The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich

This is the story of a crazy witch demon with a game system that wreaks havoc on the entire world. "Look at this day's daily ...... again this pitiful two choices, destroy any town of 30,000 people or more, award points of evil. Grab three children's lollipops, award 1 point. If both are not completed, then, deduct 2 points." "Yuck! When I am stupid, really destroy a town, to ensure the brush out of a full epic medieval paladin group to crusade against me, then there are some earn, no spend. I also ......

Carven Jade

[Daily 20:00 daily change] When Fu Changling first met Qin Yan, Qin Yan was already a demon cultivator. He killed Fu Changling's family, and then put an old jade in his palm. He said - Fu Changling, people like jade, when through life and death a hundred pains, only to know the true. So far their swords have been tangled for half a lifetime. He personally sent Qin Yan on the inquisitorial stage a thousand cuts, see his hands cut the root of love. Fu Changling came back from the dead when he was 17 years old. This time, he saw Qin Yan in advance and touched the truth that he did not know in his last life. So he crawled to Qin Yan covered in blood and told him in a dumb voice: "You had entered the Golden Light Tower for me to receive the long nails into the bones, the Ten Thousand Bones Cliff to fight 100,000 ghosts, the Reincarnation Bridge to wait for a night of rain and wind, the Immaculate Palace to light the ten-year meditation lamp, Qin Yan, it was you who loved me first." "But I forgot." "It's okay that you forgot, I didn't forget." Fu Changling trembled and took out the jade pendant he gave him back then, the jade pendant was stained with blood and tears, he tilted his head to look at him, repeating word for word - people like jade, when cut and obtained. Cut with a knife, a hundred pains of life and death, before the jade becomes, and then the person becomes. "Now the jade of Changling has become," Fu Changling's voice contains a choked sob, "Brother would like to get again?" This is a road to redemption, even if the thorns are everywhere, he also asked for it. The cold ascetic sword cultivation suffer (Qin Yan) X flirtatious chatty Taoist cultivation attack (Fu Changling) Reminder: 1. dual birth 2. main attack perspective, plot abuse attack, abuse in the last life by this life abuse attack, attack control caution into, by the control is also. 3. chase wife crematorium, cremation kind of burial. 4. Shura field jealousy more. 5. slow heat, emotional line plot line and into, the text on the plot in the back. 6. HE, absolutely HE 7. Other need to demining can microblogging private me, microblogging: Jinjiang ink book white

After Becoming The Tyrant

Daily/updated every night at 9pm from 2019.11.1/cover is persona, full size move to wb [His iron rider rolls up the wind, his ships weave into the net He shakes the four seas, he is the king of the world] ............ Zhu Chi and the devil who don't want to die The devil and I made a deal for the chance to live in the other world. The new body, young, energetic and vibrant. Zhu Chi finally broke away from the smell of ward medicine, he revealed a smile of joy. Soon, after accepting the new identity, the smile on Zhu Chi's face gradually disappeared He, clad in a king's robe, wearing a crown, ruling over 36 states, is the only emperor of the Western Continent He, the arbitrary conquest, wanton warfare, using gold to build carriages, defying the divine right to humiliate the Church - is a, tyrant The devil is the devil, treacherous, cunning, insidious. insidious. Now, in good health, Zhu Zhi will have to face his hatred: one, a great nobleman deprived of his title, two, a cardinal deliberately suppressed, three, the leader of the Chamber of Commerce withheld from his family, four, ...... and: an assassination in seven days, a coup d'état in three months, and if not unexpectedly, he will be exiled in four months and hanged in front of the Tower of London. and then hanged in front of the Tower of London. Good Luck:Excellent. If you don't die in silence, you explode in silence. I don't want to die. So, he slowly rolled up his sleeves and showed a smile: So what if he is a tyrant? If I want, a tyrant can also rule the earth. I want the flag of the rose to fly on the continent, the glory of the sun does not set for all time, and the golden carriage to pass by all the people submit because I - born as a king] Note: 1, 1v1, devil [attack] x tyrant [suffer] 2, empty, from the Middle Ages to steampunk 3, this article is also known as "how to make a name for yourself as a tyrant" "earth and hell The only co-owner of the text opened in 2019.9.29 has been screenshot

Tales of the Blood Night

Text: Suspense mystery text, involving blood and family entanglement, science fiction background, fantasy content.

The Return of Cambrian Period

More than 500 million years ago is the Paleozoic period known as the Cambrian in the history of geology. As the first epoch of the Paleozoic, this period is not only of great significance to the study of geology, but also the most crazy, splendid and mysterious era in the history of paleontology. Before the Cambrian period, Earth's species were relatively monotonous. During the Cambrian period, in a relatively short period of millions of years in geology, global species suddenly evolved wildly, and countless invertebrates, arthropods, mollusks, brachiopods and annelids, etc. appeared on the planet without warning, greatly enriching the diversity of Earth's species, and this radiant millions of years is called "Cambrian explosion of life", and after hundreds of millions of years of evolution, to have today's life colorful and colorful Earth. The cause of the Cambrian explosion of life is a great mystery and the greatest paradox of Darwin's theory of evolution. If, today, when human civilization has conquered the entire planet

The Tale of the Ghost Eyes

An old lady who died three days ago, but her head inexplicably appeared in front of my house, is it a ghost, or artificial ......


