Black Sky

Outlaws x Svengali Scum In the year 5711 of the new Gregorian calendar, Office 5 of the Security Building received three break-in messages from the Space Prison: "Honey, I'm looking at you." "Relax, it's just on the prison's big relay screen." "Suddenly I'm looking forward to reuniting with you, will you greet me with a smile or shoot me in the head?" Truss sat behind his wide desk, his face unchanged as he read the message, and replied, "If I remember correctly, your prison - confinement period is as long as the planet's life span. So unfortunately, there is no such day." Unless the world ends and the planet blows up. However two years later ...... planet really blew up. Truss: ...... notice bar this set up oddly written pompous, bullshit without basis, Einstein coffin plate can't press the kind of bullshit when space magic see it, 1vs1, HE. microblogging + column link anli the basics of the text buckle reader group: 418929478 "after buying a counterfeit boyfriend " by The first-class lawyer [interstellar] by Mussoorie Lawyer article specializing in the dislike of the actor attack x The time of arrogance" by Mu Suri humanoid self walking ice sculpture attack x lazy egg young master subject campus text pre-recorded "the gods said" by Zhan Xuefan the gods attack x the king subject text pre-recorded "copper money niche world" by Mu Suri feng shui kanji finished

Strategy to Capture Men

Mine clearance:CN control, clean party please stop System: Han Yan Yan, you have been chosen by the world of fast penetration. What golden fingers you want, you can raise here. Han Yan Yan: If it is a peaceful and prosperous world, I want to be extremely beautiful and have a lot of money. If it's life-threatening, I want battle power to explode. System: Sorry, your conditions cannot be met. Then why are you asking me! (╯‵□′)╯︵┻┻━┻ Updated every morning at 7am. --------------------------------- My finished articles: urban "you in the sea of people": two mother and child SOLO urban "if you are doddering flowers": one life missed, one life spoiled. The city "the queen's fresh meat": serious strong imperial sister VS no one wants the little poor Cultivation "since the joy": only the strong, to self-joy. Science fiction "Shaotang's realm": technology realm, cold weapons civilization swollen how to break? Author's column please poke → microblogging Jinjiang sleeve side →

Crossing to the Future, it’s Not Easy to Be a Man

In order to inherit her father's military success, began its sad growth history. It was hard to get through to the age of sixteen, she was free to choose her future to marry a man and was thrown into the first men's military school of the federation by her father who was resurrected from the dead. By mistake, Ling Lan is moving towards the cold, wild and domineering road of no return ...... built several groups, Lan Shao VIP group: 392111243 (only genuine subscription readers), Lan Shao 3 group (newly opened): 542465674.

The Star Knight

A singing in the depths of the universe, the protagonist with a strange life and the Star Knight befriends, piloting a ship to the deep space, leading us on a journey full of adventure and the unknown. The dark king of the meteor, Kororin, the fall of hundreds of billions of stars and the life of the artificial god Izur, the Republic, the Empire and the meteor legion three forces around the last ideal country to start a weak and strong annexation. All interstellar backgrounds, cosmic faction settings and equivalent authorization Anyone no longer need to come to private contact to apply for authorization, long works of the same person to enter the V can feel free but please remember to mark on the text belongs to the Star Knight homo works or follow the Star Knight background settings


