruits historical generals, stirs the clouds, and achieves imperial hegemony! (PS: return to the most original construction class hegemony online game, look forward to your joining! General group:. Longchamp army commander department (VIP group):.

Death Sutra

A dead man's scripture, half of a book of no way. Behead a thousand heads, eat a hundred bones.

Godly Hunter

The world is excited by the sudden advent of the holographic virtual era, but Chen Mo, who is a hacker, receives a commission to enter the game, find the game's loopholes and stop the pace of the virtual era's advent. In order to complete the commission, Chen Mo entered the game "Genesis". Observe, analyze, and test! In order to confirm the possible loopholes, Chen Mo took great pains to make meticulous observation and analysis of the game, and not long after entering the game, he found a brand new path for the hunter profession! After everyone took ......

Kingdom’s Bloodline

Lowly and humble beggar, holy and noble prince, the world's enemy monster - if you have three identities at the same time, which one will be happier to choose? Tyrese had no answer. He only knows that he came to a magnificent other world, facing a nightmare difficult future: the glorious empire died a thousand years, the decay of the royal family is hard to return, the legendary holy war is full of dark secrets, the divided world is in turmoil. But Tyrese has nothing. All he had left was his unshakable ego, the courage to survive the Jedi, and the creed to never compromise. "The king is not honored by the bloodline, but the bloodline is honored by the king." The darkness washes the light, the fire forges the true steel, and the story of the forbidden prince begins. PS This book has a prize competition: who is the heroine? Is it really living in ed? Bookmates Q group: 772161582 (Edda's leaky hut, the refuge after the destruction of the Secret Section) 680117692 (long-standing night Uyiwei, the vip group of monastic health).

Pursuit of the Truth

A knock before the devil three thousand years, looking back to the mortal world not to be immortal, only for her ...... palm edge of life and death Please see the works of Ergen "Seeking the Devil

Martial Emperor Reborn

"What do you dare to do to me?" A certain male screamed. "Nothing, just scrap your hands and feet." Lin Long smiled wickedly. "Ah ......" The gentry's miserable screams resounded through the sky. "Up ahead is the Martial Saint Yangding relic, everyone charge!" Strong people from all walks of life swarmed up. "Martial Saint relics? In a previous life, they were sacked by me long ago." Lin Long smiled but did not say anything. "The two women are the furnaces described in the secret code ......," conspired several supreme powerhouses. "Sorry, they have been committed to me for a few years." Lin Long smiled blandly. "How is that possible?" The several supreme powerhouses were all surprised. ...... Martial Emperor Lin Long suffered a siege and fell off a cliff he was reborn back to his teenage years. With his precognition he became the strongest.

Against the Gods

(Formerly known as "The Blossoming Fox Baby: The Divine Doctor's Mother is going against the sky") She is the heir of an ancient martial arts family in China, but she has just crossed over and gotten into trouble with a man at random, but she didn't expect to have a fetus. The baby she gave birth to was a fox? This little fox even pulled her clothes and called her mother? The good thing is that the little fox treasure is good and soft, sweet and protective mother, in this dragon and snake mixed continent, mother and son team up to kill the four quarters, let those dog-eyed low quality relatives regret not lost. But one day, Fox Treasure's father came to her door, not only to steal her child, but also to steal her together? There is no such thing as a good thing? To be a fox treasure his father, asked the fox treasure his opinion did not? A fox treasure arms crossed waist: "want to be my father, first pay the silver and then go to the back of the line, mother, I think next door Uncle Wang is quite rich, you give Uncle Wang as a daughter-in-law it."