The fancy "chicken" x living in a mansion than the poor Judges this lineage once had an ancestor, famous now but no one dares to mention, mention that he will not be good death. Only Wen Shi is still quite disciplined, daily worship of the ancestor's green face and fangs, red and green portrait, the result of worship came a sick tenant. The tenant stood in front of the portrait and asked: Who painted this? Wen Shi: me. ...... Don't ask, asking is moving. Cover thanks to Weibo @windwash

The Righteous Player(s)

Annan crossed into the otherworldly Misty Continent and became a rare elite NPC with a player system. But he still has a heart that belongs to a player. Although I love to mess up and be reckless, I am a good player, a partner of justice favored by this world. -- Now I am carrying the main quest, as a righteous player ordered by heaven to destroy you, an evil NPC! That player, don't you run away either. The mission has been completed, now I am a righteous NPC to destroy you, the evil player ...... ----- - There have been several completed works of more than a million words, reputation guarantee. Player 1 group frozen water port: 641732671

After Getting A Job in the Nether World, I Became Famous

*The living go to the netherworld as an errand boy, called "go impermanent" Lan He mixed with the entertainment industry, but because of no background, has been wandering in the thirty-eighth line. At first, he knew he had to work part-time as an impermanent, eating the netherworld, he refused, until he found ...... how to work in the netherworld and help the yang world to become popular? Lan He: It's me, the darkest rogue in the nether world, the most red flow in the yang world. Updated every night at eight o'clock, overhead, golden finger sue cool article Cover artist @Yay Sugar Maniac

Game, Live Stream

Horror game anchor Xiao Tangqiu crosses over He wears into a horror game he hasn't yet cleared and meets a man who looks exactly like his long-dead bamboo horse. Where does this cold and powerful mysterious man come from? Why does the brutal killing game happen so often? Why did his teammates get poo in the middle of the night like crazy? Who is the ultimate mastermind ...... behind all this, is it the distortion of human nature or moral degradation? Please pay attention to the "horror game, online live" updated every day at 2 pm sharp, let us follow the lens into the Xiao anchor's horror game live room.

Positive Energy System

Ji Dustai always wanted to be a good person until he was physically disabled for some reason. When he was neglected by his parents, he was smiling, and when he was bullied by his brother as a child, he was also smiling, but when he was pushed down the stairs in a wheelchair, he couldn't smile anymore. But why come to this time, something suddenly appeared to tell him that he must be a good person? System: Our goal is - no! Yes! Bad! Eggs! Note: The protagonist is seriously blackened, from white buns into the heart of black sesame dumplings, the author has a hole in his head, and so far has not been filled. Friday into V hope that you continue to support.

I Really Am Not The Lord of Demon

As a mediocre bookstore owner. Ling Ping An's biggest volunteer in this life is to muddle through and win on equal footing. However, there are always some late stage of the disease customers, late at night at the door. In order to do business, Ling Pingan had to learn the tone of the middle-aged, selling the books in his store. After all the hard work and effort to sell the books. These guys have said, no money. They actually want to take some kind of god frame, immortal weapon props to mortgage the book payment. Looking at these customers, Ling Ping An was helpless and could only agree to it. But he simply did not know, these customers bought from him, each book has changed its appearance. The Secrets of Role-playing" became "The Lower Abyss Expedition Report" "The Official Setting Book of the Group Star Mechanical Ascension" was actually "The Mechanical Gospel" Moreover, in the eyes of these customers, he was actually an incomparably terrifying head of the evil god, the unnameable one who ruled over all the worlds. In response, Ling Ping An said: I am not, I am not, don't talk nonsense.

Ghost: “Catch the Ghost”

An urban saga with a relaxed atmosphere, well ...... this synopsis is good, written equal to not written. The second book "Peddling Crime" has been completed The new book "Thriller Paradise" has opened the pit, book no.

The Man Standing on Top of the Food Chain

"Li Anping, you were born to be a demon. In your heart of pursuing justice, you are hiding the deepest malice of mankind. To you, killing is as natural as breathing, and destroying life is as easy as dressing and eating." "Li Anping, is this the zoo you have created for all humans? Then let me see if it will be you who goes crazy or all of humanity." From a pedantic and righteous youth, he metamorphosed into a cold-blooded demon, the ruler of Genesis. Li Anping, the man at the top of the food chain ......

Doomsday Wonderland

"I feel ...... as if my boyfriend wants to kill me." Lin Sanjiu murmured. The thought of her handsome and gentle boyfriend, she could not help but have a cold war. The curtain of doom and gloom, opened by the hands of the people around her, is whistling towards her. ------ Doomsday is finally coming out as a physical book! This time the publisher made the official signature + giveaway pre-sale version, April 20 at 8 pm to open the pre-sale, pre-sale channels and links I will put in the message area and after the chapter!

