The Grandmaster Strategist

The gold on his waist has been retired, but the news is not unusual. The world would like to know the cold garden guest, only Jiang Jiang study boy. Jiang Zhe, with the word Suiyun, comes from a poor background, but after 10 years of study, he finally gets the title of "Golden Rank" and enters the Hanlin Academy. But unintentionally, Jiang Zhe is caught up in the battle for the crown prince of Great Yong. In the face of intrigue and trickery, many strengths fight against each other. He wanted to escape from the whirlpool that swept the whole court, but the situation forced him to escape. There is nothing he can do but go with the flow and join the court battle, using his own wisdom ......

Nirvana In Fire

A volume of Luang Pao Pung, which contains all the strange talents in the world. It tells the story of Mei Changsu, a talented and frail man, who is able to clear the fog and wise up the treacherous people in order to clear the wrongdoings for many years and support the new ruler. The story of the masculine side reflects the righteousness and righteousness among men, and recites a song of transformation of a hot-blooded man. The TV series Langya is co-directed by Kong Sheng and Li Xue, starring Hu Ge, Wang Kai and Liu Tao, and was aired on September 19, 2015.

The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich

This is the story of a crazy witch demon with a game system that wreaks havoc on the entire world. "Look at this day's daily ...... again this pitiful two choices, destroy any town of 30,000 people or more, award points of evil. Grab three children's lollipops, award 1 point. If both are not completed, then, deduct 2 points." "Yuck! When I am stupid, really destroy a town, to ensure the brush out of a full epic medieval paladin group to crusade against me, then there are some earn, no spend. I also ......

The Beast’s Blood Boils

I am the Sun Obsidian Fury Body, fighting the sky, fighting the earth, fighting the ghosts, fighting the gods! I can see that all the world is my enemy! Emperor? The Emperor? Women? I have no shortage of women! I only need one battle, to cut down heaven and earth, to shatter the Great Dao, to break the yin and yang, to eliminate the five elements, and to reshape the new world! I am the master of the ages! Do you dare to fight with me? Hahahahaha!

The Man Standing on Top of the Food Chain

"Li Anping, you were born to be a demon. In your heart of pursuing justice, you are hiding the deepest malice of mankind. To you, killing is as natural as breathing, and destroying life is as easy as dressing and eating." "Li Anping, is this the zoo you have created for all humans? Then let me see if it will be you who goes crazy or all of humanity." From a pedantic and righteous youth, he metamorphosed into a cold-blooded demon, the ruler of Genesis. Li Anping, the man at the top of the food chain ......

Sword of Coming

The world is full of wonders. I, Chen Pingan, have only one sword, which can move mountains, overturn the sea, subdue demons, subdue devils, make gods, pick stars, break rivers, destroy cities, and open the sky!

Kingdom’s Bloodline

Lowly and humble beggar, holy and noble prince, the world's enemy monster - if you have three identities at the same time, which one will be happier to choose? Tyrese had no answer. He only knows that he came to a magnificent other world, facing a nightmare difficult future: the glorious empire died a thousand years, the decay of the royal family is hard to return, the legendary holy war is full of dark secrets, the divided world is in turmoil. But Tyrese has nothing. All he had left was his unshakable ego, the courage to survive the Jedi, and the creed to never compromise. "The king is not honored by the bloodline, but the bloodline is honored by the king." The darkness washes the light, the fire forges the true steel, and the story of the forbidden prince begins. PS This book has a prize competition: who is the heroine? Is it really living in ed? Bookmates Q group: 772161582 (Edda's leaky hut, the refuge after the destruction of the Secret Section) 680117692 (long-standing night Uyiwei, the vip group of monastic health).

Unfathomable Doomsday

First of all this is not about how to survive in the end times! Rather, it's about how to create an apocalyptic world and play the world into the palm of your hand. Raise a zombie frenzy! Lead a demonic invasion! Lead the insects to come! In this apocalyptic game, everything is made by me! ps: the new pit "incredible sacred relics" has been opened.

My Father in Law is Lu Bu

Participating in cosplay, Liu Mang accidentally wore the Aries Golden Saint clothes to travel to the late Eastern Han Dynasty. Just when Cao Cao was attacking Lu Bu and Xiapi City was about to break down, he appeared on top of the city walls. "Big brother don't kill me not boss Cao's men ah!" "Hey hey, cut the wrong one, Boss Lv's men are there, I'm not ah!" Accidentally, saved by Song Xian Wei Xu tied up Lu Bu, accidentally became Lu Bu's son-in-law, accidentally changed the history of the Three Kingdoms. When a set of twelve sets of aluminum gold-plated golden holy clothes ......

Dimensional Chat Room

Qingkong: @Magic Guide King, the old bone ah, with the air fighting wisdom is not tired? I'm probably wasted: [ ], playing the game really does not need kryptonite can also be invincible ...... Ordinary elementary school student: @time's sakuhodo, the night of the witch? Where are you, I'm going to help you. Justice enforcement: ummmm ...... You guys say ways to get stronger ah, running, sit-ups and push-ups? Seventeen: hero, that's okay? As a minor I was shocked.jpg nightmare: ohhhhhhhh, that's funny, someone wants to rip me off. Oh, that's flattering. Hot-haired, scorching-eyed crusader: No road race! No Road Race! No road race! What happened to the flat? Hell Girl: Wanna die for once? ...... ......

