Copper Coins

In the twenty-third year of Tianxi, it was rumored that the master of the country, who was a master of the world, was suddenly hit by a great calamity and had to retreat into seclusion, but the people secretly applauded. In the winter of the same year, there was a young monk in Ningyang County, Huizhou Province. Monk Dharma name xuan mercy, memory is completely lost, but slightly ventilated the art of public opinion, the first day to ning Yang, will be unceremoniously copied a murderous house, incidentally the murderous house nesting Xue leisure copied back together. From then on, the first half of his life "up can stab the sky, down can shock the ground" Xue leisure will have an additional life pursuit - how to let this empty skin of the bald donkey early legs closed eyes, "smiling nine springs ". Xue Xian: you are not happy, I'm happy; you pass away, I'll die laughing. Xuan pity: ...... high cold ascetic high monk attack (fake) x fried temper misbehaving subject (silly) microblogging + column link anli the fundies of the text buckle reader group: 418929478 "we are not familiar with" by Changan value rain tone deaf movie emperor and play blind song king wear each other, to see who crazy fast serialized "Taoist chief, town mountain river The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're getting into.

Time-Limited Hunt

[High expectations are not recommended. The trash writing, the brainless plot, and the logic of the disease die. The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things. HE, edge more, update time variable. The actual fact is that the actual fact is that the particular person is not a person. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. Special-suit mission review says he has poor self-control, lacks empathy, and has a strong tendency to dominate, repeatedly breaking the rules in the mission, with a specific S-ranking in the danger index." "No. 7-001, name Yan Junxun, height 175cm, weight 62kg. 2163 passed the Black Panther test to enter the Special Unit and was expelled from the unit in 2164. The special-suit mission review stated that his overall capabilities were poor, unable to adapt to dangerous missions, and not destructive." "As per the 'mite' agreement, the two of you will collaborate on the serial murders in the mooring area." Tokuyama Yon deleted the message and re-entered it. "Warning alert, number 7-001, super - murder oh." [Warning alert]: 1, year on year on year on year. 2, when the attack Yan subject, when the mountain Yan attack x Yan Jun seek subject, do not split not reverse. 3, overhead suspense in two disease, light science brainless no writing. 4, the perspective of both sides have. 5, suggestions casually, the background never change. intention: justice will win

Rebirth of Brotherly Love

Originally named "Rebirth of Brotherly Love" bitter An Luo was reborn in an accident to a business young master's body, as the eldest son of the first grandson favored by his grandfather, in the struggle of the brothers to seize power seems to be only a cannon fodder ...... protagonist no blood relations! Special thanks to the fox shoes gift cover, gray like! The first part of the family series, Shao Rong's story - [Completed] The second part of the family series, An Luo's story - [Completed] The third part of the family series, An Yan's story - [Completed - [Completed] Author Related Links -

The Female Supporting Role Shows Out

Lin Tan bound an auxiliary system, in countless small worlds to do the auxiliary task of maintaining the plot, to put it bluntly is to be a female match or cannon fodder, using their own humble to fulfill the greatness of others. Confused, obsessed, crazy, want to love can not love, want to get can not get, Lin Tan experienced too much failure and pain. When she came to her senses and decided to unbind and return to the original world, she was hacked into the three thousand worlds on her way to teleportation to continue her struggle. Although the loss of memory, Lin Tan is no longer confused, she decided to go her own way, and finally found - only when you seriously love yourself, you can get the love of others; as long as you live yourself, and then insignificant can one day become the protagonist, if you bloom, butterflies come. Mine sweeping: 1, there are small stories without cp, there are small stories male lead male match all infatuation with the female lead, talk about not in love to see the female lead mood. 2, in each small story, the heroine only focus

Sha Qing

The text in one sentence: This is the story of a (dual-identity) serial killer who hunts (other unlucky) serial killers (while falling in love with each other) with (good friends) the FBI. Literary version: He uses lust as a trap, blood as bait, and appearance as a disguise to hunt the wolves that prey in the dark. He is on the FBI's most wanted list of serial killers, he is a tooth for a tooth, I do what I want, arbitrary. He has a code name for himself: Killing. Audience pleasing version: American drama, strong, HE