Post-’80s Cultivation Journal

It is difficult to distinguish between dreaming and waking up, a thousand years of dreaming has not yet woken up. It is not enough to be able to live in the red dust, to be happy in this time, to be rich in this world, to be empty in a hundred years. You should not laugh at epilepsy or madness. I can't finish the long road, a road of dust, endless sunset. A thousand years into a dream [general group 195588151] [V group: 452996399 need to be verified, full subscription to the book can join]


In 2013, a wave of zombies broke out, the fall of the homeland, the human race began a large-scale defense war, the protagonists in the long night waiting for the dawn of the end of the day, where to go? The past is shattered in the ashes and the faith is reborn in the fire. To avoid misunderstanding, it is better to sweep the mines: delayed text, holy mother arrogant subject, brain-damaged minor subject, double CP, three views of the weird and very confusing logic, pseudo-science fiction text, science fiction part does not stand up to scrutiny, the plot of the test is distorted. The persona of Lord Aga, too good! 2013 - Dawn original song: Twilight lyrics: milk & Lok Chuan ice singing / harmony: small thousand post: Qingming fallen rain

The Venerable Monster Tamer

In this magical world, people are carrying immortal pouches, harnessing demon beasts, driving demon soldiers, cultivating demon plants, and taking pride in climbing to the ultimate realm of demon mastery. Red Jiao, Xuan Crane, Ink Kirin, Blood Night Bat, Kui Bull, Sky Fox, Green Luan, Fire Phoenix, Golden Roc ...... countless demonic beasts, the sky and underground, the bottom of the sea and mountains, waiting for you to collect. Seeking secrets and mysteries, the heart is not willing to encounter rebirth. Open your eyes again, Chu Yun back to twenty years ago. Everything starts again, he is determined to make up for all his regrets, chasing his dreams and embarking on a not ......

Demon King’s Repayment

This article was first published on Jinjiang Literature Network, and all forms of reproduction are rejected [this article's text] the rebellious demon king was taken to the nest of humans, his heart full of humiliation and resentment, "despicable human, I am a great demon, how can I be a servant to a human. "Shameless human, how dare you touch my tail, when I regain my demon power, I will tear you into pieces." The woman took him in for a few days, fed him fragrant food, smoothed his hair, bandaged his wounds, and brought him back to the forest. The woman unbanned him, touched his ears, and said to him, "Go back. Give you freedom." Yuan Xiang'er, who had just finished her studies, entered the demon forest and wanted to capture a small demon and contract it as an apostle. When she saw a wolf demon injured by all the demons, she was on the ground, dying, with bloodstains all around her. Yuan Xiang'er could not bear it, so she brought him home, fed him and took good care of him. The wolf demon was wild and untamable, and showed its teeth to her every day. So she let her go. After that, Yuan Xiang'er was happy to find some strange gifts at the doorstep of her home every day when she returned from her trip. The demon king hiding secretly in the hate: that woman and a cat demon contracted, cat demon in addition to that face looks good what else? She even touched that fox's tail. The fox is not even close to me, my tail is the best. ______________________________________ microblogging: Jinjiang Gong Xinwen a Saturday more, the break will take time off. ---------- ---------- I finished the article "let go of that villain let me come" "magic seeds descend" "the general is always bullied cry" "to protect our male master


The first thing you need to do is to get a pre-recorded, modern sweet pet, first married and then loved ---- About this article infinite stream psychic article powerful deep love attack * warm and wise suffer This article is also known as "On the 10,000 ways to escape from the NPC" Lu Chu is the only person in this town who can't see with his eyes. Before him, no one here has ever had this symptom.

Suspended Life Game

This article will be in V on Thursday, August 9, will pour a part of the inverted v chapters from 24-44, have seen the cherubs please do not repeat the purchase of duck, into V will be three more to offer ~ thank you for your continued support, going forward, please continue to support (=^^=) new article pre-recovery "each copy is constantly reading the file", the little lovers go to the author's column to sit down ah ~ (=^^=) ----------- ------------------------------------------------------------ The second game now begins, this game will use werewolf game white wolf king version game rules! No. 5 player Shen Mu, your identity today is "guard"! Please close your eyes when it's dark ...... Guards please open your eyes, the player you are guarding today is

