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The Undefined Love

Imagine when your soulmate turns to be the destroyer of your life. But while destroying you completely, he falls in love with you. Will you be able to forgive his mistakes or will you be leaving him behind.This is a story of a girl 'Lifen ' who always thinks positive. To her, the most important was one's heart where love exist. Her life took unexpected turns when she meet Wang Deming, the young CEO of Wang Corporations and fell in love with him.But the night, she prepared herself to confess her feelings towards him, was the most unlucky night for her. She got a heartbreak and .......The rest story you will get to know when you read it guys. I can confirm one thing to you...the story will have a happy ending for sure but the way of reaching that goal will give you emotional roller coaster rides.This is my first story and I am really inexperienced. Please bear with my mistakes and do support the story. I will try not to diappoint you all. And about the cover of the novel is taken from google and is being edited a little-bit by me!!