Slice of Life

The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're getting into. --They don't know each other. The bigwigs fancy giving their good girl kryptonite every day, trying to make her enjoy the highest quality of life in the post-apocalyptic world. * Bianbian was born in the post-apocalyptic world and picked up by an old man. When she was five years old, her grandfather was infected with a virus and turned into a zombie, she became an orphan and lived a miserable life. One day, the alien finds a little girl in a beautiful princess dress on the rooftop of a building, happily eating a red oil hot pot! Behind her, two zombies were holding up ice cubes to cool her down. The alien: "......?" Later, the sidekick's real parents come to the door. Kryptonian bigwigs: "?" Want to steal the baby girl? No way! Soon after, a vision descended from the sky, black clouds enveloped the real dragon swimming in the sky. The surviving humans were shivering, but only the side was excited: "Dads are here to pick me up." Crowd: "What??" Dad with a "we" after? (2020.1.16 has been screenshot) Next column and pre-collections for collection, you one I one will be able to raise the big pill fat! The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing. Then - the war god of the interstellar empire picked up a strange flower bud from the land of nothingness. Half a month later, the bud bloomed, revealing the tiny flower sprite inside. God of War: "......" Flower Shin Shin: "????" * Flower Shin Shin was planning his escape every day, and one day, God of War went on a mission. God of War: "You can go now." Glancing at the vastness of the universe, Hua Xinxin hugged the War God's finger and said firmly, "I was born as the General's man and died as the General's ghost!" God of War: "That's what you said." Later, learned that the God of War wants to marry himself. Hua Xinxin: "Big brother, we do not fit!" Size does not fit hello! The next second, the God of War becomes the same size as her in front of Hua Xinxin. God of War: "Now it fits." The next second, the God of War in front of her became the same size as her." Hua Xinxin: "......" "Green tea girl really does not want to be red" Su Shen Yu easily sat in the empress's seat, looking to boil the emperor to death to become the empress dowager, once the eyes open, wearing a showbiz article female match. The day of the engagement between the female and the male lead, the male lead left the female to find the white moonlight female lead. "......" This can be tolerated? The next day, #SinkerFishFallTears hit the hot search, she smiled and choked up in the video: "I don't blame them, I'm not good enough, they're the pair made in heaven, I bless them. Fans who like me, please also join me in blessing them." The male lead and the white moonlight female lead were dazzled. * In her previous life, Su Shen Yu, who had a career, wanted to be a vase in the entertainment industry and earn money easily in this life. The company's main goal is to provide a good solution to the problem. What else can you do, just clean up a little. But I don't want to be in the hot seat so often, more and more red every day. "......" The palace really does not want to red ah.

The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated

"I am Gutsy, from the other world." "The goddess summoned me to this world for the purpose of defeating the demon king who is harming the world and restoring peace to the world." "I know very well that this is a heavy responsibility, and since I have been summoned and have become a Gutsy, I have to bring out my energy and defeat him/her even if my opponent is an incomparably powerful Demon King." "Do not ask me why, ask is what is written in the book." "However ...... Isn't this development a little off script!!!?" This is the beginning of a fraudulent event across the world, and the story of the brave man who is on a mission to defeat the demon king and finally discovers to his dismay that he has been set up. Group number: 1104051839 (inside the VIP group number, if you want to join the group, you can go to understand) (PS: has completed four long novels of more than 5 million words "Girl Great Summoning", "Omni-directional Fantasy", "Straight Death Infinity", "Miracle of the Summoner", the update has a temperament, all book lovers can rest assured to eat.