Amnesia, suffering from it can clearly remember every detail of life, from the world's twists and turns to every thought that comes to mind. They are unforgettable and thirsty for knowledge, which makes them easy to become geniuses in a sense. Legend has it that Ji Yu Shi is such a genius. Also, legend has it that he was a Gay and pretty looking. The news that he was going to support the Sky Dome's seventh team exploded as soon as the news got out. Everyone knew that the captain of team seven, Song Qinglan, was all bandit and deeply homophobic. Not only did he become the dark horse of the battlefield in two years with his superb abilities, but he also hated it when the top stuffed vases into his team. As expected, Song Qinglan spoke in public: "What the hell, the top can not be divided into a pure man who can fight? Brothers are going to sell their lives, do not need to be able to quantum fluctuations speed reading of the little genius!" Later. A group of people in the mission was forced to a desperate situation. That pretty little genius with a calm brow and a gunshot to the head, the combat power exploded. Song Qinglan in front of the crowd put people against the wall, coaxing him: "Ji adviser, as long as you let me kiss, I just jumped from here immediately fell to his death is worth it." * Ji Yushi has a secret. He often can not sleep at night, memory overload nightmares haunted. The only one who can let him sleep peacefully. The only one in the world is Song Qinglan. Copy 1: Articulated Snake [infinite loop setting, progress 100%] Copy 2: Khaos [progress 3%] Copy 3: Overload [about to start] [- I'll step through the world's sea of suffering for you and never look back. Because, you are the shore that ferries me.] ○True fragrance text ○Punky tawdry long-legged attack & super vindictive hyperamnesia suffer, strong strong ○Or burn brain, but mainly love service ○Hyperamnesia is actually very painful, creative needs, do not bar [cover persona (Ji Yu Shi) from Mrs. Wen eight @ Schrödinger's color sense, the author microblogging has a large image, special special thanks to Mr. Wen! The author's column has a finished article "Asteroid", "Rose Beauty" can be slaughtered. The next book to write pure feelings to the small sweet article "bite marks", seeking a pre-acceptance. The text: Ning Qiu participated in a volunteer program and got a part-time job: making human blood bags for a certain big man suffering from blood disease. The man's personality is cold and strange, and every time before he asks Ning Qiu to donate blood, he wants Ning Qiu to wash clean. The house was cold and dark, not seeing sunlight. Guan Heng's heartbeat was slow and his body temperature was cold. After falling asleep during the nth blood donation, Ning Qiu found the bite marks on her neck. It's over, thought Ning Qiu, his handsome employer is a vampire. - Guan Heng watched Ning Qiu's dream. The guy who pulled back the curtains and tried to kill him with the sun in his dream was crying in fear and sadness at the same time. For the first time in Guan Heng's long, boring life, he felt ...... interesting. * ○ cold and ascetic ghostly attack X single pure Jianqi suffer ○ brainless Su attack, brainless spoiled suffer

Tales of the Blood Night

Text: Suspense mystery text, involving blood and family entanglement, science fiction background, fantasy content.

The Return of Cambrian Period

More than 500 million years ago is the Paleozoic period known as the Cambrian in the history of geology. As the first epoch of the Paleozoic, this period is not only of great significance to the study of geology, but also the most crazy, splendid and mysterious era in the history of paleontology. Before the Cambrian period, Earth's species were relatively monotonous. During the Cambrian period, in a relatively short period of millions of years in geology, global species suddenly evolved wildly, and countless invertebrates, arthropods, mollusks, brachiopods and annelids, etc. appeared on the planet without warning, greatly enriching the diversity of Earth's species, and this radiant millions of years is called "Cambrian explosion of life", and after hundreds of millions of years of evolution, to have today's life colorful and colorful Earth. The cause of the Cambrian explosion of life is a great mystery and the greatest paradox of Darwin's theory of evolution. If, today, when human civilization has conquered the entire planet

The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball

Shia, reborn into the world of Dragon Ball as a Saiyan. In this life, his parents died in battle, he was adopted by his parents' comrades, and a sister who didn't know if she was a drag, and it was only 12 years before the destruction of Planet Vegeta. "Mr. Dodoria, I heard that the Saiyan King Vegeta is busy revolting, what do you think I should do about it?" Frieza handed the glass of wine to the attendant next to him and asked Dodoria with great interest. "Those Saiyans really don't know what's good for them, if they didn't still have some use ......

I Really Am Not The Lord of Demon

As a mediocre bookstore owner. Ling Ping An's biggest volunteer in this life is to muddle through and win on equal footing. However, there are always some late stage of the disease customers, late at night at the door. In order to do business, Ling Pingan had to learn the tone of the middle-aged, selling the books in his store. After all the hard work and effort to sell the books. These guys have said, no money. They actually want to take some kind of god frame, immortal weapon props to mortgage the book payment. Looking at these customers, Ling Ping An was helpless and could only agree to it. But he simply did not know, these customers bought from him, each book has changed its appearance. The Secrets of Role-playing" became "The Lower Abyss Expedition Report" "The Official Setting Book of the Group Star Mechanical Ascension" was actually "The Mechanical Gospel" Moreover, in the eyes of these customers, he was actually an incomparably terrifying head of the evil god, the unnameable one who ruled over all the worlds. In response, Ling Ping An said: I am not, I am not, don't talk nonsense.