Trafford’s Trading Club

Luo Qiu inadvertently became the owner of a 'club'. But this club was so strange. Not only does it have a maid who has been working for three hundred years, but it also sells all kinds of weird things. He gradually discovered that the society he lived in had countless guys driven by desire, and these guys would come to him, using everything they had, life, treasures, and even souls, to trade and buy what they wanted. And every successful transaction, what brought Luo Qiu is the survival time. "The sacrifice was successful, and the lifespan gained this time is ninety-nine years." ...... In this way, Luo Qiu began his own unknown end, the 'club' owner's career. PS: This is the group. Yes, this is the group: 307841437

My Father in Law is Lu Bu

Participating in cosplay, Liu Mang accidentally wore the Aries Golden Saint clothes to travel to the late Eastern Han Dynasty. Just when Cao Cao was attacking Lu Bu and Xiapi City was about to break down, he appeared on top of the city walls. "Big brother don't kill me not boss Cao's men ah!" "Hey hey, cut the wrong one, Boss Lv's men are there, I'm not ah!" Accidentally, saved by Song Xian Wei Xu tied up Lu Bu, accidentally became Lu Bu's son-in-law, accidentally changed the history of the Three Kingdoms. When a set of twelve sets of aluminum gold-plated golden holy clothes ......

Limitless Sword God

In order to save his loved ones, Su Yun became a demon with a single thought, and was granted a heaven-defying sword box by chance, acquiring an amazing sword skill, a mysterious sword suppressed by 108,000 immortal swords, forging a legend of the immortal Sword God! ......

Eldest Miss’s Style Isn’t Right

The first time I saw her, I was in the middle of a conversation with her. A technology bigwig: I got the signature of my idol Gu Qiyu! Crowd: Is this Gu Qingyu's debut? So many bigwigs spoiling her like their own sister. The bigwigs: We don't dare treat her like our own sister, "Madam" is our aunt! After Gu Qingyu dropped countless vests, people finally knew why the bigwigs called her "auntie". So the question arises, Gu Guangyu is "lady", "sir" who is it? A certain person: Madam, again outside to attract butterflies, sleep alone at night. Gu Qingyu: No! I'll be right back! The people: huh? The most important thing is that you have to be able to get a good idea of what you are doing. A certain person smug: What do you know? I have a unique cuisine for my lady~

Legend of the Asura

Shura - killing, breaking righteousness, extinction This is a myth that shakes the world, a legend of Shura.

Infinity Armament

This is heaven, because it has everything that the earth has. All that you desire but can not get, here you can get; here is hell, because everyone has to struggle hard here, and then drunk in a world that can not distinguish the real from the fake. Here, is the world of infinite killing ...... ------- -------- Endless Arms 1 group: Endless Arms 2 group: (full) Endless Arms 3 Group: Endless Arms 4 Group: (full) Endless Arms 5 Group: (full)

Online Game: Evil Dragon Against The Heaven

A dragon soul teenager's road to heaven. Thunderbolt note: This article is suitable for all kinds of goddess control + loli control. ___________________________________________

The Wizard World

Crossing over to the other world to become an ordinary son of a small family, with a biochip with analytical ability to start a powerful journey.

Mad God

This story takes place in a world full of war, in the Jin Yuan continent there are many races living, including the human race, magic and orcs are the most powerful, in order to compete for more land and resources, the war has never stopped for hundreds of years, and our hero is in this chaotic world should be born of a human or magic. ......

The White-Haired Imperial Concubine

The red-robed tent, she was forced to bear the pleasure, three thousand green silk in the body of the maniacal eyes inch into snow. Outside the red tent, her husband but with the beauty of the drink into joy, both laughing at a real-life spring palace show ...... when the red light was torn, point in the wind fell. She stepped out with difficulty, that fly with the wind full of silver hair, ultimately stinging, and whose heart? "How ...... how can it be you?" A voice of disbelief, so that the self-proclaimed cold, hard and heartless man, from then on fell into a boundless hell, regret for life ...... in this imperial power supreme, everywhere full of intrigue and trickery in the foreign world, she bide her time, calmly handle things, just to get a corner of peace, but finally not what you want, unfortunately fall into the hands of others as a pawn. After experiencing a merciless injury, a generation of red-headed woman is forced into a desperate situation, and her hair is full of snow. Should she bow down and resign herself to her fate? Or should she fight back and shine brightly?