Strategy to Capture Men

Mine clearance:CN control, clean party please stop System: Han Yan Yan, you have been chosen by the world of fast penetration. What golden fingers you want, you can raise here. Han Yan Yan: If it is a peaceful and prosperous world, I want to be extremely beautiful and have a lot of money. If it's life-threatening, I want battle power to explode. System: Sorry, your conditions cannot be met. Then why are you asking me! (╯‵□′)╯︵┻┻━┻ Updated every morning at 7am. --------------------------------- My finished articles: urban "you in the sea of people": two mother and child SOLO urban "if you are doddering flowers": one life missed, one life spoiled. The city "the queen's fresh meat": serious strong imperial sister VS no one wants the little poor Cultivation "since the joy": only the strong, to self-joy. Science fiction "Shaotang's realm": technology realm, cold weapons civilization swollen how to break? Author's column please poke → microblogging Jinjiang sleeve side →

Limitless Survival Game

Tough survival game in survival games

After Getting A Job in the Nether World, I Became Famous

*The living go to the netherworld as an errand boy, called "go impermanent" Lan He mixed with the entertainment industry, but because of no background, has been wandering in the thirty-eighth line. At first, he knew he had to work part-time as an impermanent, eating the netherworld, he refused, until he found ...... how to work in the netherworld and help the yang world to become popular? Lan He: It's me, the darkest rogue in the nether world, the most red flow in the yang world. Updated every night at eight o'clock, overhead, golden finger sue cool article Cover artist @Yay Sugar Maniac

I Really Am Not The Lord of Demon

As a mediocre bookstore owner. Ling Ping An's biggest volunteer in this life is to muddle through and win on equal footing. However, there are always some late stage of the disease customers, late at night at the door. In order to do business, Ling Pingan had to learn the tone of the middle-aged, selling the books in his store. After all the hard work and effort to sell the books. These guys have said, no money. They actually want to take some kind of god frame, immortal weapon props to mortgage the book payment. Looking at these customers, Ling Ping An was helpless and could only agree to it. But he simply did not know, these customers bought from him, each book has changed its appearance. The Secrets of Role-playing" became "The Lower Abyss Expedition Report" "The Official Setting Book of the Group Star Mechanical Ascension" was actually "The Mechanical Gospel" Moreover, in the eyes of these customers, he was actually an incomparably terrifying head of the evil god, the unnameable one who ruled over all the worlds. In response, Ling Ping An said: I am not, I am not, don't talk nonsense.

I Am The Omnipotent Prince Charming

I am a school bully, but also a sportsman. I am a game god and a kung fu master. Cooking, medicine, music, dance ...... can do everything. Obviously you can eat with your face, but I have to rely on talent. I am Su Chen, I am the perfect male god.

Black Tech Internet Cafe System

The Internet cafe opened in the other world, watching dramas and playing games on the Internet A martial emperor shouted in front of the door of the Internet cafe: "I've entered the Blizzard door, I don't regret my game life! A certain fairy finished playing "Immortal Sword and Wonderful Legend" and cried in front of the Internet cafe! What you tell me that otherworldly people do not have emotions? Fang boss silently took out the divine sword imperial thunder true skill that he learned from "Immortal Punishment" ...... Not enough? I also have a "Journey to the West" do you want to read it? The world is beautiful because of you.

Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant

There is a strange restaurant in the city of chaos in the continent of Norland. Here, elves have to share tables with dwarves, orcs are strictly prohibited from making noise, dragons can only sit around the small square in front of the restaurant, and demons even need to bring their own special stools ...... But it is such a restaurant with strange rules, but there is a long line at the door every day. The elves jerked off without regard to decorum, the gargoyles sat around the hot pot holding leaky spoons, and the demons ate cute gnocchi ...... "The food here can't be found second on the continent! This owner is a genius!" A customer commented this, and then stole a glance in the direction of the door: "Also, don't think about catching the boss or eating bully meals, or you'll die a horrible death." "Eat, pay, or die through." A cute little loli pacing in the doorway, milk voice, said, gaze fell to a side of the dragon, five or six meters tall dragon can not help but shiver. [Book Club 1 Group: 453615125]