Space Speed Xing Hen

The new book "Yin Yang Coronet" has been registered] will be uploaded this Sunday, the end of the Douluo Continent at the same time began to update, please collect, recommend, thank you. The book number of Yin Yang Coronet: The following drive-through can also be directly clicked over. The new setting is a thank you to the book lovers.

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation

"If this universe is really a cruel and bloody dark forest, we cultivators will burn our lives and blossom into a faint spark! "Even if the spark is weak, short, small, but as long as we continue to go forward, one day, the spark will ignite the weeds, weeds will start to shrubs, shrubs will spread the trees!" "In the end, a small spark, will be in this dark forest, set off a prairie fire, illuminate the whole world!" **** New book has been released, the aura is compelling! ------------- There are already two groups: 202330158(,!) The old cattle parlor two group 386336065

The Man Standing on Top of the Food Chain

"Li Anping, you were born to be a demon. In your heart of pursuing justice, you are hiding the deepest malice of mankind. To you, killing is as natural as breathing, and destroying life is as easy as dressing and eating." "Li Anping, is this the zoo you have created for all humans? Then let me see if it will be you who goes crazy or all of humanity." From a pedantic and righteous youth, he metamorphosed into a cold-blooded demon, the ruler of Genesis. Li Anping, the man at the top of the food chain ......

Kidnapping All Mankind

If you want to live well, you have to make more money! Since I know more about science than the ancients, why can't I use it to earn money? But what is this eerie Forbidden Dragon Pavilion all about? For good reason to do my business, why for no reason to capture people to do experiments? I said I do not have demonic arts, it is all an excuse to cheat money, do not take it seriously ah ......


In 2013, a wave of zombies broke out, the fall of the homeland, the human race began a large-scale defense war, the protagonists in the long night waiting for the dawn of the end of the day, where to go? The past is shattered in the ashes and the faith is reborn in the fire. To avoid misunderstanding, it is better to sweep the mines: delayed text, holy mother arrogant subject, brain-damaged minor subject, double CP, three views of the weird and very confusing logic, pseudo-science fiction text, science fiction part does not stand up to scrutiny, the plot of the test is distorted. The persona of Lord Aga, too good! 2013 - Dawn original song: Twilight lyrics: milk & Lok Chuan ice singing / harmony: small thousand post: Qingming fallen rain

Illimitable Until Death

"From today, you will become a Lord God messenger in the Lord God space, coming and going from one world to another week after week, that way, you will get things that others can't get in their lifetime." From the moment these words rang in Fang Li's mind, Fang Li's life was destined to become less ordinary... (PS: has completed two long novels of more than 5 million words, "the great summoning of girls" and "all-round fantasy", updated with modesty, you can rest assured that the book lovers can eat.

Apocalypse Lord

The world is completely gamified by the end of the world, and it is also a game of construction, adventure and life. Cheng Yang, who has been surviving in the doomsday for a year, is reborn two days before the doomsday. See how he uses the world as a chessboard and the city as a chess piece to perform a different battle of doomsday. ......

Lord of the Star Ocean

Nie Feng, the heir of the Extreme Martial Path, unfortunately perishes during the exploration of the Miaojiang No Man's Land, but is accidentally reborn as a wanderer in the barbaric Hao Yuan Star of the Xian Luo Empire, and his new legendary life begins. The collision of two major star empires, the duel of thousands of star energy battleships, powerful star martial artists, mysterious and unpredictable astrologers, charming and beautiful women, heaven-destroying martial arts techniques... In this magical world, ask who is the master of the vast sea of stars!