Genius Detective

Police legend Song Lang returns from his "rebirth" and becomes a driver named Chen Shi. He wants to live a low-key life, but as fate would have it, Chen Shi is once again involved in a murder case. ...... preaches wolf culture, killing employees but collectively silent cannibalistic company; in order to get "justice", tearfully skinned his childhood friend as a lost teenager; tied together by dark secrets The middle-aged couple, tied together by dark secrets, raised their butcher's knives to each other; every song will be created to kill a young girl's crazy artist ...... a strange and twisted murder case, in Chen Shi's sharp eyes under the truth. Looking back, the predestined enemy returns ......

Edge of the Apocalypse

The best friend Lina, who grew up with her, is having an affair with her husband Xu Minghao. She wants to live with it, but time and again, her husband does not repent! She has to leave the Xu family and work alone.

Transmigrating With a Cleaver

Chopper, slate, lime powder, tiger ...... Everything exciting starts with a chopper. See how the protagonist exerts the ultimate power of the three divine weapons ...... See how the protagonist uses the powerful kitchen knife to cut down all the fighters who are enemies ...... See how the protagonist uses the powerful kitchen knife to cook... ...Yes, cooking ......

Genius Sword Immortal

The immortal boy is reborn in the city, living with the innocent school girl, molesting the 36D cold beauty, pushing down the black silk fiancée with beautiful legs, all the way charming. Holding the sharpest sword, with the peak of speed, through the wall, stealth, flying, across the city! See the genius sword immortal descend to the flower city, write a dominating and fragrant legendary journey, all beings worship, the gods and ghosts tremble! ================================ ......


[A must read for men! Five years ago, I went to jail for my best brother. Five years later, I got out of jail, only to find out that it was actually a trap by my best buddy and his girlfriend, the ones I love the most, actually did this to me! The blood, it's boiling! Everything you have taken from me, I will take it back without a trace!

Killing Grounds of Gods and Devils

Being a third-rate university in the life of Su Yu, because of the "sinkhole" event, a school collapsed into the "sinkhole", appeared in a horrible unknown big forest, in this big forest, covered with a variety of horror ~ ~ ~ terrible mutations, from his hand, began The ......

World Controlling God

He was bullied and humiliated, and had no self-respect. God control the soul to get the inheritance, a hundred times return to the enemy. The world is protected by the Heavenly Dao, and the sacred mountain is stained with blood to slaughter ghosts and gods. The sun and the moon are in my hands, but there is no one like me in the world. A genius expert of the Earth's current world exploded in the face of a strong enemy but crossed the other world to a cultivation waste body, his family and relatives humiliated him, trampling on his self-esteem, but Ling Xiaoxiao endured what ordinary people can not, secretly practicing the Earth's mastery. The best gong methods of the other world fused with the top gong methods of the earth will be cultivated into what kind of a supreme monster? Will he be able to leave an indelible trace in this strange world, proving that he has indeed come and existed ......

Battle Emperor

He was framed and reduced to a tomb sweeper. From then on, he set out on the path of supremacy, singing and walking in the sky. Ask the vast land, who is the master of the floating, the nine heavens and ten lands, but I alone! A young man, reborn against the odds, blossoms into a glory, shining the vast rivers and mountains, the achievement of the ancient war emperor!

Bodyguard of the Goddess

In an accident, Xiao Zheng was chased by the iceberg female boss in the eyes of the public and forced to marry. And successfully become a member of the so-called daughter country of the new Austrian company, from then on to start a wonderful life in a million flowers. Iceberg goddess, tyrannosaurus tyrant flower, gentle female boss, playful student girl - Hey! I am a married man! Please show some respect! Warm tip: This book is funny, hot, occasionally warm, suitable for men and women, suitable for lewd and decent, welcome to watch! ......

Zombie Sister Strategy

Lin Qiao, who lost her memory five years after the end of the world, woke up as a newborn zombie! And this corpse was also a vicious and notorious woman before she died! Before she died, not only did she force someone ...... to have sex with her! And even kidnapped someone's daughter! After the end, the daughter has not returned to others, they were killed! If you want to die, at least return her daughter first! I go! And! That who ...... little girl's father! Can we have a good fight? As a human, but to bite her zombie what is the meaning? She's the zombie, okay? PS: This article is updated regularly at 12 noon. Another old pit "a new body to play reverse" has been completed, welcome to jump into the pit. Bookmates group: 499-069-113.