Falling in Love in the Supernatural World

The new article "The villains have fallen in love with me after rebirth" has been opened, please collect ~ eighteen line star Fang Chu attended a luxury cruise party, accidentally met his ex-boyfriend who broke up two years ago, only to find out that his ex-boyfriend, whom he thought was an ordinary person, was a mysterious super rich man! If she hadn't broken up, she would have married into a rich family by now, right? It feels like missing out on a billion. Just when Fang Chu was pondering whether she should renew her previous relationship, she suddenly found herself involved in a bizarre murder ...... But this is just the beginning. Fang Chu: Forget it, I just want to live a peaceful life, I don't want this mansion. I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to get the best out of you. This article will be in V on February 4, please continue to support the genuine, thank you ~ ~ author bacteria new article "villains are reborn in love with me" for collection ~ ~ Ji Ling wore into the world of a book, became the interstellar empire of the same name eighteen-year-old noble young Ling. In order to get a chance to live again, he must play his role perfectly, infatuated and remorselessly in love with the emperor of the empire, and as a stumbling block for the protagonist to suffer, with his own sinister and poisonous to set off the perfect nobility of the protagonist to suffer! He tried to play his role ...... to the hero the emperor of the empire deep love unrepentant, the organ finally died for him. The villainous No. 1 Duke to virtue, in order to unite him against the protagonist subject. The villain No. 2 marshal to save his life, in order to unite him to deal with the protagonist. To the villain No. 3 Speaker of the House to help, in order to unite him against the protagonist. In order to deal with the protagonist he used all the available resources, gathered all the forces that can be assembled, every time the protagonist was forced to the desperate time and just 'lost' so that they were mercilessly hit in the face, and finally 'smart mistake', become the protagonist subject The main character was scapegoated and died to save the male lead. When he thought he could finally retire and enjoy a good life. The system says: after your death this world collapsed, now send you back to the initial node of your arrival in this world, please do the task again properly. Friendly reminder ~ male protagonists and villains are reborn, please work hard to pick up again, be sure to get the plot back on track, watch you oh! Ji Ling had to redo the task once again, however ...... villain Duke: the little cute arrogant and pretentious appearance has a soft heart, how can people not love? The villainous Marshal: He is not as arrogant and domineering as he looks on the outside, in fact, his heart is more dazzling and kind than anyone else. The villainous Speaker: You are my faith, my everything, I would like to submit to your feet forever and cut through the thorns for you. Ji Ling: You all don't love me, I love His Majesty, and I will always love him alone! Male Emperor: What a coincidence, I love you too. Ji Ling: ...... I have a mmp that must be said now. # Male protagonists and villains are repairing the field for me every day, and I am bent on retiring home. # Recommended base friend Leng Qianyin's sultry farming article "immortal gentleman and kneeled (reborn)" ~ ~ in the last life Bai Qing Yi ascended to the immortal world with great difficulty, only to find that his former daoist couple is actually a high above the immortal gentleman, but unfortunately he returned from the calamity to forget the previous dust, and he eventually died because of an accident. So what if you become an immortal? It is just like that. To live again, Bai Qing Yi Buddhist, rather than soar to the immortal world, why not live their own little life in the mortal world. Away from the sins of the previous life, planting fields, sweeping the floor, looking for an honest, reliable and caring brother to sleep ...... As a result, she accidentally stood at the top of the food chain. Then she found out that the person she was going to sleep with was actually the vest of the immortal monarch? This famous one peak master, the future immortal monarch, even concealed his identity to accompany himself to play the sauce? What the hell! Where is the honest man? I want to stay away from it, and I don't want this brother. Immortal monarch greatly: in order to ask for forgiveness, I would like to kneel broken rubbing board.

Monster Refining System

Somebody! Cook this divine dragon and phoenix for me! Xia Fu Kun looked at the new species that kept appearing in front of him, and the corners of his mouth couldn't help but lift up ......

Super Driver

My girlfriend disliked me for driving a cab and dumped me, but did not know that my car can travel through time and space, the four beauties, five tigers, are my regular customers ......

Doomsday Carnival

This story begins at the height of summer. Along with more and more disappearances, an absurd urban weird story spreads on the internet: aliens are coming and they will randomly choose a group of people to sacrifice to the sky. As a witness of the strange story, Lin Yining testifies that this story is partly false. The aliens did come, but as a missing person

The Devil’s Cage

An underground game without any protection, a group of players chasing power, wealth, and life! Qin Ran, who is dying, chooses to enter it - for the chance to live! Penguin group (VIP full subscription: 547350184; ordinary: 392362642) Please pay attention to the WeChat public number: Eat Dragon There is food ~ there are menus ~ also eggs ~

World’s Best Martial Artist

The cave invasion, the rise of the martial path. Small people also have big feelings, fighting for survival, fighting for protection. And see the little man Fang Ping, step by step rise, save (fool) the world's story! (One group number 555700424 is full, the second group number 931250725)

My Good Life

Su Xiaoxin was originally an unprofitable comic book author. And after she moved into this old residential house with only eight floors, her readership and manuscript fees took a quantum leap. Readers praised her for her imagination ...... but it wasn't ...... all she drew was her life! What vampires, zombie kings, corpse catchers and elves, not imagination, but the object of shabu-shabu sitting face to face with her! This is a fantasy love story with a strong Chongqing hotpot flavor. This article update time is not sure, intend to write slowly, into the pit caution yo ~ anxious to see the text of the girl can slowly fatten up Zai ~ MUA ~

Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant

There is a strange restaurant in the city of chaos in the continent of Norland. Here, elves have to share tables with dwarves, orcs are strictly prohibited from making noise, dragons can only sit around the small square in front of the restaurant, and demons even need to bring their own special stools ...... But it is such a restaurant with strange rules, but there is a long line at the door every day. The elves jerked off without regard to decorum, the gargoyles sat around the hot pot holding leaky spoons, and the demons ate cute gnocchi ...... "The food here can't be found second on the continent! This owner is a genius!" A customer commented this, and then stole a glance in the direction of the door: "Also, don't think about catching the boss or eating bully meals, or you'll die a horrible death." "Eat, pay, or die through." A cute little loli pacing in the doorway, milk voice, said, gaze fell to a side of the dragon, five or six meters tall dragon can not help but shiver. [Book Club 1 Group: 453615125]

The Immortal Ruins

After going through nirvana, he finally becomes a god. A change, a vision of heaven and earth came to the world, the gods and demons awakened from the ancient land to seize the creation of heaven and earth. The golden hoop is used to control the devil, and the heavenly sage is created. The invincible inheritance from long ago brings the last ray of light in the human world.