Strategy to Capture Men

Mine clearance:CN control, clean party please stop System: Han Yan Yan, you have been chosen by the world of fast penetration. What golden fingers you want, you can raise here. Han Yan Yan: If it is a peaceful and prosperous world, I want to be extremely beautiful and have a lot of money. If it's life-threatening, I want battle power to explode. System: Sorry, your conditions cannot be met. Then why are you asking me! (╯‵□′)╯︵┻┻━┻ Updated every morning at 7am. --------------------------------- My finished articles: urban "you in the sea of people": two mother and child SOLO urban "if you are doddering flowers": one life missed, one life spoiled. The city "the queen's fresh meat": serious strong imperial sister VS no one wants the little poor Cultivation "since the joy": only the strong, to self-joy. Science fiction "Shaotang's realm": technology realm, cold weapons civilization swollen how to break? Author's column please poke → microblogging Jinjiang sleeve side →


Amnesia, suffering from it can clearly remember every detail of life, from the world's twists and turns to every thought that comes to mind. They are unforgettable and thirsty for knowledge, which makes them easy to become geniuses in a sense. Legend has it that Ji Yu Shi is such a genius. Also, legend has it that he was a Gay and pretty looking. The news that he was going to support the Sky Dome's seventh team exploded as soon as the news got out. Everyone knew that the captain of team seven, Song Qinglan, was all bandit and deeply homophobic. Not only did he become the dark horse of the battlefield in two years with his superb abilities, but he also hated it when the top stuffed vases into his team. As expected, Song Qinglan spoke in public: "What the hell, the top can not be divided into a pure man who can fight? Brothers are going to sell their lives, do not need to be able to quantum fluctuations speed reading of the little genius!" Later. A group of people in the mission was forced to a desperate situation. That pretty little genius with a calm brow and a gunshot to the head, the combat power exploded. Song Qinglan in front of the crowd put people against the wall, coaxing him: "Ji adviser, as long as you let me kiss, I just jumped from here immediately fell to his death is worth it." * Ji Yushi has a secret. He often can not sleep at night, memory overload nightmares haunted. The only one who can let him sleep peacefully. The only one in the world is Song Qinglan. Copy 1: Articulated Snake [infinite loop setting, progress 100%] Copy 2: Khaos [progress 3%] Copy 3: Overload [about to start] [- I'll step through the world's sea of suffering for you and never look back. Because, you are the shore that ferries me.] ○True fragrance text ○Punky tawdry long-legged attack & super vindictive hyperamnesia suffer, strong strong ○Or burn brain, but mainly love service ○Hyperamnesia is actually very painful, creative needs, do not bar [cover persona (Ji Yu Shi) from Mrs. Wen eight @ Schrödinger's color sense, the author microblogging has a large image, special special thanks to Mr. Wen! The author's column has a finished article "Asteroid", "Rose Beauty" can be slaughtered. The next book to write pure feelings to the small sweet article "bite marks", seeking a pre-acceptance. The text: Ning Qiu participated in a volunteer program and got a part-time job: making human blood bags for a certain big man suffering from blood disease. The man's personality is cold and strange, and every time before he asks Ning Qiu to donate blood, he wants Ning Qiu to wash clean. The house was cold and dark, not seeing sunlight. Guan Heng's heartbeat was slow and his body temperature was cold. After falling asleep during the nth blood donation, Ning Qiu found the bite marks on her neck. It's over, thought Ning Qiu, his handsome employer is a vampire. - Guan Heng watched Ning Qiu's dream. The guy who pulled back the curtains and tried to kill him with the sun in his dream was crying in fear and sadness at the same time. For the first time in Guan Heng's long, boring life, he felt ...... interesting. * ○ cold and ascetic ghostly attack X single pure Jianqi suffer ○ brainless Su attack, brainless spoiled suffer

Tales of the Blood Night

Text: Suspense mystery text, involving blood and family entanglement, science fiction background, fantasy content.


The fancy "chicken" x living in a mansion than the poor Judges this lineage once had an ancestor, famous now but no one dares to mention, mention that he will not be good death. Only Wen Shi is still quite disciplined, daily worship of the ancestor's green face and fangs, red and green portrait, the result of worship came a sick tenant. The tenant stood in front of the portrait and asked: Who painted this? Wen Shi: me. ...... Don't ask, asking is moving. Cover thanks to Weibo @windwash

The Righteous Player(s)

Annan crossed into the otherworldly Misty Continent and became a rare elite NPC with a player system. But he still has a heart that belongs to a player. Although I love to mess up and be reckless, I am a good player, a partner of justice favored by this world. -- Now I am carrying the main quest, as a righteous player ordered by heaven to destroy you, an evil NPC! That player, don't you run away either. The mission has been completed, now I am a righteous NPC to destroy you, the evil player ...... ----- - There have been several completed works of more than a million words, reputation guarantee. Player 1 group frozen water port: 641732671

Pivot of the Sky

If God created the earth, then who created God? Amon stood in front of the remains of an ancient idol, listening to an old man telling the long-ago legend of the god Amon to the passers-by. No one knew that this silent young man was Amon, and that the ruined remains lying in the sand dunes before him were once the statue of God dedicated to him. This magnificent statue of the god, devastated during the long generations of wars, was claimed by the people who fought and killed for the sake of belief in him, who had many names on earth - Amon, Aloha, ......

