My Girlfriend is the Cutest in the World

The world light high - founded by the Hope Group, is the top of Asia's upper class aristocrats of higher education, business, political, medical, here can be said to be the future of the entire upper class, is everyone crowded to enter the golden hall. Huangfu Xi - Asia's richest man Huangfu Yi's only granddaughter, Hope Group's pearl, the only heir, this two years ago followed Huangfu Yi to the United States to recuperate, a veritable Asian little princess, she is back! And will soon be transferred to the Seguang ......

Immortal’s Farmland

This immortal has a field, there are springs in the field, the material is self-produced. A fight with people, the cup is worn. Ask a way, washing utensils ground was abducted. Into the cultivation of the sect, because of the age of too old, cutlery ground can only play water to burn rice. Life ah ...... good in the small bracelet in a world of its own, brother's land to steal some grass, the elders yard to fish an egg. Don't mess with me, I may get angry at any time! Don't bullshit me, fists are the hard truth! New book: "Gathering Treasure Bell" Book No.: Synopsis: The body carries the Gathering Treasure Bell, gathering the world's spiritual objects. The one who bullies her, the one who oppresses her, let's see who can laugh at the end!

Phoenix’s Requiem

In her previous life, she was blinded and mistook the scum of the family as her relatives, causing the two families of Yunlin to be decimated. In her second life, she wants to change her fate and wreak havoc on the world! She gets the divine sword, collects the divine beast, cultivates the immortal skill, and refines the world's strange poison! Destroy the scum of the man, abuse the bitch girl, harm my family, I let you live worse than death. In her new life, even if she looks like no salt, she will still be arrogant for the rest of her life! He is rumored to be the coldest and most cold-blooded Yu King, and legend has it that everyone who has seen his true face is dead. But who told her who was this stinking man who sneaked into her boudoir every night and turned into a wolf? "King Yup, aren't you afraid that I will poison your whole family?" "That's great, maiden, we can double-cultivate and be a double fury!"

Dark Beast Summoner

Mu Wushuang, a gold medalist agent in the 21st century, heals the dead with one hand and kills criminals with the other, asking people to die on the third night and never leaving their lives until the fifth night, nicknamed "female Yan Wang". Once she crossed the third young lady of the Marquis of Dingguo, she became a well-known waste and ugly girl. She did not know that when her cold eyes opened, all beasts were subservient and heaven and earth changed color. She is a rare and incomparable summoner, she is a super genius in alchemy, she contracted a divine beast, stepped on the evil girl scum, encounter Buddha block Buddha, encounter God kill God! But who will tell her, why this accidental flirtation with the royal uncle, how to shake off can not get rid of it? A certain king: "The princess is as beautiful as a heavenly fairy, you guys keep a close eye on this king, any accosted person kill without amnesty!" "Master, are you blind? If you want to hit on someone, it's the princess who should hit on someone else!" The secret guards looked at the ugly, fat, ugly, fat king consort and wailed in their hearts.