Mystical Journey

Crossing over to the backward foreign world, with the natural ability to increase attributes, Luo Jing began an ordinary but extraordinary life. ......

Female Phoenix of the Dark Apocalypse

Life will always find a way out ...... In the history of the Earth, the extinction of the dinosaurs, the battle of the gods, the fall of the gods of Olympus ...... behind every mysterious legend, there is a horror of the figure - -Doomsday! At the time of the storm, Xiao Yuxin is fortunate to lead her team to usher in a new round of nirvana of life on Earth. In addition, I recommend my finished works: "Phoenix in the Other World" "New First Class Cultivation" "Drifting in the Other World" "The Legend of God of Creation" "The Good Daughter-in-law of the Tang Dynasty" "Harnessing Fragrance" Introduction (new book upload): Legend has it that wherever the Green Emperor goes, grass is like a cushion, a hundred flowers bloom, legend has it that with the wave of the Green Emperor's hand, dead wood returns to spring, flesh and bones and the doctor dies, his name is Jumang.... His name is Jumang... a chance car accident, a piece of weird flower pot fragment, leading Murong Finger to open the door of the fairyland! A beautiful myth unfolds ......

The Sacred Ruins

Rising from the brokenness, reviving in the silence. The sea becomes dust, the lightning dries up, the wisp of ghostly mist approaches the earth once again, the shackles of the world are opened, and a whole new world is unveiled with a mysterious corner ......

A Sword Through the Nine Heavens

A human teenager, Mu Yu, who has the ability of the Youmeng demon clan, inadvertently joins the poor and shabby Falling Dust Sect, a sect that does not even want to waste time robbing his big brother, but hides a dragon and a tiger, hiding a great secret! You look down on my sect? That's just your narrow-mindedness!

World Destroying Demonic Emperor

Lan Ling, a junior in college, was hit by a meteor and crossed into a different world. As if by providence, he looked exactly the same as a dead dude nobleman, and he took his place under his name. Thus, he became the impostor city lord, with 500 miles of territory, hundreds of thousands of people, and tens of thousands of troops. He was about to face a stormy family, a national sister, and nearly three figures of girlfriend lovers. The demon star in his body, he can directly devour other people's cultivation for his own possession, this is the otherworldly version of the star-sucking technique ah,......

Zhuge Kong Ming and the Outsider

The wise and almost demonic Zhuge Wuhou lost his fortune and fell into the Five Zodiacs Plain, but a wisp of his faithful soul was immortalized and traveled to the otherworldly Tian Yuan Continent, where he was possessed by a child who was somewhat naturally dumb. ...... Thus, a demonic genius who could do nothing, who could do everything, emerged! Let's see how Wolong's military master, who is proficient in astronomy and geography, Qi Men Dun Jia and Zhu Zi Hundred Schools of Thought, can run through the other world! Let's see how the military strategist, who is proficient in astronomy, geography, magic and the arts, will go through the other world!


The modern singer was unlucky to cross over to ancient times and possessed an ugly and mute woman, becoming a woman whose father did not care, whose mother was mysterious, whose sisters hated her, and whose subordinates also bullied her named Mute Scar. The woman was unlucky enough to meet a difficult general on her way to escape, saying that she had something he wanted, and the despicable man used a monkey to threaten himself and had to bow down and go with him. The person is under the roof, have to bow down, but bowing down does not mean conceding defeat, stingy and cheap by nature, she has a different obsession with gold disguised in the king's residence to make money up. With an ugly face and no voice in the throat, but still have a way to make the king's house to the chicken. The nonsensical money pit, no reason to rectify people, even the king has always been known for its coldness are angry red face, just about did not faint. But suddenly one day, a dumb scar suddenly and mysteriously played a miracle, with a monkey, left the king's house, disappeared without a trace, once again so angry that the king vowed to catch the woman who messed with her back, and teach her how to behave properly ......