Single Player Only

When Yue Qiang allocated all 8 discretionary attribute points to "charisma", his whole life changed. Group number: 421807489

Trafford’s Trading Club

Luo Qiu inadvertently became the owner of a 'club'. But this club was so strange. Not only does it have a maid who has been working for three hundred years, but it also sells all kinds of weird things. He gradually discovered that the society he lived in had countless guys driven by desire, and these guys would come to him, using everything they had, life, treasures, and even souls, to trade and buy what they wanted. And every successful transaction, what brought Luo Qiu is the survival time. "The sacrifice was successful, and the lifespan gained this time is ninety-nine years." ...... In this way, Luo Qiu began his own unknown end, the 'club' owner's career. PS: This is the group. Yes, this is the group: 307841437

Monster Factory

My name is Ye Qing and I was lucky enough to get an app called [Monster Factory]. This gang of monsters of immense strength, one can do the work of a hundred, but also with a variety of skills. Efficiency? Processing speed +300% skill on, you and I compared efficiency? Accuracy? Ahem ~ bring my legendary quality vernier calipers, let him see what is called absolute precision. Ye Qing quotes: men want to drag, wallet bulge. Monster quotes: Do not play with us peer malicious competition, machinery manufacturing is only our hobby, fist and the body of the sword is the capital of our social mix. Twenty meters tall, gnarled muscles of the savage giant spirit, holding a legendary quality cutter, shaking the sky with rage: "I'm not targeting a particular manufacturing industry, but all of them here, are trash." [Monster Factory Group: 20417916] [Monster Master Group: 18493657 (requires full subscription to send a picture for verification)]

Unfathomable Doomsday

First of all this is not about how to survive in the end times! Rather, it's about how to create an apocalyptic world and play the world into the palm of your hand. Raise a zombie frenzy! Lead a demonic invasion! Lead the insects to come! In this apocalyptic game, everything is made by me! ps: the new pit "incredible sacred relics" has been opened.

Infinity Armament

This is heaven, because it has everything that the earth has. All that you desire but can not get, here you can get; here is hell, because everyone has to struggle hard here, and then drunk in a world that can not distinguish the real from the fake. Here, is the world of infinite killing ...... ------- -------- Endless Arms 1 group: Endless Arms 2 group: (full) Endless Arms 3 Group: Endless Arms 4 Group: (full) Endless Arms 5 Group: (full)

Fantasy World Transmigration

When fantasy becomes reality, can the young man from the Heavenly Kingdom embark on the road to godhood? Chen Ang, who has the ability to travel, travels in the fantasy world. In the world of "Never Ending", he gains superhuman wisdom, in the world of "Super Body", he peeks into the mystery of becoming a god, starting from "Laughing at the World", he cultivates internal strength and evolves himself, from "Anaconda", he gets the key to immortality, superhuman serum, desperation potion, X factor, spider gene, lizard potion, the road to becoming a god is long and rugged, peeking into God's forbidden zone is dangerous and difficult, and the road to becoming a god is long and rugged. I don't regret my journey!

Apartment From Hell

Become an actor in a real horror movie and struggle to survive in the world of horror films! To enter this apartment is to embark on a path of no return. Only those who are chosen by it can see it and enter it. And once chosen to become a resident of the apartment, there is no more choice. If you want to leave the apartment, you can only be cursed by it and killed. In this apartment, once the blood writing appears on the walls of the room, you must follow the instructions of the blood writing, go to the designated location and stay for that full period of time within the specified date, and you will die as well if you violate it. And once you reach the designated location, you will face endless psychic horror phenomenon, countless nightmare deep ghosts and hauntings, will be everywhere, claiming your life. Even if you can survive and return to the apartment, you will have to face the next time, the moment when the walls appear in blood. And there is only one way to get out of this apartment ......