Monster Factory

My name is Ye Qing and I was lucky enough to get an app called [Monster Factory]. This gang of monsters of immense strength, one can do the work of a hundred, but also with a variety of skills. Efficiency? Processing speed +300% skill on, you and I compared efficiency? Accuracy? Ahem ~ bring my legendary quality vernier calipers, let him see what is called absolute precision. Ye Qing quotes: men want to drag, wallet bulge. Monster quotes: Do not play with us peer malicious competition, machinery manufacturing is only our hobby, fist and the body of the sword is the capital of our social mix. Twenty meters tall, gnarled muscles of the savage giant spirit, holding a legendary quality cutter, shaking the sky with rage: "I'm not targeting a particular manufacturing industry, but all of them here, are trash." [Monster Factory Group: 20417916] [Monster Master Group: 18493657 (requires full subscription to send a picture for verification)]

Apartment From Hell

Become an actor in a real horror movie and struggle to survive in the world of horror films! To enter this apartment is to embark on a path of no return. Only those who are chosen by it can see it and enter it. And once chosen to become a resident of the apartment, there is no more choice. If you want to leave the apartment, you can only be cursed by it and killed. In this apartment, once the blood writing appears on the walls of the room, you must follow the instructions of the blood writing, go to the designated location and stay for that full period of time within the specified date, and you will die as well if you violate it. And once you reach the designated location, you will face endless psychic horror phenomenon, countless nightmare deep ghosts and hauntings, will be everywhere, claiming your life. Even if you can survive and return to the apartment, you will have to face the next time, the moment when the walls appear in blood. And there is only one way to get out of this apartment ......

The Strong Wife from Peasant Family

She is reborn into a penniless family with a bunch of little carrot heads underneath her, how can she support the family if she is not tougher? The plot is fictional, please do not imitate

Otaku Engineer in Great Tang Dynasty

Woke up, prosperous dust and smoke fall out, the modern engineering geeks came to the Tang Dynasty! As an engineering geek with martial arts skills, technology, ideals, and culture, Li Zexuan only wants to stay at home, holding his daughter-in-law, playing cards, sleeping and reading novels, living a leisurely life of "one life, one pair of people, half drunk, half awake, half floating", and having nothing to do but teach a few disciples, so that they can go out instead of themselves! The first thing you need to do is to get a few disciples to go out instead of yourself. But well ......... The book friends group: 6 0 7 8 8 2 6 4 2 (seeking genuine subscription support, the author's typing hands are almost crippled ...)

Nuclear Dragon

When Ciron crossed over to find himself outgrowing his two-hundred-year-old silver dragon mother in his teens, he vowed to bring nuclear peace and entertainment to the entire universe! War is an ugly habit! Any nation that still uses this bad habit will meet my nuclear peace spit! All war ends will disappear! Use the new "battle" to decide the winner! Legend of Continental Heroes (card game)! You deserve it! Years later, whenever there was a conflict, people would set up a battlefield in the same place and have a Legend of the Continental Heroes showdown. People who worked hard to cultivate for fame, who no longer messed up on the continent, would instead participate in the Legendary Assembly of the Silom Empire to show their talents. Expect themselves to be seen, and thus be added to the cards of the continental heroes and legends, fame on the continent, and spread the praise for thousands of years! The whole world seems to have entered a period of nuclear peace. This is the era of a mutant plutonium dragon cast in the wrong body, bringing nuclear peace and change to the universe!

Demons Beside You

Chen Jiu can summon demons and can see death. "Beelzebub, use your bulimic powers to treat this client for anorexia." "Ramon, this elderly man wants to regain his male powers, you know." "Old Black, be honest with me, when and how is this man going to die ...... what? You don't know, you are the god of death." "That girl needs breast enlargement beauty and slimming package, wait ...... I don't seem to have these subordinate ability demons around me, it seems that I still need to go to hell for a trip." ............ demon book group 666764442, into the group please send full set screenshots

The Ultimate Student

Su Ye, a down-on-his-luck rich kid, gets the perspective function of the magic mirror and starts to change his life. He treats the school girl's mother and cures the cold agent who is seriously injured; he helps his gentle sister and gets powerful men by accident. The school girl, mature family girl, have thrown their arms to embrace. The young masters of luxurious families bow down in front of him, see how Su Ye interpret his legendary life!