Criminal Investigation Files

New book period every morning daily shift. Every murder case has its own reason behind. With the help of criminal investigation methods, recover the killer's appearance, predict the killer's psychology, and restore the truth by peeling back the silk. The police captain Song Wen with a hand of mock portrait technology repeatedly solve strange cases, the flower season came, the South City Bureau ushered in a new trainee police officer Lu Siyi, silent he is always able to break the truth, and behind him also hides the unknown secrets ...... The settings in the text are empty.

Cataclysmic Transformation

100,000 years ago, the Church of Heavenly Calamity, which was so prosperous, collapsed, and necromancy was lost from then on. One hundred thousand years later, Ron, a poor wanderer in a mountain village, dreamed of becoming a great wizard. When the mysterious, horrible and powerful undead magic reappears in the world, what kind of ripples will be created in this continent where magic and fighting spirit are rampant?

Zhao Ge

December 3rd into v, the day of the day million. Daily! Daily! Day! The important thing to say three times! The new time every day at 12:00 noon [emphasis added] The noble son Baili Shu, who had been ill for more than 20 years, eventually escaped his fate of early death and was reborn in a world of immortal cultivation and reborn in a world where there are many immortals like dogs, Buddhas and demons. So why am I still a sick child in a world where mountains can be reclaimed at the drop of a hat? -Note: Baili Shu:former-sick-weak-guy, current-sick-weak-flower-of-the-high-ridge-master-of-the-nine-genre

I Really Am Not The Lord of Demon

As a mediocre bookstore owner. Ling Ping An's biggest volunteer in this life is to muddle through and win on equal footing. However, there are always some late stage of the disease customers, late at night at the door. In order to do business, Ling Pingan had to learn the tone of the middle-aged, selling the books in his store. After all the hard work and effort to sell the books. These guys have said, no money. They actually want to take some kind of god frame, immortal weapon props to mortgage the book payment. Looking at these customers, Ling Ping An was helpless and could only agree to it. But he simply did not know, these customers bought from him, each book has changed its appearance. The Secrets of Role-playing" became "The Lower Abyss Expedition Report" "The Official Setting Book of the Group Star Mechanical Ascension" was actually "The Mechanical Gospel" Moreover, in the eyes of these customers, he was actually an incomparably terrifying head of the evil god, the unnameable one who ruled over all the worlds. In response, Ling Ping An said: I am not, I am not, don't talk nonsense.

Space Speed Xing Hen

The new book "Yin Yang Coronet" has been registered] will be uploaded this Sunday, the end of the Douluo Continent at the same time began to update, please collect, recommend, thank you. The book number of Yin Yang Coronet: The following drive-through can also be directly clicked over. The new setting is a thank you to the book lovers.

Doomsday Wonderland

"I feel ...... as if my boyfriend wants to kill me." Lin Sanjiu murmured. The thought of her handsome and gentle boyfriend, she could not help but have a cold war. The curtain of doom and gloom, opened by the hands of the people around her, is whistling towards her. ------ Doomsday is finally coming out as a physical book! This time the publisher made the official signature + giveaway pre-sale version, April 20 at 8 pm to open the pre-sale, pre-sale channels and links I will put in the message area and after the chapter!

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

An unintentional encounter left Su Shen blind. However, even though he encountered the most tragic situation on earth, Su Shen was unwilling to give up the struggle. He wants to use his own efforts to create a brand new future for himself and for the human race.

Throne of Magical Arcana

"Knowledge is equal to power." "The so-called god is just a stronger arcanist." With a large pile of knowledge of the summer wind crossed. ......


The first thing you need to do is to get a pre-recorded, modern sweet pet, first married and then loved ---- About this article infinite stream psychic article powerful deep love attack * warm and wise suffer This article is also known as "On the 10,000 ways to escape from the NPC" Lu Chu is the only person in this town who can't see with his eyes. Before him, no one here has ever had this symptom.