The Different World of Demon Lord

The Devil King! A symbol of terror and evil! Synonymous with killing and death! But the True Demon Kingdom has welcomed a Demon King who is the least like a Demon King in history! "Your Majesty, please sign this document, but please be careful not to put your hands where they shouldn't be." "Lord Arryn, the human army is attacking, but I will guard you with my life!" "Nasty! Don't come any closer! You Koguchi demon king! I hate you the most!" Oh my God, what is all this? I'm just an ordinary person who wants to live a life of leisure and leisure! Why did I become the future husband of three demon princesses, the future demon king, and have to complete a difficult task - to revive my mother-in-law? Fortunately, becoming a demon king has benefits, giving a demon king raising system, but wait ...... to other worlds to complete the task of conquest and what is the situation? The new book "from saving the coffee shop" has been released, asking for support said ~ ~ ~

The City of Terror

This, this, this, what's wrong? One night has passed, and the rented room has become so dilapidated? The floor, the table was covered with dust, the poster of Zhang Liying that he put on the wall just a few days ago became old and yellow, the corners were torn, the delicate face of Zhang Liying also became a bit strange because of the paper, as if an old demon was laughing horribly towards himself. The walls are covered with tattered cobwebs, as if foggy. Placed on the small coffee table Guangkang, apples have rotted and dried up, its growth covered with mold are completely hair ......

The Almighty Asura

In a world of chaos, the iron-blooded young man is a self-reliant man. His father was killed by the traitor, 200,000 fellow soldiers generously sacrificed, in the army to kill and grow up in the iron-blooded young Mu Feng was given the Shura scriptures, to start a journey of revenge against the heavens. Kill the villain, cut the evil, a hand Shura war wild!

The Boss Behind The Game

Lu Wu, who inherited the legacy of the old ancestor of the underworld, was very sad recently. This is because not only did the old ancestor leave nothing behind except the false name of the House Monarch, but even all of his original subordinates betrayed and divided up the territory that belonged to Lu Wu. In this situation, Lu Wu relied on the artifacts developed by the old ancestor to start building game servers, extraditing players from the yang world, making main quests, copies, plots, NPCs, etc., and relying on the power of players, began his own conquest.

Harry Potter’s Natural Villain

When crossing into the world of Harry Potter, I found myself dressed as a second-world villain - Draco Malfoy No, I'm straight! What's up with this slight setting? Well, the family is quite rich and has status. But this does not help, after a few years of free Voldemort returned, even the home is gone, the political composition of the old man with a big problem to mix miserable to see. Then the question arises. Is it a good guy or a bad guy? It looks like the legs of both sides are not good to hold ah.

King of Hollywood

He is both the public's favorite director and the director that critics love to hate "Art has nothing to do with me, I just tell stories and make some money along the way" He has an amazing talent and is behind countless classic films "They're just sitting there, I just walk up and pick them up and show them to you" His power is unmatched and is a shortcut to fame. I just walked over and picked them up and showed them to you" His power is unmatched and is a shortcut for those who desire fame "I love Hollywood and I love movies and that's why I have the career I have now" His private life ......

Mystical Journey

Crossing over to the backward foreign world, with the natural ability to increase attributes, Luo Jing began an ordinary but extraordinary life. ......

Female Phoenix of the Dark Apocalypse

Life will always find a way out ...... In the history of the Earth, the extinction of the dinosaurs, the battle of the gods, the fall of the gods of Olympus ...... behind every mysterious legend, there is a horror of the figure - -Doomsday! At the time of the storm, Xiao Yuxin is fortunate to lead her team to usher in a new round of nirvana of life on Earth. In addition, I recommend my finished works: "Phoenix in the Other World" "New First Class Cultivation" "Drifting in the Other World" "The Legend of God of Creation" "The Good Daughter-in-law of the Tang Dynasty" "Harnessing Fragrance" Introduction (new book upload): Legend has it that wherever the Green Emperor goes, grass is like a cushion, a hundred flowers bloom, legend has it that with the wave of the Green Emperor's hand, dead wood returns to spring, flesh and bones and the doctor dies, his name is Jumang.... His name is Jumang... a chance car accident, a piece of weird flower pot fragment, leading Murong Finger to open the door of the fairyland! A beautiful myth unfolds ......

Reincarnation Paradise

Su Xiao signs a contract with Reincarnation Paradise and travels through various anime worlds on missions. In the world of Bakuro, Su Xiao chased the one-eyed lord Takatsuki Izumi for a dozen blocks with a sharp blade in his hand. The top battlefield, Su Xiao stood on the pile of navy corpses, looking at the ugly face of Warlord on the execution platform, and the dumbfounded Ace. Contractors: "Are you fucking hanging, you are not a contractor at all, you are definitely a hidden character in the original!" Su Xiao of course is not an ordinary contracted person, he is a hunter and killer ...... --------------- Introduction is slightly weak, this book anime infinite flow, the author of the festival is full, please feel free to enter the pit. Reader group: 534789565

Demons Beside You

Chen Jiu can summon demons and can see death. "Beelzebub, use your bulimic powers to treat this client for anorexia." "Ramon, this elderly man wants to regain his male powers, you know." "Old Black, be honest with me, when and how is this man going to die ...... what? You don't know, you are the god of death." "That girl needs breast enlargement beauty and slimming package, wait ...... I don't seem to have these subordinate ability demons around me, it seems that I still need to go to hell for a trip." ............ demon book group 666764442, into the group please send full set screenshots

Low Dimensional Game

By chance, Lu Zhiyu discovered a portal to a low-dimensional world, which opened up a different chapter! He can freely control everything in a low-dimensional world, and Lu Zhiyu feels like the GM of a game, or maybe God? A new group has been created, so if you are interested, you can add it.