The Ultimate Blue Seal

A small flat-chested who can only eat, drink and be dumped, how to grow into a pit, abduct and deceive nothing but the pure man's story Soft science fiction, growth department ...... Well, in fact, there is fantasy miko, pure bullshit, minors please do not imitate = = 1V1 HE not pit Column This article opened on February 17 VIP. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

Interstellar Favorite Superstar

Crossing over to the interstellar era, Su Tan wrote novels, became a netizen, became an anchor, ate gourmet food, and began the road to dominate the interstellar entertainment circle. Until one day, the most powerful/anorexic/abstinent emperor ate his food - grow! Fat! The emperor: Very good. The emperor: very good, marry him back, I want to personally punish him. Su Tan:? ......emmmmmmmm rip-off.jpg Reading Tips: 1, Su Su Su Su cool cool sweet sweet sweet 2, every day more, like to collect a hair ~ my finished article, welcome to see: to my column to guest it:.

Super Driver

My girlfriend disliked me for driving a cab and dumped me, but did not know that my car can travel through time and space, the four beauties, five tigers, are my regular customers ......

Doomsday Carnival

This story begins at the height of summer. Along with more and more disappearances, an absurd urban weird story spreads on the internet: aliens are coming and they will randomly choose a group of people to sacrifice to the sky. As a witness of the strange story, Lin Yining testifies that this story is partly false. The aliens did come, but as a missing person

The World Online

The first ever inter-generational online game that combines personal adventure + territory construction + dimensional warfare in one, "Earth Online", global players online, the group of masters to compete. See how the reborn protagonist builds his territory, recruits historical generals, stirs the clouds, and achieves imperial hegemony! (PS: return to the most original construction class hegemony online game, look forward to your joining! General group:. Longchamp army commander department (VIP group):.

The Devil’s Cage

An underground game without any protection, a group of players chasing power, wealth, and life! Qin Ran, who is dying, chooses to enter it - for the chance to live! Penguin group (VIP full subscription: 547350184; ordinary: 392362642) Please pay attention to the WeChat public number: Eat Dragon There is food ~ there are menus ~ also eggs ~

Godly Hunter

The world is excited by the sudden advent of the holographic virtual era, but Chen Mo, who is a hacker, receives a commission to enter the game, find the game's loopholes and stop the pace of the virtual era's advent. In order to complete the commission, Chen Mo entered the game "Genesis". Observe, analyze, and test! In order to confirm the possible loopholes, Chen Mo took great pains to make meticulous observation and analysis of the game, and not long after entering the game, he found a brand new path for the hunter profession! After everyone took ......

The Strongest Violent Soldier

A generation of soldier king hate to leave the army, after a few years of anonymity, the heavenly strong returned to the city, once again set off a bloody storm! Simple and brutal is my art of action, my attitude towards life is to do what I don't want to do! See how the top crazy young man across the city, write his legend belongs to the king of heaven! Still very cool and very hot blood! (WeChat public platform: Flame Tou Tou)

Transcending Evolution

I woke up and the world changed! The zombies are rampant, the mutant monsters are rampant! What can you do to protect your family? The only way to survive is to evolve!

The Card Apprentice

A card-centered federal society with many schools and competing interests. In this society, harmony is only the balance of power between each other is not broken for the time being, once the balance is broken, large-scale conflict is inevitable. Chen Mu, a small card maker who aims to survive, originally had no idea and no ability to break this balance, but when he crossed paths with a mysterious card by chance, his fate not only changed completely, but also the history of the Federation was finally changed by ......

Monster Factory

My name is Ye Qing and I was lucky enough to get an app called [Monster Factory]. This gang of monsters of immense strength, one can do the work of a hundred, but also with a variety of skills. Efficiency? Processing speed +300% skill on, you and I compared efficiency? Accuracy? Ahem ~ bring my legendary quality vernier calipers, let him see what is called absolute precision. Ye Qing quotes: men want to drag, wallet bulge. Monster quotes: Do not play with us peer malicious competition, machinery manufacturing is only our hobby, fist and the body of the sword is the capital of our social mix. Twenty meters tall, gnarled muscles of the savage giant spirit, holding a legendary quality cutter, shaking the sky with rage: "I'm not targeting a particular manufacturing industry, but all of them here, are trash." [Monster Factory Group: 20417916] [Monster Master Group: 18493657 (requires full subscription to send a picture for verification)]

Unfathomable Doomsday

First of all this is not about how to survive in the end times! Rather, it's about how to create an apocalyptic world and play the world into the palm of your hand. Raise a zombie frenzy! Lead a demonic invasion! Lead the insects to come! In this apocalyptic game, everything is made by me! ps: the new pit "incredible sacred relics" has been opened.