Suspended Life Game

This article will be in V on Thursday, August 9, will pour a part of the inverted v chapters from 24-44, have seen the cherubs please do not repeat the purchase of duck, into V will be three more to offer ~ thank you for your continued support, going forward, please continue to support (=^^=) new article pre-recovery "each copy is constantly reading the file", the little lovers go to the author's column to sit down ah ~ (=^^=) ----------- ------------------------------------------------------------ The second game now begins, this game will use werewolf game white wolf king version game rules! No. 5 player Shen Mu, your identity today is "guard"! Please close your eyes when it's dark ...... Guards please open your eyes, the player you are guarding today is

Falling in Love in the Supernatural World

The new article "The villains have fallen in love with me after rebirth" has been opened, please collect ~ eighteen line star Fang Chu attended a luxury cruise party, accidentally met his ex-boyfriend who broke up two years ago, only to find out that his ex-boyfriend, whom he thought was an ordinary person, was a mysterious super rich man! If she hadn't broken up, she would have married into a rich family by now, right? It feels like missing out on a billion. Just when Fang Chu was pondering whether she should renew her previous relationship, she suddenly found herself involved in a bizarre murder ...... But this is just the beginning. Fang Chu: Forget it, I just want to live a peaceful life, I don't want this mansion. I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to get the best out of you. This article will be in V on February 4, please continue to support the genuine, thank you ~ ~ author bacteria new article "villains are reborn in love with me" for collection ~ ~ Ji Ling wore into the world of a book, became the interstellar empire of the same name eighteen-year-old noble young Ling. In order to get a chance to live again, he must play his role perfectly, infatuated and remorselessly in love with the emperor of the empire, and as a stumbling block for the protagonist to suffer, with his own sinister and poisonous to set off the perfect nobility of the protagonist to suffer! He tried to play his role ...... to the hero the emperor of the empire deep love unrepentant, the organ finally died for him. The villainous No. 1 Duke to virtue, in order to unite him against the protagonist subject. The villain No. 2 marshal to save his life, in order to unite him to deal with the protagonist. To the villain No. 3 Speaker of the House to help, in order to unite him against the protagonist. In order to deal with the protagonist he used all the available resources, gathered all the forces that can be assembled, every time the protagonist was forced to the desperate time and just 'lost' so that they were mercilessly hit in the face, and finally 'smart mistake', become the protagonist subject The main character was scapegoated and died to save the male lead. When he thought he could finally retire and enjoy a good life. The system says: after your death this world collapsed, now send you back to the initial node of your arrival in this world, please do the task again properly. Friendly reminder ~ male protagonists and villains are reborn, please work hard to pick up again, be sure to get the plot back on track, watch you oh! Ji Ling had to redo the task once again, however ...... villain Duke: the little cute arrogant and pretentious appearance has a soft heart, how can people not love? The villainous Marshal: He is not as arrogant and domineering as he looks on the outside, in fact, his heart is more dazzling and kind than anyone else. The villainous Speaker: You are my faith, my everything, I would like to submit to your feet forever and cut through the thorns for you. Ji Ling: You all don't love me, I love His Majesty, and I will always love him alone! Male Emperor: What a coincidence, I love you too. Ji Ling: ...... I have a mmp that must be said now. # Male protagonists and villains are repairing the field for me every day, and I am bent on retiring home. # Recommended base friend Leng Qianyin's sultry farming article "immortal gentleman and kneeled (reborn)" ~ ~ in the last life Bai Qing Yi ascended to the immortal world with great difficulty, only to find that his former daoist couple is actually a high above the immortal gentleman, but unfortunately he returned from the calamity to forget the previous dust, and he eventually died because of an accident. So what if you become an immortal? It is just like that. To live again, Bai Qing Yi Buddhist, rather than soar to the immortal world, why not live their own little life in the mortal world. Away from the sins of the previous life, planting fields, sweeping the floor, looking for an honest, reliable and caring brother to sleep ...... As a result, she accidentally stood at the top of the food chain. Then she found out that the person she was going to sleep with was actually the vest of the immortal monarch? This famous one peak master, the future immortal monarch, even concealed his identity to accompany himself to play the sauce? What the hell! Where is the honest man? I want to stay away from it, and I don't want this brother. Immortal monarch greatly: in order to ask for forgiveness, I would like to kneel broken rubbing board.

Doomsday Carnival

This story begins at the height of summer. Along with more and more disappearances, an absurd urban weird story spreads on the internet: aliens are coming and they will randomly choose a group of people to sacrifice to the sky. As a witness of the strange story, Lin Yining testifies that this story is partly false. The aliens did come, but as a missing person

Death Sutra

A dead man's scripture, half of a book of no way. Behead a thousand heads, eat a hundred bones.