Low Dimensional Game

By chance, Lu Zhiyu discovered a portal to a low-dimensional world, which opened up a different chapter! He can freely control everything in a low-dimensional world, and Lu Zhiyu feels like the GM of a game, or maybe God? A new group has been created, so if you are interested, you can add it.

Supreme Pill Saint

"Hello doctor, the president asks you to be her personal physician." "No, there are many patients waiting to be treated!" "Our boss is very good looking!" "You should have said so!"

Soaring the Heavens

A mysterious and beautiful man, who looks out of the world with his eyes, but in the middle of the treacherous and unpredictable 'Ten Thousand Fathoms of Red Dust' formation, guarding a thrilling broken string ancient zither, waiting for the right person! When I met him, I realized that the world is a cold place under the sky, and that demons and monsters are no match for human feelings! The delicate catkin, the childhood friend, the beauty like a jade, but the sword is as strong as a rainbow between heaven and earth! Good boys, heroic martial arts, hot blood to the sky, pointing at the stars! The vast starry sky seven emotions, greed and anger, the Buddha's meaning of the Buddha, any of your magic power ......

The Three Kingdoms Online Overlord

The virtual reality game "War of the Worlds" is sweeping the world, it takes the classic history and classic legends of various countries as the background, brainwave access, 100% simulation of physical sensation, called the second world of human beings! But the biggest gimmick of the "World War" is to meet certain conditions can cash in on the game characters to reality! Imagine the reality of having the opportunity to fight with Zhao Yun, Guan Yu is how heroic, with the mink cicada, a city shopping will not be the envy of a place eyeballs? Of course, with the depth of the game we will find that the excitement is much more than that ... because of a game of rebirth pills and was hunted by reality, Yang Rui re-entered the game vowed to solve the mystery ...

Immortal’s Farmland

This immortal has a field, there are springs in the field, the material is self-produced. A fight with people, the cup is worn. Ask a way, washing utensils ground was abducted. Into the cultivation of the sect, because of the age of too old, cutlery ground can only play water to burn rice. Life ah ...... good in the small bracelet in a world of its own, brother's land to steal some grass, the elders yard to fish an egg. Don't mess with me, I may get angry at any time! Don't bullshit me, fists are the hard truth! New book: "Gathering Treasure Bell" Book No.: Synopsis: The body carries the Gathering Treasure Bell, gathering the world's spiritual objects. The one who bullies her, the one who oppresses her, let's see who can laugh at the end!

Apocalypse Summoner

Li Jiayu, the dark summoner who summoned the bone dragon, summoned the sorcerer, summoned the god of death, was reborn, and everything went back to the moment before the outbreak of the end! Space shakes violently, the surface of the earth cracks open countless gaps to the insect world, the abyssal world, a time, insects, corpses of the ocean army swept the earth, human civilization almost destroyed! Li Jiayu, whose mind is not yet contaminated, can no longer limit his summons to darkness, he can also summon creatures of light! In this life, he vowed to stop the tragedy from repeating itself! He wants to make up for his previous life ......

Magus Tech

Probability, polymer, genetic recombination, electromagnetic induction, nuclear physics, relativity, quantum ...... stuffing the world into the framework of science, using the scientific method to master the core technology, you can master advanced productivity. Richard always thought so, until he crossed into a medieval-like world, became a prince, and then ...... was gripped by a dragon. "This is a little less aerodynamic, huh? How does this thing that doesn't satisfy the 'Kutta condition', the 'loop volume around the wing' and 'Bernoulli's theorem', fly? By built-in engine?" Richard couldn't help but speak out, looking down at the dragon riding beneath him, "Well, I need to look into it." "By the way, just now you said that the reason for kidnapping me, the prince, is to find a playmate for your dragon daughter? That reason is a bit too forced, isn't it? " "Roar! " the dragon roared and waved its wings as it shot straight up into the sky. Book lovers group: 725789329