Galactic Garbage Station

After graduating from university, Su Jing is discouraged and goes back home to adjust his mood. But he found that the backyard of his house has become a super space-time dumping ground. Every day, a large amount of garbage converges into it, some from the Tomb of the Gods, Dou Bro Cang Dao, Pan Long and other novel space-time; some from the King of Thieves, Naruto, Shinigami and other anime space-time; some from the X-Men, Captain America, Iron Man and other comic book space-time ...... As the owner of the dumping ground, Su Jing has the obligation to deal with The trash is the obligation of the trash. At first he thought it was a chore, but only later did he find ......

Netherworld Investigator

In this world, bizarre cases happen every day. The best bun store in business, its bun filling is made of human flesh. The mansion with a red-hot lot has blood gurgling out of its walls. The dead beautiful school girl in the university, every anniversary will take a person. The legend of the zombie baby in hospital building 7, and whether it is true? The last pallbearer in China, with a heritage of three thousand years of autopsy techniques, take you straight to the scene of the murder: there is no ghost in the world, the magic hand snow injustice. Serial killers, sex addicts, bloodsuckers ......

Seized by the System

The system is available, but the body is gone, the late stage of severe procrastination patient Fang Ning began the road to self-redemption (live and let live). Work discussion group number: 294035360 VIP group number: I was hosted by the system VIP group, group chat number: 726249167 Opinions contact the author please add the group

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara

In this life, I don't ask about the past, I don't ask for an afterlife, I just want to be fierce, fast and furious, to defeat all the heroes and heroines of all races, to laugh proudly at the six gods and demons! ......

Inadvertently Invincible

Synopsis: My name is Lin Fan, I crossed over, I want to cultivate immortality, the magic power is boundless. Group number: 914556066 Finished books are "the strongest system", "invincible really lonely", "the life of a brawler", "I do not want to go against the sky ah" have not seen can go to see.

I Am In Marvel

Spirited through the Marvel World War II era, Kyle looked at Captain America in front of him, and a series of dense cards were surfacing on the other side. [Pistol Mastery] [Boxing Mastery] ...... [True - Shield Strike Mastery] [Rare - Super Soldier] Whether to choose to draw? Wait, not only the ability, even any black technology and venomous creatures can be extracted? [Book Club: 877693220]

I Can Track Everything

Crossing over to the world of immortals, Chen Shen got the strongest tracking system, from then on, he could track everything. Chen Shen: "System, I'm short of money." "Two meters away, there is your father's private money hidden under the bed, five meters away, there is a rusty copper coin half a meter underground." "In the grass ahead there are broken silver that fell." Chen Shen: "System, I am short of chance." "That pile of shit in front of the pigpen is actually not ordinary." "Tonight at midnight go to the Black Blade Cliff twenty miles away to jump off the cliff." "Somewhere there is a hidden immortal cave." ...... After ten thousand years, Chen Shen, who had become an immortal emperor, was a bit bored. "System, tell me, how many female cultivators in this world have a crush on this emperor?" "999,999,999 ...... are located at ...... respectively."

The Strongest Hokage

The shocking fruit of the Pirate King world has become the shocking blood succession limit that can shatter everything in the Naruto world! Dust and wood transport? Suna Noh? All of them are shattered with one punch! "When the power reaches the extreme, there is nothing that cannot be solved by one punch, if there is, then two punches." .............................. ........................ New book "World Honored" has been released, please collect!

So I Am A Demon Descendent!

When Li Xiangyu was twenty years old, he received his father's inheritance, a grandmother who was eighteen years old and as beautiful as a flower. Li Xiangyu: "Grandma, why are you so young." Grandma Ancestor: "Because I died in the year I was eighteen." Li Xiangyu: Σ(っ°Д°;)っ So I'm a demon second generation book group: 865624986 Everyone in it is talented, and speak well, book lovers added to the group, it is like going home.

The First Evolution

The most unexpected bizarre destiny, the most intense brain collision, the most brutal life and death battle, the most crazy strange fantasy, the most bizarre truth ...... The beginning has arrived, ten more years of war!

Transformed into the DC World

(New book has been released, Transformation in the Marvel world, quality assurance, welcome to read! Thea. Quinn an accident to obtain the memories of the travellers, know their future fate. She went forward to cloak and dagger, learning martial arts to master magic, determined to go to that highest pinnacle. Flash: What's your superpower again? Thea: Money! Superman: What did you strike me down with? Thea: Magic! Wonder Woman: Where are you going for dinner today, dear? Thea: My house. In short, this is a cute girl in the world of DC messed up, and on top of the story. Group number: 639,265,715

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

The former naval genius, the powerful man who shook the Great Voyage, fell on the day he rebelled from the Navy! Is a spectator parasite in the Straw Hat Pirates, watching the coming of age, or is it difficult to escape the choice of fate. In this era of wave conditions, one man and one sword, walking in that section of the road to seek answers, or to achieve their own ambitions. In this great voyage, everything is still like fate, or change! ......