Godly Hunter

The world is excited by the sudden advent of the holographic virtual era, but Chen Mo, who is a hacker, receives a commission to enter the game, find the game's loopholes and stop the pace of the virtual era's advent. In order to complete the commission, Chen Mo entered the game "Genesis". Observe, analyze, and test! In order to confirm the possible loopholes, Chen Mo took great pains to make meticulous observation and analysis of the game, and not long after entering the game, he found a brand new path for the hunter profession! After everyone took ......

The Strongest Violent Soldier

A generation of soldier king hate to leave the army, after a few years of anonymity, the heavenly strong returned to the city, once again set off a bloody storm! Simple and brutal is my art of action, my attitude towards life is to do what I don't want to do! See how the top crazy young man across the city, write his legend belongs to the king of heaven! Still very cool and very hot blood! (WeChat public platform: Flame Tou Tou)

My Good Life

Su Xiaoxin was originally an unprofitable comic book author. And after she moved into this old residential house with only eight floors, her readership and manuscript fees took a quantum leap. Readers praised her for her imagination ...... but it wasn't ...... all she drew was her life! What vampires, zombie kings, corpse catchers and elves, not imagination, but the object of shabu-shabu sitting face to face with her! This is a fantasy love story with a strong Chongqing hotpot flavor. This article update time is not sure, intend to write slowly, into the pit caution yo ~ anxious to see the text of the girl can slowly fatten up Zai ~ MUA ~

Single Player Only

When Yue Qiang allocated all 8 discretionary attribute points to "charisma", his whole life changed. Group number: 421807489

Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain

Spiritual Sword Sect was founded in 423 years of the Kyushu calendar and has always been dedicated to providing first-class immortal cultivation talents to the industry for thousands of years. Today, it ranks as one of the five superb sects of the Ten Thousand Immortal League, and the head master, Feng Yin Zhen, serves as one of the seven executive elders of the Ten Thousand Immortal League with an unparalleled cultivation. The Spiritual Sword Sect adheres to the theme of peace and development, and the core values of the sect are to seek truth, goodness and seed. In order to further expand the power of the sect and replenish fresh blood, it is proposed to hold the Immortal Ascension Conference in the near future, and all elites are cordially invited to come. Still the original festival Still the same funny

Trafford’s Trading Club

Luo Qiu inadvertently became the owner of a 'club'. But this club was so strange. Not only does it have a maid who has been working for three hundred years, but it also sells all kinds of weird things. He gradually discovered that the society he lived in had countless guys driven by desire, and these guys would come to him, using everything they had, life, treasures, and even souls, to trade and buy what they wanted. And every successful transaction, what brought Luo Qiu is the survival time. "The sacrifice was successful, and the lifespan gained this time is ninety-nine years." ...... In this way, Luo Qiu began his own unknown end, the 'club' owner's career. PS: This is the group. Yes, this is the group: 307841437

Unfathomable Doomsday

First of all this is not about how to survive in the end times! Rather, it's about how to create an apocalyptic world and play the world into the palm of your hand. Raise a zombie frenzy! Lead a demonic invasion! Lead the insects to come! In this apocalyptic game, everything is made by me! ps: the new pit "incredible sacred relics" has been opened.

Online Game: Evil Dragon Against The Heaven

A dragon soul teenager's road to heaven. Thunderbolt note: This article is suitable for all kinds of goddess control + loli control. ___________________________________________

Super Evolution

In 3669 A.D., an expedition ship discovered a strange liquid substance on a distant unnamed planet. After testing, scientists were amazed to find that this liquid could not only be absorbed by the human body, but also allow the human body to evolve automatically! Two hundred years later, there is another ship heading to the vast starry sky carrying an unknowing fighting fan - Lin Qi Yu, he is the only person on the ship did not inject the evolution agent, but also the focus of the ship's protection. However, it is the naughty and mischievous him, and finally evolved into an invisible tricolor heavenly pet, not only set off a super wave, but also set off a super evolutionary course that no human has ever had ......

Only I Shall Be Immortal

The new book "Yin Yang Coronet" has been registered] will be uploaded this Sunday, the end of the Douluo Continent at the same time began to update, please collect, recommend, thank you. The book number of Yin Yang Coronet: The following drive-through can also be directly clicked over. The new setting is a thank you to the book lovers.