The Alchemist God

When the years have come to an end, the rotten bones of the dragons have been turned into pieces of the earth, the sinful demon fangs have devoured the flesh and blood of the living, and the violent foreigners have shattered the backbone of the nation. A young man came to this strange world, where should he go? Lin Mu Yu chose his own heavenly path, with a clank of iron bones to compose a song of other worldly madness, sword swinging the nine heavens, horse treading the star river, light I will kill those who deceive me. Forging immortal swords, refining gods and demons, only I am the king. ......

Master of the Stars

At the turn of the century, mankind ignorantly stepped into the starry sky and was exposed to the sight of the gods. The young man Ronan, carrying the sins of his grandfather, came out of the laboratory and watched him: holding high the burning notes, stepping on the bones of the gods; writing the format of all things, adding and deleting the star map of the universe. He will know: All things are ready for me; he will believe: My heart is the universe.

Heroes of Marvel

In this era of travellers flying around, Lin Rui in an accidental electrocution also did not accidentally crossed, and still crossed to the United States across the ocean. However, the memorial in the blue battle uniform of the bodybuilder Mr. how so familiar? There is also the iconic building in downtown New York, Lin Rui seems to have seen somewhere. Rebirth crossed over to the Marvel movie world, before everything started, Lin Rui and teenage Spider-Man and the Green Monster became friends. When Iron Man had not yet appeared, Lin Rui had already hooked up with Tony Stark. In order to live as well as the inner guardian, Lin Rui will have a life of what kind? This is a crossover into the world of Marvel but only thinking about living in peace, but finally accidentally become a superhero story. PS: The timeline is based on this story.

Mercenaries Under the Sky

(This article is a one-to-one, the male lead wildly spoiled female lead, male and female lead body and mind clean, pro, please rest assured that into the pit! The most unpredictable thing about crossing the border is that after crossing the border, you are hit by a potent aphrodisiac, and luckily you hit an antidote; no matter what, you get on it first! The next day, there are notices all over the place that he is wanted. The evil emperor of his generation, who holds mysterious power and is invisible to the gods, is taken as an antidote by a woman. The queen!" The first time I saw a woman, I was a superb agent who crossed over to a different world and fought a wicked woman, kicked a wolf and a bully, and by the way, fought with a mysterious person, and accidentally had someone's baby, and directly left someone, and ran away with the ball, two invincible babies, one evil and one black, but the surface is no different from the usual baby, so that the people who came to pursue a woman have suffered a lot! ......★★★ The first encounter, she successfully restrained him, did not have time to be pleased, body a soft fall in his arms, he gently dropped a kiss on her red lips, came to her ear and laughed, "maiden, in the future, I hope, your strength can be used in other places, such as, bed! " ★★★★ again hand to hand she smiled a charming face, shy with timid towards him to stretch out a small hand, a look of desire to refuse to welcome the model hooked to someone's heart, he smiled, and went forward to embrace her will kiss on the delicate red lips, but in an instant changed his face ......★★★ "Father, someone wants to marry mother over the door The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do. A certain baby's innocent eyes flashed with a trace of cunning, "Come on, all the cottages within a 500-mile radius will be dealt with by my father, not a single one left!" A certain person waved his hand atmospherically, his face cold and soberly shouted. "Father, someone said I am his son!" A certain handsome baby coolly crossed his arms and waist, very imposingly said. "Good boy, daddy go out and well 'meet' this person who does not know how to live!" A certain man smiled, his face changed slightly, sneered and stepped out of the door with big steps. "Daddy ......" two babies rushed in together and shouted. "What's wrong again?" A certain man rubbed his forehead that was jumping with veins "There are many fathers outside the door, they all said they want to marry their mothers, we are too busy!" "This damned woman again to me out to attract flowers, see how I clean her up!"

Magus Tech

Probability, polymer, genetic recombination, electromagnetic induction, nuclear physics, relativity, quantum ...... stuffing the world into the framework of science, using the scientific method to master the core technology, you can master advanced productivity. Richard always thought so, until he crossed into a medieval-like world, became a prince, and then ...... was gripped by a dragon. "This is a little less aerodynamic, huh? How does this thing that doesn't satisfy the 'Kutta condition', the 'loop volume around the wing' and 'Bernoulli's theorem', fly? By built-in engine?" Richard couldn't help but speak out, looking down at the dragon riding beneath him, "Well, I need to look into it." "By the way, just now you said that the reason for kidnapping me, the prince, is to find a playmate for your dragon daughter? That reason is a bit too forced, isn't it? " "Roar! " the dragon roared and waved its wings as it shot straight up into the sky. Book lovers group: 725789329

Infinite Evolution

Infinite Evolution" a shocking change, everything on earth is formatted ...... zombies, beasts, horrible species have appeared, human beings are reduced to the bottom of the food chain in an instant. He Jie, a killer, awakens his powers in the post-apocalyptic world and pushes the wheel of fate to change in the chaotic space and time. He evolves himself and devours everything, embarking on an infinite road to eternity .........

Shen Mu

An ordinary young man who died for ten thousand years comes back from the ancient God's tomb ......

Age of Cosmic Exploration

The endless starry sky, the boundless sea of stars, where there is no paradise, but an unknown realm full of darkness and danger, death and terror For that bright blue, we have no regrets, for life to continue, we go forward, nothing can stop us! This is our time, this is the era of the great universe! ......

Don’t Heal the Others

The game was killed offline dating, found the other party is a girl how to do? I want to be a father to help the world, but the teammates are all scum what to do? I beg you not to send, let me a hammer second this BOSS it!