The Omniscient

What he sees can know everything that has happened, what he hears can see through the treacherous hearts of the world, what he feels can know the secrets of others hidden deep in their memories. The more he knows, the more unhappy he is. Looking up at the starry sky, Huang Ji feels the malice from the whole universe and the desperate situation of human beings. Just a small farmer in the countryside of Earth, he had to lament, "I know too much." Whether it is technology or mythology, or the universe's hidden bugs ...... are unable to escape the perception of information. Faced with the insurmountable dilemma of human beings being kept in captivity by higher civilizations without knowing it, Huang Ji can only compete with aliens to see who knows more!

Infinity Armament

This is heaven, because it has everything that the earth has. All that you desire but can not get, here you can get; here is hell, because everyone has to struggle hard here, and then drunk in a world that can not distinguish the real from the fake. Here, is the world of infinite killing ...... ------- -------- Endless Arms 1 group: Endless Arms 2 group: (full) Endless Arms 3 Group: Endless Arms 4 Group: (full) Endless Arms 5 Group: (full)

Online Game: Evil Dragon Against The Heaven

A dragon soul teenager's road to heaven. Thunderbolt note: This article is suitable for all kinds of goddess control + loli control. ___________________________________________

Super Evolution

In 3669 A.D., an expedition ship discovered a strange liquid substance on a distant unnamed planet. After testing, scientists were amazed to find that this liquid could not only be absorbed by the human body, but also allow the human body to evolve automatically! Two hundred years later, there is another ship heading to the vast starry sky carrying an unknowing fighting fan - Lin Qi Yu, he is the only person on the ship did not inject the evolution agent, but also the focus of the ship's protection. However, it is the naughty and mischievous him, and finally evolved into an invisible tricolor heavenly pet, not only set off a super wave, but also set off a super evolutionary course that no human has ever had ......

Fantasy World Transmigration

When fantasy becomes reality, can the young man from the Heavenly Kingdom embark on the road to godhood? Chen Ang, who has the ability to travel, travels in the fantasy world. In the world of "Never Ending", he gains superhuman wisdom, in the world of "Super Body", he peeks into the mystery of becoming a god, starting from "Laughing at the World", he cultivates internal strength and evolves himself, from "Anaconda", he gets the key to immortality, superhuman serum, desperation potion, X factor, spider gene, lizard potion, the road to becoming a god is long and rugged, peeking into God's forbidden zone is dangerous and difficult, and the road to becoming a god is long and rugged. I don't regret my journey!

Virtual Evolution

In the virtual search for power, in reality, the pursuit of real quite game is no longer a game, evolution from this moment on the protagonist language: I am to become the "King of Raiders" man passers-by look at the protagonist language: Damn, why is there such a monster ......

The City of Terror

This, this, this, what's wrong? One night has passed, and the rented room has become so dilapidated? The floor, the table was covered with dust, the poster of Zhang Liying that he put on the wall just a few days ago became old and yellow, the corners were torn, the delicate face of Zhang Liying also became a bit strange because of the paper, as if an old demon was laughing horribly towards himself. The walls are covered with tattered cobwebs, as if foggy. Placed on the small coffee table Guangkang, apples have rotted and dried up, its growth covered with mold are completely hair ......

Edge of the Apocalypse

The best friend Lina, who grew up with her, is having an affair with her husband Xu Minghao. She wants to live with it, but time and again, her husband does not repent! She has to leave the Xu family and work alone.

Love Code at the End of the World

Crossed into the future, thought I could eat and drink, play with all kinds of high-tech, see all kinds of evolution of the beautiful man, the result ...... is the end of the world ah! It is the last days! It is the last days! Or parallel world of the end times! The unlucky thing to say three times. Orz, this is to mutate the rhythm of death ...... nani nani, this is the radiation physique, not afraid of radiation? What what? Radiation physique will also have superpowers? The world of radiation in the face of crisis everywhere, only in the ecological gap of human survival and how? The world's most important thing is to save the world and its beautiful boys.