Apartment From Hell

Become an actor in a real horror movie and struggle to survive in the world of horror films! To enter this apartment is to embark on a path of no return. Only those who are chosen by it can see it and enter it. And once chosen to become a resident of the apartment, there is no more choice. If you want to leave the apartment, you can only be cursed by it and killed. In this apartment, once the blood writing appears on the walls of the room, you must follow the instructions of the blood writing, go to the designated location and stay for that full period of time within the specified date, and you will die as well if you violate it. And once you reach the designated location, you will face endless psychic horror phenomenon, countless nightmare deep ghosts and hauntings, will be everywhere, claiming your life. Even if you can survive and return to the apartment, you will have to face the next time, the moment when the walls appear in blood. And there is only one way to get out of this apartment ......

Genius Detective

Police legend Song Lang returns from his "rebirth" and becomes a driver named Chen Shi. He wants to live a low-key life, but as fate would have it, Chen Shi is once again involved in a murder case. ...... preaches wolf culture, killing employees but collectively silent cannibalistic company; in order to get "justice", tearfully skinned his childhood friend as a lost teenager; tied together by dark secrets The middle-aged couple, tied together by dark secrets, raised their butcher's knives to each other; every song will be created to kill a young girl's crazy artist ...... a strange and twisted murder case, in Chen Shi's sharp eyes under the truth. Looking back, the predestined enemy returns ......

Absolute Choice

When the Absolute Option appears, if no choice is made, time will remain stationary. If you make a choice but are unable to complete the task in the option, time will be turned back and the absolute option will start again. Option 1: Strength to kill the demon king alone】 【Option 2: Capture the heart of a thousand-year-old virgin with three words】 Shi Xiaobai choose option 1, be fancy abuse ten million times; choose option 2, be fancy hair card ten million times. Absolute option (has been chosen 3210 times): "Choose it, teenager!" Shi Xiaobai: "I choose death!" Shi Xiaobai killed himself in anger, thinking relief. Absolute option (selected 3211 times): "Choose it, Junior!" Shi Xiaobai: "......" (VIP full subscription group: 590323997 (full subscription screenshot required to enter the group), ordinary book friends group: 420179413, welcome to join!

Mystical Journey

Crossing over to the backward foreign world, with the natural ability to increase attributes, Luo Jing began an ordinary but extraordinary life. ......

Female Phoenix of the Dark Apocalypse

Life will always find a way out ...... In the history of the Earth, the extinction of the dinosaurs, the battle of the gods, the fall of the gods of Olympus ...... behind every mysterious legend, there is a horror of the figure - -Doomsday! At the time of the storm, Xiao Yuxin is fortunate to lead her team to usher in a new round of nirvana of life on Earth. In addition, I recommend my finished works: "Phoenix in the Other World" "New First Class Cultivation" "Drifting in the Other World" "The Legend of God of Creation" "The Good Daughter-in-law of the Tang Dynasty" "Harnessing Fragrance" Introduction (new book upload): Legend has it that wherever the Green Emperor goes, grass is like a cushion, a hundred flowers bloom, legend has it that with the wave of the Green Emperor's hand, dead wood returns to spring, flesh and bones and the doctor dies, his name is Jumang.... His name is Jumang... a chance car accident, a piece of weird flower pot fragment, leading Murong Finger to open the door of the fairyland! A beautiful myth unfolds ......

Master of the Stars

At the turn of the century, mankind ignorantly stepped into the starry sky and was exposed to the sight of the gods. The young man Ronan, carrying the sins of his grandfather, came out of the laboratory and watched him: holding high the burning notes, stepping on the bones of the gods; writing the format of all things, adding and deleting the star map of the universe. He will know: All things are ready for me; he will believe: My heart is the universe.

Nuclear Dragon

When Ciron crossed over to find himself outgrowing his two-hundred-year-old silver dragon mother in his teens, he vowed to bring nuclear peace and entertainment to the entire universe! War is an ugly habit! Any nation that still uses this bad habit will meet my nuclear peace spit! All war ends will disappear! Use the new "battle" to decide the winner! Legend of Continental Heroes (card game)! You deserve it! Years later, whenever there was a conflict, people would set up a battlefield in the same place and have a Legend of the Continental Heroes showdown. People who worked hard to cultivate for fame, who no longer messed up on the continent, would instead participate in the Legendary Assembly of the Silom Empire to show their talents. Expect themselves to be seen, and thus be added to the cards of the continental heroes and legends, fame on the continent, and spread the praise for thousands of years! The whole world seems to have entered a period of nuclear peace. This is the era of a mutant plutonium dragon cast in the wrong body, bringing nuclear peace and change to the universe!

I Have A Virtual Universe

Having the resources of an entire virtual universe to be developed, Su Li was ahead of the game in the super power era step by step. When others were still living a normal life, Su Li had already become a super power through a bottle of super power potion. When others were still practicing breathing techniques to become a superpower, Su Li had already reached a higher realm with the resources in the virtual universe. When others finally became super-powered, Su Li found that he could already fly out of the earth ......