Necromancer in the End of the World

The skeleton strafed with its light machine, the walker's foot on the throttle desperately hitting the steering wheel. Shadow creatures wiped with sharp blades, and the driver's blood stained the tank cockpit. Thousands of mutant creatures from the enemy side, carrying guns and man-portable missiles were running wildly this way. Helicopters circled, fighters swooped. Bullets rained down, shells whistled. Nuclear warheads are coming from thousands of miles away and will fall and explode half a second later. No radar, no satellite monitoring ...... protagonist but looking up at the sky, with a calm and relaxed smile on his face. All things in heaven and earth, as if in a moment to stop the activity, the passage of time, as if become incomparably slow. "Extreme Speed Thinking! Shadow Shuttle!!!" A huge mushroom cloud rose, the earth was flattened, and a dozen miles around was reduced to rubble. At the center of the nuclear explosion, a dense ghostly fog rose, Ye Yang was dressed in white, immaculate, with a contemptuous sneer at the corner of his mouth. ------ collision of thermal weapons and spells, a different necromancer, a different post-apocalyptic.

Naruto System in One Piece

New book "sea pirates of the god of death vice captain", crossing the king of pirates to get the god of death system, become Luffy's ship vice. ---------- ---------- ---- Lei Yin inadvertently crossed into the world of the King of Thieves, and accidentally obtained the system of Naruto. Chakra, ninjutsu, ninjutsu tools, blood succession boundary, immortal mode... Fire vs Ace; Water vs Sand Crocodile; Shinra Tenjutsu vs Fleshball Fruit; Amaterasu vs Magma Fruit; Sunagakure vs Kaido... This is the adventure of a person, gradually on the road to the top of the strongest ... The first few chapters are a bit abusive. Welcome to add penguin group: 498792123, welcome to molest the author, reward to urge more.

Dark Beast Summoner

Mu Wushuang, a gold medalist agent in the 21st century, heals the dead with one hand and kills criminals with the other, asking people to die on the third night and never leaving their lives until the fifth night, nicknamed "female Yan Wang". Once she crossed the third young lady of the Marquis of Dingguo, she became a well-known waste and ugly girl. She did not know that when her cold eyes opened, all beasts were subservient and heaven and earth changed color. She is a rare and incomparable summoner, she is a super genius in alchemy, she contracted a divine beast, stepped on the evil girl scum, encounter Buddha block Buddha, encounter God kill God! But who will tell her, why this accidental flirtation with the royal uncle, how to shake off can not get rid of it? A certain king: "The princess is as beautiful as a heavenly fairy, you guys keep a close eye on this king, any accosted person kill without amnesty!" "Master, are you blind? If you want to hit on someone, it's the princess who should hit on someone else!" The secret guards looked at the ugly, fat, ugly, fat king consort and wailed in their hearts.

Invincible Non-stop Upgrading System

"Ding~Host is hacked to death, experience +100." "Ding~Host despises the strong, aura +100." "Ding~Host consumes points, obtains a modern grenade!" You can cut me, but, can you not cut the face? To eat on the face! Ye Fan traveled to a Xuan-fantasy world full of killings, and the system told him that he could be immortal! You are a strong person in the Earth Deity realm? I'm sorry, I'll kill you! You're a Tiangang realm old monster? In my eyes, it's too scum! I am the king of this realm and the sky!

Master of Ninja World

Crossing Naruto, becoming the eldest son of Uchiha Fuyue, the eldest brother of Uchiha Weasel, acquiring the light and light fruit ability, reversing the Third Shinobi War, the sky and the earth will collapse with the snap of a finger, and I will be the only one who will be respected by all beings!

My Soviet Union

Stalin; the Pope? How many divisions does he have? Khrushchev; Americans, we will bury you eventually! Brezhnev: We will build a developed socialist state! Serov; Humph! Yet the Soviets saw through it all long ago! The enemies of the people should all taste the iron fist of communism! ......

Super Electric Eel Avatar

Because of an accident, Chen Fan accidentally obtained an electric eel as a doppelganger! As a very thoughtful person, Chen Fan, of course, to study this electric eel doppelganger. Captains, still headache for the Somali pirates? Come to the site to hire me, guaranteed to make your ship safer than the U.S. aircraft carrier escort! What what? San has launched a new stealth frigate? Has this guy forgotten what I said in the ocean forget it? If you don't pay protection money by tonnage, then wait for it to sink somehow! Presidents, still bothered by the neighboring countries' warships being too powerful? Still having headaches over each other's aircraft carriers being too sharp? Go online and spend a million dollars to register as a VIP member, then no matter how weak you are, you will get a piece of the sky that belongs to you in the vast ocean. PS: New book shocking release: "Super Monster Factory", a book also about giant beasts, but more exciting.

My Special Ability is Perfect Replication

Crossing over to the world of revived aura, rampant beasts, the rise of supernormal abilities. Other people manipulate lightning, control fire, transform into a giant, severed limbs reborn, instantaneous movement, telepathy, foretelling the future ...... bull! And I ...... will!