Transmigrating With a Cleaver

Chopper, slate, lime powder, tiger ...... Everything exciting starts with a chopper. See how the protagonist exerts the ultimate power of the three divine weapons ...... See how the protagonist uses the powerful kitchen knife to cut down all the fighters who are enemies ...... See how the protagonist uses the powerful kitchen knife to cook... ...Yes, cooking ......

Mystical Journey

Crossing over to the backward foreign world, with the natural ability to increase attributes, Luo Jing began an ordinary but extraordinary life. ......

The Sacred Ruins

Rising from the brokenness, reviving in the silence. The sea becomes dust, the lightning dries up, the wisp of ghostly mist approaches the earth once again, the shackles of the world are opened, and a whole new world is unveiled with a mysterious corner ......

Master of the Stars

At the turn of the century, mankind ignorantly stepped into the starry sky and was exposed to the sight of the gods. The young man Ronan, carrying the sins of his grandfather, came out of the laboratory and watched him: holding high the burning notes, stepping on the bones of the gods; writing the format of all things, adding and deleting the star map of the universe. He will know: All things are ready for me; he will believe: My heart is the universe.

Reincarnation Paradise

Su Xiao signs a contract with Reincarnation Paradise and travels through various anime worlds on missions. In the world of Bakuro, Su Xiao chased the one-eyed lord Takatsuki Izumi for a dozen blocks with a sharp blade in his hand. The top battlefield, Su Xiao stood on the pile of navy corpses, looking at the ugly face of Warlord on the execution platform, and the dumbfounded Ace. Contractors: "Are you fucking hanging, you are not a contractor at all, you are definitely a hidden character in the original!" Su Xiao of course is not an ordinary contracted person, he is a hunter and killer ...... --------------- Introduction is slightly weak, this book anime infinite flow, the author of the festival is full, please feel free to enter the pit. Reader group: 534789565

God Rank Hero

A hero is the kind of divine being whose strength is so strong that the troops he leads will also be strong with the hero's strength. Hero Genesis", a world-class online game developed by the United States, China, the European Union, Russia, India, Japan, and South Korea, combines fantasy, adventure, war, trade, territory building, sailing, competition, and leisure in one. Dafei, an ordinary amateur game enthusiast, saw the unlimited business opportunities of Hero Genesis and started a professional gaming career. The pretentious life starts from bullying, and the bullying life starts from seizing every opportunity with all efforts. The new book "brave man fights magic god", please pay attention to book lovers collection.

I Have A Virtual Universe

Having the resources of an entire virtual universe to be developed, Su Li was ahead of the game in the super power era step by step. When others were still living a normal life, Su Li had already become a super power through a bottle of super power potion. When others were still practicing breathing techniques to become a superpower, Su Li had already reached a higher realm with the resources in the virtual universe. When others finally became super-powered, Su Li found that he could already fly out of the earth ......

Low Dimensional Game

By chance, Lu Zhiyu discovered a portal to a low-dimensional world, which opened up a different chapter! He can freely control everything in a low-dimensional world, and Lu Zhiyu feels like the GM of a game, or maybe God? A new group has been created, so if you are interested, you can add it.

Zhan Yue

The first day of the opening of "Chopped Moon" "Illusory Moon", I was born in the newbie village and found a few more treasures in my package than others, a Xiu Luo secret code, a full achievement manual, and an ancient bracelet of unreadable grade but extremely mysterious. I don't know who stuffed me with these, and I don't know who unleashed the system's bug. All I know is that from the moment I was born into this world! The earth will tremble for me, ten thousand miles of mountains and rivers will be revived for me, and seven hundred million girls will be moved by me, because I am most likely the strongest protagonist of this world! Chopped Moon" fan group 790681085...