The Ultimate Student

Su Ye, a down-on-his-luck rich kid, gets the perspective function of the magic mirror and starts to change his life. He treats the school girl's mother and cures the cold agent who is seriously injured; he helps his gentle sister and gets powerful men by accident. The school girl, mature family girl, have thrown their arms to embrace. The young masters of luxurious families bow down in front of him, see how Su Ye interpret his legendary life!

Pink Conspiracy

The first time she saw him, she knew that for the rest of her life, this young man would not be able to leave her heart. She was a young lady of the general's house. When an enemy country invaded, her father was ordered to go to the battlefield, and she secretly went to war with him. After the enemy army retreated and the kingdom was saved, the emperor was pleased and rewarded the general. On her way back to the capital, she heard that the Emperor and the Empress Dowager were going to choose a man from among the sons of the capital and give a marriage to the General's wife. She has three older brothers, but she is the only sister. It is rumored that there are two first sons in the capital, the highest name on the candidates for her marriage. One is a clan nobleman idle only know how to eat, drink, play, snow, moon, wind and flowers ridiculous and no one to discipline the crooked dude; one is the State House talent crowned the capital, the reputation of the world, is all women tend to be the second choice of the young uncle. The capital is in an uproar over her marriage. The emperor and the empress argued, the court and the civil servants have their own words. Who will be chosen? The royal power of the sky, the dynasty and the noble relatives, her old son also counted, no matter who, said it does not count. Although she was born in the gold and jade, grew up in the rich and noble, but not lying in the boudoir, good at military strategy, chest hidden embroidery, her life naturally have to be their own say. Who will be her husband depends on her beating heart. The game of chess, rivers and mountains for gambling, the beauty of the heart, powder makeup to capture the strategy. ---------- ---------- ---------- - The jungle for many years, the original heart does not change. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on the subject. I've always been the one who is dedicated to writing, no matter what time it is. I came with a new article as promised, and I thank my dear ones for returning as promised. My hot tea, your enthusiasm, let us together, sip a new tea, together with the landscape like a picture. -- To the dearest readers ----by Like the pro [collection] + [message], your enthusiasm, is my greatest motivation, mua da! ☆☆☆☆☆ recommend the finished article of the son love ☆☆☆☆☆

Low Dimensional Game

By chance, Lu Zhiyu discovered a portal to a low-dimensional world, which opened up a different chapter! He can freely control everything in a low-dimensional world, and Lu Zhiyu feels like the GM of a game, or maybe God? A new group has been created, so if you are interested, you can add it.

Supreme Pill Saint

"Hello doctor, the president asks you to be her personal physician." "No, there are many patients waiting to be treated!" "Our boss is very good looking!" "You should have said so!"

Galactic Garbage Station

After graduating from university, Su Jing is discouraged and goes back home to adjust his mood. But he found that the backyard of his house has become a super space-time dumping ground. Every day, a large amount of garbage converges into it, some from the Tomb of the Gods, Dou Bro Cang Dao, Pan Long and other novel space-time; some from the King of Thieves, Naruto, Shinigami and other anime space-time; some from the X-Men, Captain America, Iron Man and other comic book space-time ...... As the owner of the dumping ground, Su Jing has the obligation to deal with The trash is the obligation of the trash. At first he thought it was a chore, but only later did he find ......

Qingye Supernatural Office

My name is Lin Qi, working in the demolition office, at the beginning of this year was responsible for the demolition of an old neighborhood. There is a household in the district, the door hung "Green Leaf Psychic Office" odd sign, the house was transformed into an office, abandoned for many years, full of dust. In the office filing cabinet, neatly displayed a large number of documents and information. Curious, I organized them and discovered a bizarre and terrifying world hidden under the present world. The events recorded in the files also gradually appeared in my life ...... ☆☆☆☆☆ readers group: ☆☆☆☆☆

Netherworld Investigator

In this world, bizarre cases happen every day. The best bun store in business, its bun filling is made of human flesh. The mansion with a red-hot lot has blood gurgling out of its walls. The dead beautiful school girl in the university, every anniversary will take a person. The legend of the zombie baby in hospital building 7, and whether it is true? The last pallbearer in China, with a heritage of three thousand years of autopsy techniques, take you straight to the scene of the murder: there is no ghost in the world, the magic hand snow injustice. Serial killers, sex addicts, bloodsuckers ......

Daoist Master of Qing Xuan

What is the Lord of the Way? Answer: "There is no image in the ten directions, no trace of the six paths. He is outside the three worlds, not in the five elements." ......