Zhan Yue

The first day of the opening of "Chopped Moon" "Illusory Moon", I was born in the newbie village and found a few more treasures in my package than others, a Xiu Luo secret code, a full achievement manual, and an ancient bracelet of unreadable grade but extremely mysterious. I don't know who stuffed me with these, and I don't know who unleashed the system's bug. All I know is that from the moment I was born into this world! The earth will tremble for me, ten thousand miles of mountains and rivers will be revived for me, and seven hundred million girls will be moved by me, because I am most likely the strongest protagonist of this world! Chopped Moon" fan group 790681085...

Galactic Garbage Station

After graduating from university, Su Jing is discouraged and goes back home to adjust his mood. But he found that the backyard of his house has become a super space-time dumping ground. Every day, a large amount of garbage converges into it, some from the Tomb of the Gods, Dou Bro Cang Dao, Pan Long and other novel space-time; some from the King of Thieves, Naruto, Shinigami and other anime space-time; some from the X-Men, Captain America, Iron Man and other comic book space-time ...... As the owner of the dumping ground, Su Jing has the obligation to deal with The trash is the obligation of the trash. At first he thought it was a chore, but only later did he find ......

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

When I came to the other world, I became a weed in front of the big brother, and I was stepped on when I had nothing to do. The system is activated, and the plug-in is in the body. To tell this big brother, behave with quality, grass is not to be stepped on. PS: The book title introduction is mediocre and has given up treatment.

Seized by the System

The system is available, but the body is gone, the late stage of severe procrastination patient Fang Ning began the road to self-redemption (live and let live). Work discussion group number: 294035360 VIP group number: I was hosted by the system VIP group, group chat number: 726249167 Opinions contact the author please add the group

In Different World with Naruto System

In the Divine Wind Continent, the cultivation system is based on Dou Qi, illusion and magic. Ren Tianyou is a Naruto fan who accidentally crossed into the other world. But he found that he had a Naruto system inside him. What? You know how to fight! My physical skills are not weak either! Look at my shadow dance leaf! What? You know illusions! I'm the granddaddy of all illusions! Look at my Moon Reading! What? You know magic! I know Ninjutsu! Look at my Fire Transport - Fire Extinguisher!

So I Am A Demon Descendent!

When Li Xiangyu was twenty years old, he received his father's inheritance, a grandmother who was eighteen years old and as beautiful as a flower. Li Xiangyu: "Grandma, why are you so young." Grandma Ancestor: "Because I died in the year I was eighteen." Li Xiangyu: Σ(っ°Д°;)っ So I'm a demon second generation book group: 865624986 Everyone in it is talented, and speak well, book lovers added to the group, it is like going home.

Dark Beast Summoner

Mu Wushuang, a gold medalist agent in the 21st century, heals the dead with one hand and kills criminals with the other, asking people to die on the third night and never leaving their lives until the fifth night, nicknamed "female Yan Wang". Once she crossed the third young lady of the Marquis of Dingguo, she became a well-known waste and ugly girl. She did not know that when her cold eyes opened, all beasts were subservient and heaven and earth changed color. She is a rare and incomparable summoner, she is a super genius in alchemy, she contracted a divine beast, stepped on the evil girl scum, encounter Buddha block Buddha, encounter God kill God! But who will tell her, why this accidental flirtation with the royal uncle, how to shake off can not get rid of it? A certain king: "The princess is as beautiful as a heavenly fairy, you guys keep a close eye on this king, any accosted person kill without amnesty!" "Master, are you blind? If you want to hit on someone, it's the princess who should hit on someone else!" The secret guards looked at the ugly, fat, ugly, fat king consort and wailed in their hearts.