Galactic Garbage Station

After graduating from university, Su Jing is discouraged and goes back home to adjust his mood. But he found that the backyard of his house has become a super space-time dumping ground. Every day, a large amount of garbage converges into it, some from the Tomb of the Gods, Dou Bro Cang Dao, Pan Long and other novel space-time; some from the King of Thieves, Naruto, Shinigami and other anime space-time; some from the X-Men, Captain America, Iron Man and other comic book space-time ...... As the owner of the dumping ground, Su Jing has the obligation to deal with The trash is the obligation of the trash. At first he thought it was a chore, but only later did he find ......

Immortal Mortal

I, with only mortal roots, a mortal! I, called Mo Wuji! I, want to be immortal! ......

Counterfeit Hero

The new book "The Verdict" has been released, click on the drive-through below, or click on the author's name to find it. I look forward to your continued support!

Legend of the Supreme Soldier

Growing up on a garbage planet, Ye Chong accidentally found a broken light armor during a "shopping" trip to the garbage mountain. With the help of this broken light armor with intelligence, Ye Chong escaped from the garbage planet and entered human society. Intelligent light armor Mak Shem's true identity, Ye Chong's birth is what is going on? Beast and beauty far different from the normal way of communication between the eyes of only survival of Ye Chong and how to experience his love? The unknown society, how he is familiar step by step? What role does he play? The law of the jungle, which is very different from human society, and what kind of twist of fate did he bring? Possessing a calm mind like a light brain, the teenager who believes in the cruel jungle law is like a sponge madly learning all kinds of knowledge, whether it's a teacher or a fighter, or in the area of training is so outstanding. Every time he appears in front of the crowd, there is like a meteor flash, amazing talent! Passive and active, death and survival, cold and bewildered, Ye Chong's growth experience interprets the journey of a teenager's unyielding struggle, and likewise creates the mysterious legend of a master sergeant. The vast interstellar, when the cosmic warships and light armor appeared, human beings once again plunged into the vastness of that inexorable.

I Am In Marvel

Spirited through the Marvel World War II era, Kyle looked at Captain America in front of him, and a series of dense cards were surfacing on the other side. [Pistol Mastery] [Boxing Mastery] ...... [True - Shield Strike Mastery] [Rare - Super Soldier] Whether to choose to draw? Wait, not only the ability, even any black technology and venomous creatures can be extracted? [Book Club: 877693220]

The Last Rock Emperor

Mysterious martial arts, mysterious mysterious crystal technology. The unique rock system supernatural ability, weird speciality zombie. Strong characteristic mutated beast, mysterious space-time relic.

Godly Thief Incarnation

The new book "Martial World" has been released, the book page has a direct line, request collection, request recommendation votes. What is the most painful thing in life? What is the happiest thing in life? The most painful thing is to go through a lot of hardships and see that you are about to become a bully, but then go back to the liberation overnight. The happiest is back to the liberation of the front, nothing to do, but overnight bully. Zhou Jian met both the most painful and the happiest thing in his life in one day. The painful thing is that his hidden thief professional online game account, which he had worked so hard to establish in the world virtual network, was "lost" by the system. The happy thing is that the reason why the account was lost is that the virtual thief in the game account came to the real world and became a manipulable thief. In short, this is a light-hearted YA novel full of pretend pig eating tiger plot, the protagonist is a very righteous five good teenager, occasionally evil for a while is also the evil author forced ...... ps: read the book absolutely no harm, if one day you will also be invisible, refer to how to use it to make a fortune.

Star Chart’s Edge

An interstellar carrier carrying the hopes of all mankind began a journey of a thousand years, the journey process is full of crisis and unknown ...... party desert north, an ordinary warrior experienced the baptism of friendship, family, love, in the life and death to understand the true meaning of human nature.

The First Evolution

The most unexpected bizarre destiny, the most intense brain collision, the most brutal life and death battle, the most crazy strange fantasy, the most bizarre truth ...... The beginning has arrived, ten more years of war!

The Gate Of Good Fortune

It was a fragmented world, it was a forgotten corner. That day was the day when Ning Cheng was most disillusioned, which day he was brought here hard and fast. This world, because of Ning Cheng, will leave its name in the vast starry sky, will shine in the endless universe! ------ (The Gate of Creation subscription group: five five three six one zero six, welcome to join if you subscribe! ......