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara

In this life, I don't ask about the past, I don't ask for an afterlife, I just want to be fierce, fast and furious, to defeat all the heroes and heroines of all races, to laugh proudly at the six gods and demons! ......

Badge in Azure

Wizards exist to gain insight into the reality of the world. Salim Metatrin, an ordinary magician, initially, he just wanted to change his fate a little. This book has no chance of being eclipsed, so please support it with recommendations and favorites. Introduction? I do not want to write too long, we look at the book, this is a book both hot and cold-blooded, non-travel, no studs, very loving, very ......] ......

In Different World with Naruto System

In the Divine Wind Continent, the cultivation system is based on Dou Qi, illusion and magic. Ren Tianyou is a Naruto fan who accidentally crossed into the other world. But he found that he had a Naruto system inside him. What? You know how to fight! My physical skills are not weak either! Look at my shadow dance leaf! What? You know illusions! I'm the granddaddy of all illusions! Look at my Moon Reading! What? You know magic! I know Ninjutsu! Look at my Fire Transport - Fire Extinguisher!

The Six Immortals

The Six Realms of Heaven and Earth, the Ancient Hongmeng. A humble little man, Bi Fan, grows up step by step in cultivation. Breaking into the demonic realm, fighting the dragon, breaking into the world and achieving great fame, seizing the treasure trove, entering the chaos and overturning the rain, stepping into the six realms and being the only one, fighting the immortals and being the supreme. Moves the heaven and earth, treads the six realms, fights the vault, breaks the hongmeng, the immortal to kill the sky to achieve the six immortal supremacy.

Phoenix’s Requiem

In her previous life, she was blinded and mistook the scum of the family as her relatives, causing the two families of Yunlin to be decimated. In her second life, she wants to change her fate and wreak havoc on the world! She gets the divine sword, collects the divine beast, cultivates the immortal skill, and refines the world's strange poison! Destroy the scum of the man, abuse the bitch girl, harm my family, I let you live worse than death. In her new life, even if she looks like no salt, she will still be arrogant for the rest of her life! He is rumored to be the coldest and most cold-blooded Yu King, and legend has it that everyone who has seen his true face is dead. But who told her who was this stinking man who sneaked into her boudoir every night and turned into a wolf? "King Yup, aren't you afraid that I will poison your whole family?" "That's great, maiden, we can double-cultivate and be a double fury!"

Artifact Planting Space

Ye Tian crossed to the otherworldly Origin Continent and cultivated hard to awaken the Black Earth Spatial Domain, but was unexpectedly ridiculed as the most garbage and ordinary domain. But he found that his black earth space is not simple: other strong people desperately desperately in the dangerous relics, secret realms, ancient ruins to look for artifacts, immortal weapons, he just need to plant in the black earth space, and a kind is a dozen pieces! This ...... Ye Tian knew that his life was going to start reversing itself!

The Legend of the Extraordinaries

Ten thousand planets, endless cultivation. The struggle for dao derivation is unending for ten thousand years. Mi Xiaojing, a young master of diffusion cultivation, suffered the extermination of his family and thus plunged into the vast river of destiny. Armed with the greatest treasure of diffusion cultivation and helped by the old Taoist monsters, he cultivates along the way, and the picture scroll of the cultivation world unfolds slowly. The mysterious magic treasures, the dangerous secret realms. The Daoist immortal, a thought moves heaven and earth, the great cultivator of the diffusion family, true words press the four directions. Vast universe, mysterious dao, ten thousand words of truth. Mi Xiaojing is equipped with the method of dual cultivation of Daoism and derivation, pointing straight up against the sky and rocking up. I intend to transcend the mortal, step on the immortal. New book uploaded! Please vote for your new book! Want to exchange friends, please add the WeChat public number xiaoqianguanfang (Xiao Qian official), QQ exchange group 156537480

Eternal Taoist King

You ...... are all dead? Then who else can tell me ...... how high this heaven is? How much longer will it take before the extreme of the sky is broken?

Invincible Non-stop Upgrading System

"Ding~Host is hacked to death, experience +100." "Ding~Host despises the strong, aura +100." "Ding~Host consumes points, obtains a modern grenade!" You can cut me, but, can you not cut the face? To eat on the face! Ye Fan traveled to a Xuan-fantasy world full of killings, and the system told him that he could be immortal! You are a strong person in the Earth Deity realm? I'm sorry, I'll kill you! You're a Tiangang realm old monster? In my eyes, it's too scum! I am the king of this realm and the sky!