Rebirth of the Ultimate Rich Second Generation

The unbeatable noble son, the family path, desperate with twenty years of transcendental enlightenment reborn back, from then on, began a new legendary life. Mature and gentle little aunts, well-behaved and obedient student girls, sexy and hot police girls, imperial rose killers, high and cold thousand golden ladies ...... on the side of Luo Lin, there will always be a variety of stunning beauty.  This well, to be divided into time. The actual fact is that you'll be able to get a lot more than just a few of the most popular and most popular ones. When your heart is beating. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing. Bad? Many of my enemies who have been trampled underfoot say the same thing, but it's just a whine they make in hell. ========= [The whole book is free, please support the genuine version] ========== Left hand fan ⑥ group (a lot of empty space) Left hand fan MM group: (boys stop)

Infinite Evolution

Infinite Evolution" a shocking change, everything on earth is formatted ...... zombies, beasts, horrible species have appeared, human beings are reduced to the bottom of the food chain in an instant. He Jie, a killer, awakens his powers in the post-apocalyptic world and pushes the wheel of fate to change in the chaotic space and time. He evolves himself and devours everything, embarking on an infinite road to eternity .........

The Gate Of Good Fortune

It was a fragmented world, it was a forgotten corner. That day was the day when Ning Cheng was most disillusioned, which day he was brought here hard and fast. This world, because of Ning Cheng, will leave its name in the vast starry sky, will shine in the endless universe! ------ (The Gate of Creation subscription group: five five three six one zero six, welcome to join if you subscribe! ......

Necromancer in the End of the World

The skeleton strafed with its light machine, the walker's foot on the throttle desperately hitting the steering wheel. Shadow creatures wiped with sharp blades, and the driver's blood stained the tank cockpit. Thousands of mutant creatures from the enemy side, carrying guns and man-portable missiles were running wildly this way. Helicopters circled, fighters swooped. Bullets rained down, shells whistled. Nuclear warheads are coming from thousands of miles away and will fall and explode half a second later. No radar, no satellite monitoring ...... protagonist but looking up at the sky, with a calm and relaxed smile on his face. All things in heaven and earth, as if in a moment to stop the activity, the passage of time, as if become incomparably slow. "Extreme Speed Thinking! Shadow Shuttle!!!" A huge mushroom cloud rose, the earth was flattened, and a dozen miles around was reduced to rubble. At the center of the nuclear explosion, a dense ghostly fog rose, Ye Yang was dressed in white, immaculate, with a contemptuous sneer at the corner of his mouth. ------ collision of thermal weapons and spells, a different necromancer, a different post-apocalyptic.

Invincible Non-stop Upgrading System

"Ding~Host is hacked to death, experience +100." "Ding~Host despises the strong, aura +100." "Ding~Host consumes points, obtains a modern grenade!" You can cut me, but, can you not cut the face? To eat on the face! Ye Fan traveled to a Xuan-fantasy world full of killings, and the system told him that he could be immortal! You are a strong person in the Earth Deity realm? I'm sorry, I'll kill you! You're a Tiangang realm old monster? In my eyes, it's too scum! I am the king of this realm and the sky!

Full-time Lottery System

Full-time lottery system, as the name implies, every profession is able to draw a lottery, and every profession can draw a skill that has something to do with it. The person who gets it will become the top elite of all professions. Since getting the full time lottery system, as a chef, Chen Ze drew the Food God seasoning; as a teacher, Chen Ze drew the Truth Persuasion; as a puff writer, Chen Ze drew the Golden Keyboard ------ Chen Ze: "As the saying goes, in 360 professions, the best in every line of work, but sorry, the best in every line of work is me!" But as an online taxi driver, the first thing he drew was a thirty-minute car god possession experience!

The Evil Imperial Monarch

A modern man, who is a loose cannon, comes to the other world and possesses the body of a notorious rat and scum. He is hated by the world, but what will happen after he changes his soul? What will they think of him after his gorgeous transformation? Let's see how Ye Chu steps on a thorny road and makes a shocking footprint! Stirring up the storm clouds, the evil will be the best!

9 Heavenly Thunder Manual

Look at the "nine turn thunder god trick" brothers change the channel! The new book "Ardent Thunder God" is officially unveiled, please follow the footsteps of those who want to know if "Nine Transitions 2", link to the direct train:.