War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens

The strongest soldier king of the earth soul through the other world, fused reincarnation martial emperor memory, cultivate the "Nine Dragon Warrior Skill", invincible, war power invincible! Can refine medicine, can refine weapons, know inscriptions ...... life profession, all-round is the king!

Necromancer in the End of the World

The skeleton strafed with its light machine, the walker's foot on the throttle desperately hitting the steering wheel. Shadow creatures wiped with sharp blades, and the driver's blood stained the tank cockpit. Thousands of mutant creatures from the enemy side, carrying guns and man-portable missiles were running wildly this way. Helicopters circled, fighters swooped. Bullets rained down, shells whistled. Nuclear warheads are coming from thousands of miles away and will fall and explode half a second later. No radar, no satellite monitoring ...... protagonist but looking up at the sky, with a calm and relaxed smile on his face. All things in heaven and earth, as if in a moment to stop the activity, the passage of time, as if become incomparably slow. "Extreme Speed Thinking! Shadow Shuttle!!!" A huge mushroom cloud rose, the earth was flattened, and a dozen miles around was reduced to rubble. At the center of the nuclear explosion, a dense ghostly fog rose, Ye Yang was dressed in white, immaculate, with a contemptuous sneer at the corner of his mouth. ------ collision of thermal weapons and spells, a different necromancer, a different post-apocalyptic.

Zombie Apocalypse

The end of the world has come, zombies are rampant, mutated beasts zombie beasts slowly appear! This is the story of survival in the last days, but also the epic of a simple man growing up! The unified book group end times perilous city, welcome to join.

Age of Cosmic Exploration

The endless starry sky, the boundless sea of stars, where there is no paradise, but an unknown realm full of darkness and danger, death and terror For that bright blue, we have no regrets, for life to continue, we go forward, nothing can stop us! This is our time, this is the era of the great universe! ......

The Throne Under the Starry Sky

This is a world of two sides: the astrologer's apprentice, who carries the prophecy of Segres, treks through the chaotic world in search of the trajectory of the cogs of the world machine, and the revolutionary, who carries the ultimate dream, rushes left and right in the invisible net woven by the quantum computer. The two worlds will undergo an unprecedented and dramatic change.  The two worlds will undergo an unprecedented change. No harem, no stud, no crossing, no small power.  The author who writes with his heart is preparing a feast of words for readers who read with their hearts. The author of the book, who writes from the heart, prepares a feast of words for readers who read from the heart. Reading is not fast food, please calm down and taste the two real worlds. --The story will gradually become clearer as you continue to move forward.  Reader's group: If you like the book, come in and chat ~ The book is finished, please continue to pay attention to the other movements of the old Zhu, thank you ......

Full-time Lottery System

Full-time lottery system, as the name implies, every profession is able to draw a lottery, and every profession can draw a skill that has something to do with it. The person who gets it will become the top elite of all professions. Since getting the full time lottery system, as a chef, Chen Ze drew the Food God seasoning; as a teacher, Chen Ze drew the Truth Persuasion; as a puff writer, Chen Ze drew the Golden Keyboard ------ Chen Ze: "As the saying goes, in 360 professions, the best in every line of work, but sorry, the best in every line of work is me!" But as an online taxi driver, the first thing he drew was a thirty-minute car god possession experience!

World of Experts

The King's World online game comes to the world, an overhead historical reconstruction, a game about territory building and war struggle. Although it is virtual, it will change the world. Shi Hao, an ordinary freshman, decides to venture into "The King's World" in order to gain the approval of his beloved goddess' brother. By mistake, however, Shi Hao drew a super skill at the opening because of the bug of the strange game helmet. However, Shi Hao was screaming under such an opening. Why? Because Shi Hao chose the wrong profession. A warrior with a supporting super skill? Funny, it's a waste. Warriors use swords, spears, swords and halberds to slash people. And he wanted to hide behind everyone to be the boss, and to collect all the people and horses? Nuts, get as far away as you can. No way! This skill must be forgotten. Uh, the super skill can't be deleted. Crap? You made me do it! I not only want to get the girl in my hand, but also conquer the game. The mentally frenzied Shi Hao started a journey of legendary life.